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  1. Can't start Thread

    Lets see... All of your posts are spam to old threads that haven't been active in a long time, most of them non-useful. On top of that you don't have a provider tag (I am guessing you didn't apply for one) which I believe is needed to post in that section. On top of all of that, based on your miserable participation here and lack of any informal information in your posts, I highly doubt whatever you had to post was anything more than more spam and probably won't be missed. So, instead of rushing to try and post offers, how about you try to actually participate by contributing something before you try and post offers here? my 2 cents. Cheers!
  2. is vpsboard dead?

    Kinda, just been too busy to really get back here and post I guess. There is actually a lot of exciting ARM stuff going on that could warrant a few topics here, just been hard to find the time for it. On the other hand, @NetWatcher is yet to stop advertising, he is always here like clockwork, LOL. Cheers!
  3. The cesspit / chat thread.

    @MannDude @HalfEatenPie Why don't you guys make a ARM section on VPSboard and we can separate out some of the information/reviews in the 'Arms has legs' thread and then can continue to post new Arm news/reviews there as more come around? Just a thought... maybe not the right place but it seems we do have some interest here. my 2 cents. Cheers!
  4. ARM has legs. Real world use.

    So, my $9.00 Orange Pi PC actually showed up! This one actually arrived in slightly better condition than the Orange Pi Plus 2E that I ordered directly from Xunlong did. Haven't had a chance to play with it yet, so will be back after I get a chance to put it through its paces and see what's good and what's not. Cheers!
  5. ARM has legs. Real world use.

    You know, I have been looking for some new projects, but if you have something in mind there is usually a board out there that can meet your needs, however, price in some cases is prohibitive for some of them. I have found some 'better' SATA solutions (SoC or SBC which has supposedly better SATA throughput) however they are often around the $150.00 USD price point which kinda makes it cost prohibitive in some cases to just 'test' or see if it really fits your needs. One good example of this is the 'Clearfog Pro' I can't tell you how bad I just want to buy one ($230.00 USD with case). However, I just can't justify the cost right now for my 'toys' budget. It could probably easily replace a few other boards and be a very productive network router/switch if i needed as well. It looks like the perfect board though for running a NAS and supporting a network stack well. It is also Marvell and not Allwinner, which means better performance for SATA, etc. The downside though is your limited to Linux 3.x because there is no mainline support, but there is OpenWRT for it which might even be better to use in some cases, I wouldn't know without testing it out my self. :) I do believe you would get better stability out of the board though, so it may be worth the cost overall? (you get what you pay for?) Will check back again later, work is calling... Cheers!
  6. ARM has legs. Real world use.

    BananaPi M1 is usually cheaper for the A20, while Olimex Boards are nice and open source, they are also a bit more expensive. In the US you can order from Ameridroid for $34.95 + shipping without case and $40.90 + shipping w/ case. The BananaPi provides the 1GB of ram as well as composite out header (if you were to need it) for less than the comparable A20-OlinuXIno-Lime2 (45.00 EUR + shipping) which lacks the composite output. P.S. @wlanboy I had included a link to that exact article in my rant there, you just missed it cause its a link on the text 'here' :) However, no harm done giving it a little more air time ;p my 2 cents. Cheers!
  7. ARM has legs. Real world use.

    I am not sure any components should be separate, it sounds like maybe damage during transport? I did read however on another brief review of the board that they received it 'bent' as well or with a 'bend in it', here. I also remember the guys in linux-sunxi talking about it and was blamed on poor packaging. Was the box damaged in any ways when you received it? Also, this is common for things shipped from China, my Orange Pi Plus 2E, you don't want to see the box it came in. It looked like some post guys had played soccer with the box and punted it around a few times. Luckily enough it was in another box inside the original shipping box so it wasn't ruined, but when I got it I thought originally it would be a total loss. If it works, count your self lucky and move on. If that part you found in the box is supposed to be attached to the board I would be sure to report this to them and request if they would send another (not sure if they would require you to ship yours back or not). On a side note, I noticed that Gearbest sent out an e-mail flier today again listing the board for 9$ or something but by the time I clicked it to check it was showing $19.99, so I am guessing maybe we got a jump on their sale before they could advertise it yesterday and they had no stock for their actual sale. :) my 2 cents. Cheers!
  8. ARM has legs. Real world use.

