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  1. We are selling some hardware that we no longer use. http://www.ebay.com/itm/-/171996029458? http://www.gigabyte.com/products/pro...px?pid=3549#sp Let me know if you would like to purchase this board for $55 free ship in US. All boards are tested and working.
  2. That's part of the way blacklists blackmail hosts to get rid of anyone that they want you to get rid of.
  3. I know Spamhaus does keep record of the last times your space was listed with them and it does elongate the listing time if you've been listed before.
  4. I just kept replying and eventually someone else from spamhaus other than Thomas Morrison replied and we got the listing removed, two months later.
  5. I then responded from my business email and said I am the owner and repeated the steps we had taken to remove the abuse and they aren't responding. SpamHaus wants to talk to the people in charge. They want to talk to the owners of the IPs or ISP. well they don't want to talk to me. Still no replies.
  6. Well it's been over 30 days now and spamhaus is still not responding to us. I sent a mail from my personal gmail and they sent the following message - I then responded from my business email and said I am the owner and repeated the steps we had taken to remove the abuse and they aren't responding.
  7. Yes how amusing since that was an SBL for email spam and this is an SBL for a TINBA botnet controller. Hi! While I can't speak for Spamhaus, I will simply point out that it's legal under 47 USC ยง 230. They can publish whatever they want, and users can use their lists to block whatever they want. That said, I am pretty sure I have seen lots of SSH scanning and other activities from Bitaccel hitting my network. So maybe you should stop selling to trash. That's awfully funny since we've received no abuse reports for such, and we have a system in place to block excessive connections on any protocol. We've implemented some more fraud checking rules since spamhaus got all iffy and won't delist this current range. I'm not sure what you mean by 'no attempt to clean up your network' as the tinba botnet controller reports have drastically reduced since before this second listing.
  8. Noone has even remotely hinted at that. What isn't ok is the lack of support from spamhaus and the failure to follow their own removal policy.
  9. Yes this is absolutely ridiculous, they wouldn't even reply to the last response I made to them. Looks like my customers and I will be waiting 3 months to get this listing removed, and we'll see how many customers I lose due to TINBA BOTNET controllers.
  10. Yea it's almost as if they ran 'if IPMI === true mail(thepersonwiththeipmiandwarnthemnomatterwhat)'
  11. ARIN Stock Changes Feb 2014 - Down to 1.38

    You could be waiting years, you might as well take a /24 and and apply for your range again in 3 months. (IMO)
  12. I checked out the ipmi firmware version on this server and it is 3.19. I went to supermicro's website and looked at the board I have and 3.19 seems to be the latest firmware revision. Has anyone else received a notice like this?
  13. Just an update. I sent this. Thomas replied with. So I guess two botnet reports in the past two months is considered 'massive botnet hosting'.
  14. ARIN assigned these ips to us at the beginning of this year. The thing is, so what if fail2ban blocks them initially. In the long run it makes by far more sense to have. That way you aren't having to spend time cleaning up a compromised vm, reporting to authorities, dealing with spamhaus, etc. It just makes sense. The other great thing about fail2ban is it isn't idiotic. A simple reboot will generally clear the listing, and it would protect at least a little from initial weak password combos. What does fail2ban have to do with spamhaus being non supportive? Nothing really, it is in regards to the fact that many of the listing on spamhaus are because of exploits and compromised servers. It was a way to help prevent it. I already have some things in place that prevent tons of connections to a single ip address, and nodewatch tests passwords, so idk.
  15. 12 reports, including 2 escalations on that one /24 in the past 4 months is quite a bit, and even if Spamhaus removes that SBL a large percentage of your customer's emails are still going to be blocked in many places because the reputation of most of the IPs on that /24 is absolute shit at SenderBase: http://www.senderbase.org/lookup/?search_string= . Looking at another of your blocks 104.255.98.x , I'd be shocked if the 50+ IPs used for *.whiterteeth.com subdomains aren't being used for either email spam or comment spamming. In the past two months there have been 4 reports total on that 96.x range. Spamhaus tends to take a longer term view of IP SBL reports for an IP block or network operator than just the past 2 months ,so when they decide to escalate they'll usually look back at the cumulative SBL history over the past 6-12 months. So after spamhaus finally decides to send over all the tinba botnet controller reports all on the same day, then they escalate you for botnet hosting right after, and then you get listed ~ 3-4 months later it's an automatic range blacklist time with no redemption? Seems legit.