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  1. Anyone out there using any of the alternative phone OSes yet? Firefox OS, Ubuntu's Phone OS, etc. Been waiting to see a push and phones have launched and seeing little coverage here/
  2. About this time every morning I get to thinking about lunch... What are you having for lunch? Or if you read later, what did you have for lunch?
  3. I have a shop that is looking for experienced support representative(s). Remote work / contract position. Paid weekly. Should have real experience working with WHMCS on Linux VPS and cPanel. Should be familiar with command line and common network tools. Abuse and suspensions are big piece of daily load. Screening of new orders will be required too. Even tempered workers wanted who understand customers pay the bills and can be difficult and may suffer from language barriers. Work is in English speaking only shop. Send me your resume if interested.
  4. I am back.

    I decided to come back. Someone needs to fill your hosting stocking full of coal for the holiday season. Get ready, incoming! :)
  5. I am a n00b still with Docker. The groupies of Docker will bitch at what I say no doubt. You @graeme would do good under Docker. But but but, have to learn the intricacies of it and get comfortable with it. The other thing is, you can't go running Docker on OpenVZ really. So looking at KVM virtualization or your own dedicated server to run things. Yes, some providers have Docker bastardizations under OpenVZ. Docker while container --- it's mega light... It's essentially you have the OS base image that hangs out and then these containers are diffs over top of that - changes and what not, your own data, code, whatever. The change size can be quite minimal. So say you run Debian as base and big bulk, well each container is not overhead and disk consumption of the whole Debian OS, it's tiny fraction of it. These containers are the same experience as having VPS instances otherwise, aside from being on the same VPS or dedi underneath. Thing much like OpenVZ without having a public IP for each Docker instance like you often for for OpenVZ. Now the PITA part of Dockerland (and their still are lots) is you have to plumb the security right or going to be prone to self harm. Mandatory front side firewall to start. Likely going to want to reverse proxy only what you want exposed. To me, Docker and related are like a cloud in a single account (be it VPS or dedi). Good for multiplexing what you have and doing more with less baremetal. You could do similar on baremetal with KVM or OpenVZ or Proxmox. But that is going the dedi route. MYTH: Docker means a container per application. It doesn't have to. That's just how lots of people are using Docker. TRUTH: The whole development and maintenance workflow seems a lot more complex. That's how I feel about the abstraction of Docker and what I consider shit for doc and materials. Those that live on bleeding edge fashion are always oblivious of such and go RTFM. Same folks I'd love to hand a shovel and some working tools to and tell them to just get to work and watch them stand in confusion.
  6. BGP (GRE) Tunnel w/ and w/o DDoS Protection

    There are a lack of companies doing network service offerings like this. Wish more would get into offering such.
  7. Taken from ColoCrossing Facebook. Taken from ServerMania's website. Can we match #1 and #2? Same back drop, and two ghost employees. Recurring issue in Buffalo with pumping up companies with non employees and/or lending them out to investments to fill in shots/public details to legitimate the company. Tssk. I've blotted out the innocent workers to protect them. Left the matches and the principals / owners up to shenanigans
  8. True. Outside of stock art though, I don't recall seeing same heads on sites like this. Certainly not in group shot with shuffled in humans. Mega deceptive.
  9. > I am looking for "by the U" and "utility billed" like servicing. Meaning I am not "locked in" in plans such as 1/4, > 1/2, and/or full cabs. Nor I am to be sold up my butts of 20 amp circuits. This is a progressive new age model and you aren't going to find that in starchy lost in time zone like Ohio. If you were, would probably be in and around Columbus. There are multiple DC's in Columbus, but none are cheap. Ohio isn't unique problem market - it's same story in 90% of the flyover zone of the US. Basically once you get out of the mega centers it is full rack sales, big power and bigger monthly invoices. Reason why you see offers only in the same mega markets over and over.
  10. Guys need more at-will hands workers like this. Hope to see others offering in other markets.
  11. Glad to see more ARM emphasis. Perhaps these piles of odd boards I have someday will actually be usable beyond simple server environments.
  12. This is a good tutorial I need to bookmark already. Been doing more and more with ARM platform. Nothing mega exciting, but more. Using them more than VPS / dedis these days.
  13. Is VPS ok to host a game server?