    Wow, that went quicker than I thought. Well, tried to post it as soon as I knew about it... though I am sure at that price it got around quick.. Cheers!
  9. ARM has legs. Real world use.

    Okay guys, don't say I never gave you anything... :D Saw this deal come along on IRC today and figured some of you may have an interest: Orange Pi PC for only $8.54 ($8.73 with tracking) You have to order from their China warehouse though so it will take 8-25 days (a month) to arrive possibly. However, for the price I think its more than acceptable. Of course I had to pick one up just to test out, I mean at that price, why not (Only a little more than a VPS on LET)! Description: Orange Pi PC is an open-source single-board computer. It can run Android 4.4, Ubuntu, Debian, Rasberry Pi Image, as well as the Banana Pi Image. It uses the AllWinner H3 SoC, and has 1GB DDR3 SDRAM. Orange Pi PC is for anyone who wants to start creating with technology – not just consuming it. It's a simple, fun, useful tool that you can use to start taking control of the world around you.Main Features:● Memory (SDRAM): 1GB DDR3 (shared with GPU).● Onboard storage: TF card (Max. 64GB) / MMC card slot.● Onboard network: 10 / 100M Ethernet LAN.● Video input: A CSI input connector camera: Support 8-bit YUV422 CMOS sensor interface. Support CCIR656 protocol for NTSC and PAL. Support SM pixel camera sensor. ● Audio input: Mic.● Video output: Support HDMI output with HDCP. Support HDMI CEC. Support HDMI 30 function. Integrated CVBS. Support simultaneous output of HDMI and CVBS.● Low-level peripheral: 40 Pins header, which is compatible with Raspberry Pi B+.● GPIO (1x3) pin: UART, ground.● Compatible with Android Ubuntu, Debian and Raspberry Pi Image OS. NOTE: I wanted to mention, as this may be important for some, this does not come with a power adapter or a case of any kind. This is just the board. You can use a common micro-usb phone charger to power (if rated at least 5v1A). Finding something to house it in, well that is part of the fun! For me, I collect enough of these boards that this wasn't a second thought (I have several just sitting here anyways). Also, there is no built on storage, so be sure to get a reliable Class 10 SDcard (Sandisk, Silicon Power Elite series). While you can use smaller, I would suggest at least 8GB if not 16GB for the best experience. Happy shopping! Cheers!
  10. ARM has legs. Real world use.

    Gather around kids, its time for another ARM adventure... This time we look at the Orange Pi Plus 2E! So, while it isn't new, I figure I would also post some pictures and a quick review of my Orange Pi Plus 2E that I got only a few weeks back.... Orange Pi Plus 2E Specs: H3 SoC Processor (Quad Core 1.6Ghz) 2GB Ram 16GB EMMC Flash (built on) Gigabit Network Realtek RTL8189ETV, IEEE 802.11 b/g/n Three USB 2.0 HOST, one USB 2.0 OTG Full specs can see here The Good: 16Gb eMMc - is pretty awesome, and for the price your not going to find many boards offering this much on board super fast storage Built-on WiFi - Works well out of the box, no issue maxing speed in Android or Linux 2GB Ram - again amazing at this price point and gives you a lot more options for what you can run with the board Armbian produced by IgorPec works really well. They have GPU acceleration enabled and DRAM settings are adjusted to be better compatible and prevent overheating (mention more about this in 'The Bad'). I documented how you can also use a version of smplayer to get full OSD controls as well as how to install a non-gpu accelerated Chromium Linux-sunxi community (#linux-sunxi on freenode or http://linux-sunxi.org) is doing a lot of work to make this a more stable and usable board The Bad: Initially set DRAM settings in the Xunlong provided images (Linux and Android) are set to 672 which has proven not to be stable in on all boards. For Android you are pretty screwed currently as there are no other Android options besides the image generated from the SDK that Xunlong originally released and their image has '672' set which means it overheats when running 1080p video in Android. I documented my frustration on their forum. The images provided by Xunlong are pretty awful, if you want a performant board you will want to look to Armbian or other community provided alternatives. Hopefully sometime down the line someone has time to make a better Android version. Gets a little hot - I found the need to add a heatsink to get good performance with less overheating (since I added the heatsink other than the DRAM issue haven't seen a reboot from overheat for a while). At current it is not possible to use Google Play Store in Android (locked down kernel which makes it so Android can not be rooted) Thoughts: If Xunlong would have actually taken the time to perfect a good Android image for this board, it could be awesome! To be honest until I ran into issues with the Android kernel they are using as well as the fact that this kernel makes it IMPOSSIBLE to root Android I was pretty happy with things. Rooting Android is NOT possible due to the locked down kernel which prevents you from being able to remount /system as read-write, there is literally code in the kernel which prevents this folder from ever being mounted anything but read only. For a development board this is just awful and limits your possibilities for apps as you have to use 'Aptoide' (Google Play Store require root to install) which is really just a collection of either free or illegally ripped registered apps which doesn't sit very well with me and prevents you from getting new version of a lot of apps. I was able to get Kodi to work, but its locked to 720p (which does help to prevent overheating caused by DRAM settings), however you can run 1080p in Mx Player (if the board doesn't overheat from DRAM settings). For someone just wanting a cheap media center and they don't care about the restrictions it is fine, if you want to do anything else you will either need to compile your own Android kernel or wait for someone else to release a better image. As far as being used for Linux, with Armbian this little board is a perl. Eventually I hope they will get a version of Chromium compiled with GPU acceleration and I think this will put the icing on the cake (currently you can only watch Youtube at 380p because there is no GPU acceleration available and it uses strictly CPU). Once Chromium is available with acceleration I think it will finally be a fully usable workstation, for most things. Armbian is smooth though and most things you would want to use work out of the box, including WiFi. I could probably write a few more paragraphs but for now I will leave things here :) If you have any questions please feel free to ask and I would be happy to try and answer them (about any of the boards I have shown in any thread here on VPSBoard). Hope you all have a great week! Cheers!
  11. vpsBoard - Future Discussion

