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  1. Remote recording of FM radio

    Also, the raspi 3 is a brilliant piece of kit!
  2. Remote recording of FM radio

    Shoutcast wouldn't work really. I've gone for rtl_fm, Sox and avconv to record radio at a specific time, for a specific length, convert and send 'home'. Wrote a handful of scripts to control it all and its working well. Just to note, when I said remote location, I didn't just mean 'not here, not local' I meant in the middle of nowhere :) Now experimenting with a pvr solution for the same though I think my cli version is better. Will have to go and install these too eventually in to the wilderness!
  3. Remote recording of FM radio

    Using rtl_fm and aplay :) Testing on rpi model a at the no and my pi 3 should arrive tomorrow!
  4. Working on a solution where I have a RasPi in a remote location to record FM radio (certain times, certain length of time) using an rtl2832u stick. This would then be sent (or fetched) via a network connection to a central location. Anyone have any suggestions and/or ideas on what software they'd use in a similar situation? I'm eyeing up the ftl_fm stuff and perhaps VLC too.. but open to suggestions :)
  5. Hardware for sale; Servers, Network, PDU

    Have updated the list (added another Avoton) and reduced the pricing - feel free to make any sensible offers :)
  6. Hardware for sale; Servers, Network, PDU

    I'm fine and thanks for the kind messages. The undertones of being called a scammer were not well received hence my reply. A message on the thread asking others if they'd had problems without posting messages or dropping the sarcasm bomb would have been more pertinent and alleviated any fears. However, as my wife is an amazingly wonderful and supportive woman, she had arranged for it to be shipped while I was away. This rather flies in the face of my "zero fucks given" attitude. A bit annoying but of course, as always, she's right. She has, however, been banned from doing shit that make me look more human.
  7. Hardware for sale; Servers, Network, PDU

    Interesting. We'll put a few things to bed. 1. You received a response after you paid, contrary to what you've said. Your own screenshot of a PRIVATE MESSAGE confirms that. 2. YOU came to ME as a newbie with no idea what you were doing, stating you had no clue. I went way over and above the call of duty to explain collocation, switching and KVM appliances to you. I gave you advice and help and guidance. 3. I even negotiated a price to ensure it could be shipped over to Bulgaria for you, at extra hassle to me, for no recompense, to ensure you got a good deal. 4. You claim to see me coming online. Friday was my last time online and that's simply because powering up opens the browser automatically at last viewed pages and bookmarks. To suggest you were messaging me while I was online and I was subsequently ignoring you is downright lies. 5. You wasted my time asking for more. then changing your mind when you realised shipping was going to cost you more than the price of a shit coffee. 6. I've been in the business a long time and I've been running forums for a long time. You have been doing hosting (demanding name changes so you can pump your wares under different names) for 5 minutes. The day you can even contemplate teaching me about professionalism is the day you shit in a bag and punch it Lastly, recompense? Express delivery? Okay, I'll sort you out with express delivery. When I'm discharged from hospital and can once again use the computer properly, the first thing I'll do is log in to PayPal and expressly refund your money. You can then find hardware elsewhere, at full price, from a 'professional'. Oh, and for good measure, here's a smiley face :) Let's see if your beaten down, cheap ass answers this time. :) :)
  8. Hardware for sale; Servers, Network, PDU

    Updated and tidied the list.
  9. Hardware for sale; Servers, Network, PDU

    Updated the list :)
  10. What are the rules/regulations for working on the supply from the utilities companies in to your house?
  11. Hardware for sale; Servers, Network, PDU

    Updated.. and a bump! Took a while to sort things out but I have most of the hardware ready to be shipped now :) Feel free to make offers!
  12. What's your car?

    Trying to get it booked in for a RR at the moment just finding it hard working Mon-Fri and places around here seem to be booked regularly. Will provide the RR once I get it done :) I'd be disappointed for anything less than 310BHP tbh Not really sure 100bhp increase with what you have is entirely possible if I'm honest.
  13. What's your car?

    Interesting. Got any RR printouts for it?
  14. What's your car?

    So what work did you have done to get it at 320? What FMIC are you running?
  15. You'd think - but he's already had posts/topics removed because all he's doing is trying to 'SEO' spam his 'business' on the forum with BS keywords and aff links.