    Gaming just sucks for most providers. It can be high on resource abuse, and definitely gets lots of packet therapy (DDoS).. Many VPS providers prohibit such servers on VPS. You must read Terms of Service / similar before buying. There are scores of cheap dedicated servers these days and probably best option. Alternatively KVM virtualization can work so long as it isn't overloaded like average OpenVZ server and where company actually monitors the environment and deals with abuse proactively.
  14. BGP (GRE) Tunnel w/ and w/o DDoS Protection

    I'd ask Francisco at BuyVM @Francisco. Unsure if they are offering all of this, but some of it is overlap with what they commonly offer.
  15. In fussing with my Raspberry Pi's yesterday, I realized it really is an ARM computing universe now. ARM for a desktop still is a hacker thing and performance is blah unless using embedded eMMC. I haven't splurged for eMMC modules for gear (often cost is prohibitive relative to the cheap aspect of the boards). For hobbyist nerds and professional back office people like me, ARM gets second class status as it doesn't have 12 cores and 32GB of RAM... Nor does it excel at massive bus throughput. It's niche and mocked as phone chipset. For the past 4~ months I've been running an Odroid U2 (http://www.hardkernel.com/main/products/prdt_info.php?g_code=G135341370451) here to centralize network gateway. It runs Ubuntu with a full blown desktop (which sits there mostly unused). I use it for the underlying Linux stack and keep the GUI since it is the distro I have working and not inclined to mutate it into broken. It's an 'old' model Odroid now with a quad core @ 1.7Ghz CPU and 2GB of RAM, ho hum. The network gateway runs OpenVPN, DNSMASQ, encrypted DNS tunnels to remote better behaved DNS servers, Squid (but currently not running in the solution stack -- love/hate squid), some iptables rules and a freaking HUGE block list (millions of rows of block data) to scrub requests. All of that back ends into a switch that does NAT and that goes long cable to cable modem and their insanity. Now everything goes through that little Odroid, streaming, Skype, video, set box, tablets, etc. It's a busy little device. Only traffic that doesn't go through it is proper LAN traffic. Anything online goes through it though. Use through it is pretty much 24/7 pushing and moving packets from multiple users. I tapped the power block which is a wall wart that does 110-120V to USB with ~ 5V output... Forget what the plug outputs... 2A I do believe or maximum of 10 watts. Tapped the power block into a Kill-a-Watt-like meter. THREE watts. Seriously... Been running for 12 hours+ and I see 2.4 watts on low side and maybe 5 watts high now and then if I smack the device on the desktop GUI side good. 3 watts x 720 hours in a month = 2.16 KwH Even at 15 cents per KwH = 32.4 cents per month. Less than 2 quarters a month. Very very very impressive. Plus there is still plenty of CPU and resources to do more. Sure it will use more power, but what? 2 more watts? 3? Not a whole lot more. I am off to test the quad core Pi. I know we can go lower on power, however the performance with the Pi's for real world has prior in testing just stunk. I tried this setup initially with a Pi B and it was so bad that I scrapped it and moved to the Odroid. This I'll put here for the power sippers: PowerNap http://linuxplumbersconf.org/2011/ocw//system/presentations/105/original/PowerNap.pdf I need to muck with PowerNap. It is in the Ubuntu repos.
  16. vpsBoard - Future Discussion

    ... rambling... I keep re-reading this thread and the term that keeps punching me in the gut = solutions. The day of computing and server buys for idle terminal to ping and wget things is gone mostly. DItto for VPN use really. Yeah I realize CN tunnels out daily as 'necessity'. Rest of the world it's niche really with privacy purpose, piracy evasion, or corporate mandate on such. What we all want is a box of solutions for a bunch of common problems, needs, etc. Something we can be up and running in minutes to an hour and running right. Part of why quirky Scaleway has been so popular - bundled ready to go open source solutions. We are in the age of MAKERS, but most MAKERS are admitted novices and only so tolerant about time invest and learning curve. ARM fits on center of that movement --- along with Arduino. So I see us going the ARM + MAKERS angle for the hands on types still cobbling. Heck ARM is kind of nice because well, self hosted, on-LAN, another environment I see need to promote more. Plus it's one time low low cost. Some of the ARM boards I've picked up have been < $10. Run great, mega useful, as much as most VPS I've bought.
  17. vpsBoard - Future Discussion

    1. It's a community, even if a quiet one... otherwise two of us just exchange pleansantries over IM :) 2. Same bird, just some different feathers. Too similar to be different I think. 3. ARM is ARM, it has legs. As it matures it will be much more relative. For now it's a real interesting niche for projects. Sure you can do mass scaled and HA with it. I need a Docker buddy and we'll build some neat stuff I think. Docker + ARM has me real interested if anything really does right now. 4. Redundancy and reliability we all have a super big need for. Topic comes up often and solutions are mostly off cuff and when researched by most, out of technical reach. Encourage you to chat more about redundancy and reliability. 5. Automated deployments, yeppers, speaking to where things need to be especially with outsourced computing be it VPS or baremetal. Otherwise you get smacked on time, uneven on installs and annoyed when it's moving time. 6. VMWare, interested in hearing about. Recognize it, but haven't gone near it.
  18. vpsBoard - Future Discussion