    Problem is this sector of 'web hosting' has taken a huge hit over the past 18 months. A lot of small business have sold out or are in the process of selling out to big players. As this happens it means less small companies running VPS/Cloud businesses. I hate to say this but I originally doubted it when @mao on LEB started saying it about 24 months ago that things were going to change, but he was right. As these small businesses get purchased, there is a lot less new loans or capital being handed out by banks/VC capitalists for this type of business. It is sad because it makes it feels like this industry went from a Honda NSX to a old Ford Fusion in terms of new businesses and participation in the market, but it is what it is. Most customers are now just going with players like Digital Ocean, Vultr, Arubacloud, OVH, etc instead of looking to purchase services from smaller providers. As this continues to happen, again we will see less and less offers in forums like VPSBoard and LET. Also a lot of companies who were in contracts with different data centers with long term contracts (read cheap colo, power, network), the contracts have started to expire and data centers are now trying to get more money out of their customers than they were at the original lease time (prices are going up) as that happens it also makes this type of business less realistic in big Datacenters (as you keep seeing small hosts moving to different DCs), instead the ones which are flourishing now are European DCs and stuff in LA. You can tell this by the super cheap deals being offered out of LA as well as Romania, France, Italy and Lithuania. At this point because of the slow down in this sector it is making both VPSBoard and LET seem much more slow as far as content. Especially so here as we don't cater to the 'Low End' crowd like LET does. If VPSBoard is going to stay relevant we will need to either have a major development in this industry (new technology) or we need to start utilizing the 'off topic' forums and start threads on different things, such as the ARM threads here which has been marginally popular. If we don't adapt, yes, it will slowly get more quiet around here. @MannDude I must admit though, with you not being around and @HalfEatenPie's time limited as well, that does also have a bit of an effect on how things are around here. I get you have a new job and it takes precedence over this forum, but you may consider trying to find some others who can help around here when you can't be available. (Any volunteers?) my 2 cents. Cheers!
  12. ARM has legs. Real world use.