    They eventually get there. Scale = liability from every corner and repeated extortion beat downs... You become a protective / self preservation dick out of necessity. It's why I left corporate world a long while back and won't be returning. Plus you have "experts" on all corners punting you and capping things, even if you are the CEO. Becomes a slog fest to get a pencil sharpened and lose agility needed to usually stay relative. Exception is if privately held by a wealthy owner... But that is rare and tiring for that person. Thankless often for them. This is good content. Problem with such is thankless too. I mean if you make a recipe and want to share, I am baking brownies in the kitchen sort of vibe here. I mega appreciate it, but unless we dumb it down to a simple one liner, most won't go near it. I think of Nyr's OpenVPN script and the FreeVPS speed script as examples of the level of simplicity to get traction / use. I like most am routinely pissed off at the complexity and boiling down doc and lack of simple HOW-TO for all sorts of stuff. Starts at Docker and ends at Docker for me until someone points to more docs and more human stuff that is run and use and am productive finally. Sure hip stuff and I get it, just am not willing to spend XX-XXX hours to get basic stuff done. Learning should get easier and documentation a hell of a lot better. Others will disagree, yeah, you were an early adopter likely and have been riding that rug, I know, do that myself and get blind about it being mess to mortals. For a long time I said this community was providers. What do providers want / need? See issue now and in the future is the legit providers aren't providing free Associates degrees to the competition. Self defeating and eats their clock. So that angle become mostly ad-vertorial in nature--- more marketplace content in essence with a dash of approachable content often derived from vendors hawking the wares. But yes, in principal, agree. Wrong site for that :) Yeah and we don't want them here. That's how I feel about it. Offer ads need yanked from top right main screen "vpsBoard Discusssions" block. Will deter them a bit. I have plenty of ways to creatively make the ad spammers go bye bye. They are plague (the ad pump and dumpers). I'd be glad if the offers were removed and put elsewhere. Dailyserverdeals was a good island for those. Superior platform and worked well. Lazy hosts couldn't be compelled to actually fill in a form and structure their data = work. So refer to what I said above... ad pump and dumpers, you lazy shits, even guys who aren't doing that but too lazy to fill in a form... Pfft. Yeah this is a natural evolution and often distortion of actual VPS. I mean plenty of people running Docker inside of VPS containers on KVM and Xen. OVZ, not really since kernel is stuck way back at 2.6xxx. Kind of wanting to head this angle my side on ARM devices locally, but haven't time and patience for the learning curve namely with Docker while living inside of Linux (need some GUI tool to orchestrate and control things more sensibly). Pure CLI and memorizing more stuff isn't my thing at my old age. Recommend young man :) Redundancy, backups, etc. Count me in and slacking behind the curve. Become viable when people have a platform and know how to rapidly deploy or straight run short script that does the heavy lifting and provisions things inside of whatever (VPS, ARM, baremetal, etc.). Orchestration is what I call that magic. Probably other industry names. Anything from straight BASH scripts to workbooks to Docker + whatever, Ansible or one of too many options. Let's go :)
  19. vpsBoard - Future Discussion

    I'll toss my hat in here about what is broken, big rambler on this one. 1. The last oh 6+ years have a been a tech go-go-go constant distraction. Smartphones, apps and legacy websites. Data all over, everyone vying for attention span no one has anymore. Average attention span in US adult is now less than a fly I think quite literally. 2. Humans cannot live very long being constantly interrupted. Tech for chunk of 10 years has been constant distraction and overload. 3. Fatigue and abandonment happen quickly. Burn out. With burn out, people go outside, find real things to do instead. They may or may not include technology in such. 4. Tech since I've been on this planet was supposed to provide solutions and allow one to do less while having more to show for it. This hasn't been realized by the average Jane or Joe. 5. Tech = high cost. Sure devices cost less than ever, however incomes are way off in US and buying audiences are shifting towards developing world where even fewer can afford the high ticket prices. 6. Technology =/ fashion. We are years into this Apple product portable device distortion with other vendors trying to make luxury goods out of a digital utility knife / Leatherman tool aka Swiss Army knife. One only can be robbed for that and robbed in real life for that to get that it's moronic. 7. Mass adoption / commonness of tech makes it blah. Tech commonplace and refinement to single devices for 10 things has wrecked jobs and companies. You have endless stupid things to do with tech as the human setting flipper of these devices. Most days I feel like I work for the machines instead of the other way around. 8. Tech isn't rewarding. A job is a job. Desk jobs = blobs. Men aren't made to sit at desks. At some point we all hit that realization and work gets demoted and tech interests or we change careers. 9. Giant corporations now it. Look at media, online. Look at music, look at devices, look at all of it. How many companies own most it? Not many. For a number of years huge deals have been done to gobble up everything under these giant mega corps. Soulless bastards, the next wave to replace them, they finance it. It never ends unless we run off to anti-corporate dark net and setup local nets on our own. 10. Consumption. Like a morbidly obese person, technology encourages you to consume until you die. Only need to buy so many apps, so many courses, try learning so many things before you realize your hobby is out of control and would be more sane pursuing other things. I look around at people I know who were tech diehards, some even bonafide nerds. When the tech hit this mainstream adoption, it took the glitter off their interests. It caused incomes to slag unless you were slinging code in the SillyCon Valley for a handful of evil companies. Rest of the flyover states, minus NYC, hard to find many tech jobs. Reminds me of the great education push of a degree fixes everything. For a lot of folks, they fell for the tech version of that and got fleeced by trade schools and even universities. Tech has outside of the Valley and NYC been mostly a novel illusion. Sure it pays well, sure their are some jobs. However, it never has delivered on its promises to be where to go work. Very few good employers in tech, and even those are rampant on corruption and destruction of humans. All of this is happening. In hosting, we ran a multi-year spell of cheap VPS and everyone being a greedy loser with 0 knowledge. They came and went. Now the youngsters don't even know what a summerhost really is. IP mythology has created artificial scarcity, driven up entry costs, baseline floated upwards per IP cost and thusly per data service cost. Sure we still have hosts that can't do math < $1 per month. They will be gone soon. Many hosts have just failed outright in the past few years. I've been yelling this for years, so has Mao, so have other people with nose to grind. Most of those shops sucked. Guys with cash on demand and auto-pilot operations. Failed to support customers, failed to be present in the marketplace, just earned their fail more often than not. vpsBoard, well... I did my share to beat up the bad hosts here. That drove shady people mostly away from here. Not a bad thing other than bullshit volume metrics, but effected the participation level. Some of us lost our free time. Others lost their passion. Some found real jobs, some went outside, some found a lady. Others just checked out. Many though continue to read and lurk, quietly. The REBOOT is coming. Those still passionate, still into technology and hosting, vpsBoard will be reborn. Soon(tm).
  20. ARM has legs. Real world use.

    C.H.I.P. is on my list :) That Pocket CHIP for some reason is talking to me and I am 190k% anti gaming.... Seems like useful kit for other intents. I am monkeying around with a Pine64 2GB model right now. http://pine64.com/ Pine64 is pretty bad. Debian with MATE crashes all the time. Requires power re-cycle. Ubuntu whatever, similar unusable fails. Big honking board compared to others like the Pi's and Odroids. Probably only acceptable as a CLI server. Live and learn. Rocking out right now to my new Odroid C1 with Hifi sub board/ DAC. Odroid hifi board is pretty damn rocking. Still looking for an Odroid XU4 and something bigger that will actually run a desktop OS and play videos in HD under Linuxland (screw Android).
  21. I've always found myself thinking LimeStone gets a bad shake. Never bought from them, probably never will. Not for any real reason other than where they are = 2000 other competitors. But this gave me a foul taste. Tragedy pimping. Simple. Solid. Superior. I think those three sig words summarize the mentality of someone over there who needs away from other humans, marketing and public relations. Simpleton who thinks they are superior. Hinging donations on your own opportunity to push products, meh. Just fucking donate and shut your trap if you give a flying... yeah.. profanity. Donations are damn racket anyways. When US taxpayers were surveyed about deductions to charity/non profit, of those surveyed, well over 90% said they would not donate money if they weren't given tax credit for such. So by that math 90% of people are selfish shitheads out for papering their wallet and nothing else. Limestone rides the short bus with the other greedy idiots and are being tragedy pimps.
  22. Saw the new banner for Time4VPS here on vpsBoard: Welcome to them! Been waiting and watching this brand. Seeing if their deep discount model with generous discounts would sustain. Anyone around here use their high volume storage plans? Looking for something in Europe for a project. Needs to be a good old fashioned VPS, no bells or whistles, just reliable and semi alright connectivity. Do they support FUSE on storage packages? Seems to be an 'issue' in multiple shops with FUSE not supported for "security reasons".
  23. Adobe Flash Security Warning

    Seriously, why are we using Flash this year? I do this... Run Linux variety without it default included, refuse to go find howto, and live without that criminal intrusion vector. Do some things not work? Yes, namely shit advertising insanity. Some video sites don't work too. Means I spend less time wasting time.
  24. Omidyar is far from a basket of good. No soothing feeling from his name being on the positive side.
  25. ColoCrossing threatens to sue vpsBoard

    It's simple, like I've said, that legitimate customer experience / review is showing up in their sales department. Preventing leads from converting into sales. Can't go from $6 mil last year to $12 mil this year so easily having to sell honest and clean. Biloh is also OCD.