    C.H.I.P. Well, let me say this. C.H.I.P. is useful for what it is, but you may want to consider your application before getting one. C.H.I.P. really isn't meant to be a media center for example... I guess if you purchase the HDMI add-on for the additional cost (which I am sure they are hoping you will do) it can play back 720p maybe if you push it. It is still only a 1Ghz R8 and at this time GPU acceleration doesn't exist for it, and likely won't for a while, so 1080p may not be realistic for a while. As they strive to be open source with their project, similar to RPi foundation they also do not have Android for the device (yet?), so full acceleration can't be realized by the use of Android at the moment either. They do have a Debian variant for their distribution which works pretty well, though the original kernel they provide is lacking in a lot of desirable modules (tun, cifs, etc.) so you either need to use an 'experimental kernel' compiled by someone else or compile your own from the get go, that is if you need these extra modules. Another issue I ran into was trying to use the USB to serial console they provide (you can just plug your microusb into it and into your computer and the computer will both power it and come up as a serial port which you can connect to as a serial console). However, trying to do this on my Windows 7 test machine yielded some issues until I found this post on Reddit and found a link to the needed driver on their forum. Now, back to my original point. It would do well as a little server for robotics because it has the full host of gpio all available at your finger tips in a small design, I imagine a lot of use cases for this board will be small integrated systems or small low power servers. Again, your limited to the 512Mb memory and USB 2.0 storage with WiFi (no ethernet). While the 4GB eMMc provided isn't bad speed wise, you are also quite limited for space from the start. Whatever you are wanting to do needs to fit that finger print that this is intended for or you may be disappointed by it. So far I have toyed around with it, getting over the initial bumps as mentioned above and in my previous post, but at the same time I have almost reach the point to where I am satisfied in my $9 purchase and may see this thing sit in a corner for a few more months till I come up with the perfect job for it. At the moment I have too many other boards which outmoded this one easily still waiting to be put into action, so this may be a bit of a chore. Odroid I must admit, I have recently become a bigger and bigger fan of Hardkernel and the Odroid boards they have put out. In the end if you are looking for something both practical and easy to use out of the box, with working Android and Linux images at your finger tips ready to use, then the Odroid products quickly meet this standard. On the other hand, if you just want a moderate board with a lot of potential and the most resources for the buck, I must also admit the Orange Pi products can also (almost) fill the gap. I mention this just to give some perspective. If you want a kick ass little media machine with a lot of very well planned and well made peripherals, then getting an Odroid C2 or even XU4 seems an easy choice now (the prices are a bit higher, but in this case you get what your paying for). Pine64 I must admit that even when I initially saw the kick starter I was a bit weary of these boards. To be honest up until now even from watching the guys on irc discuss them, they sound like they have a lot of issues to overcome still. That said, there does seem to be a lot of people with them and a moderate amount of work being done by the linux-sunxi team to try and further the devices usefulness. It will come in time, I am just not quite convinced its there yet. Since I couldn't convince my self to buy in at the start, I feel like I will probably wait a bit longer for it to mature before giving it a go. as always, just my 2 cents. Cheers!
  13. ARM has legs. Real world use.

    Ok, so I didn't want to start my own topic and I didn't want to put this in the RPi3 thread, so here it is.... the C.H.I.P. has arrived!! So, this thing is super tiny! To start out it was rough, they do provide a really ultra sexy hot pink composite video cable (not shown), but I had some issues initially getting my monitor to show in color and not monochrome (I later found it it was user error, DOH!). Once I accomplished getting full color and investigating things, I felt it would be fun to do an apt-get update (they come with Debian installed on them). This was fun, it would get half way through update and overheat/turn off. So again I was stumped... after testing several things, came to find my USB power adapter now fails to put out 5v2A correctly and this is why the board was failing (thank god for extras). Got a new power supply and away we went. For what it is, my experience so far (after the issues listed above), has been pretty good. Of course composite video is restricted to 640x440, but the desktop works pretty nicely out of the box! Wifi was a breeze and seems much more performant than the wireless on RPi3 ever was. Was immediately able to reach 45mbit without an issue. I haven't yet tested video on it, I will, but in the end that is probably not going to be my use for it. The super small form factor (as you can see from the pictures) makes the an awesome candidate for a little hide away storage box, just add a 128GB USB stick and power. :) If anything super exciting happens I will post another update, for now though, the C.H.I.P. has arrived! Cheers!
  14. What happens when there are no more ipv4 addresses left?

    Glad to hear that ignorant fuckwit Gotzman got what was coming to him. I knew that guy was a shyster after my dealings with him. May his network burn to the ground for his continued amoral and unethical treatment of customers and abuse of IPs acquired at the pure inconvenience of the customers which he acquired. Possibly some of the best news I heard all day. Cheers!