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  1. It was true then as well :) Anyhow, hadn't realized this was grave-dug.
  2. This is a red flag. If they are still "fixing SQL vulns", that means they are not using parameterized queries. That's really not acceptable in 2015, and makes them negligent. The entire concept of "SQL vulns" doesn't exist when using parameterized queries.
  3. Basically, you'd use Promises. Any kind of looping or conditional asynchronous work is very hard to get right with callbacks alone. I've put together a reading list about Promises here, that should get you started - Promise.map is most likely what you're looking for in particular :)
  4. When should you use SSL?

    $5/year for a rubber stamp is a significant cost if you run many non-commercial projects. It gets far more expensive if you need eg. a wildcard certificate for dealing with subdomains. As for complexity, you are overlooking many aspects of SSL/TLS configuration (think HSTS and HPKP, for example, as well as the decisions what SSL/TLS versions to support).
  5. Programming Language

    Nearly every modern language works cross-platform, many of them out of the box. Qt is a cross-platform solution for building graphical interfaces that has bindings for just about every language. There are JS runtimes for mobile platforms as well - Cordova and PhoneGap come to mind. There's also TideKit, but they're evil. I've also seen some mobile runtimes for other languages in the past (eg. Python), but can't recall where to find them. Building web application servers can be done in many modern languages, almost every one of them in a simpler manner than Java. Think Node.js, Go, Python, Ruby, and so on. Games in C/C++/C# almost consistently perform better than their Java counterparts, with significantly lower system requirements. "Cross-platform" is a farce there, anyway - even if you didn't have to think about the OS you're going to be running on, you're still going to have to dig deep into GPU-specific implementations of OpenGL (as well as proprietary APIs) to reach anything near acceptable performance. The idea of "Java-enabled devices" is more or less a pipedream nowadays. (Non-Android) Java phones are almost dead, IoT products generally run C or PHP, and the only "Java-enabled device" that most people will own nowadays is a Blu-ray player. Frankly, the era of Java is over. And it just doesn't have any reason to make a comeback. The only reasons it's still in wide use, are that 1) it remains part of school curriculums, and 2) there is a large amount of legacy code running on it.
  6. Programming Language

    You don't need Java for any of those things, except for perhaps Blu-ray.
  7. When should you use SSL?

    Well, no, it's not easy (yet) - at least not to do it correctly. And it isn't exactly cheap either. I'm hoping that Let's Encrypt will resolve both of those issues.
  8. When should you use SSL?

    Always. No exceptions. Let's Encrypt (which should be launching next month) will make this more feasible for free.
  9. want a VPS 100% DDOS Protected

    Pay Prolexic an ungodly amount of money, and have them fix it for you. Or if you can't afford that, settle for less than 100%, get something cheap with reasonable DDoS mitigation, and hope it holds up.
  10. want a VPS 100% DDOS Protected

    Right, that's exactly the problem. You're not going to get "100% DDoS protection" for $40, it just isn't economically possible. Anybody who is claiming that they will provide you with that, is lying to you. You can get pretty good DDoS mitigation on a budget, it just isn't going to be 100%. But most people don't need that 100%.
  11. want a VPS 100% DDOS Protected

    None. If you want an absolute guarantee, no matter the attack size, you're going to pay a hell of a lot more than a $5/mo mitigation add-on, and you'd use a provider like Prolexic that specializes in this kind of thing. No VPS provider will be able to offer you this kind of guarantee - even most dedicated DDoS mitigation companies can't. Expect the monthly cost for something like Prolexic to run into the thousands, if not (considerably) more.
  12. No Disparagement Clauses

    This will likely be illegal in many countries. In the Netherlands, I believe it falls under section h. of the the "graylist for consumer contracts" (click). In the case of the graylist, the seller must prove that the contract clause is necessary and reasonable; otherwise, it is illegal and unenforceable. The key point is that an NDA is not the same as a consumer purchase.
  13. Ikoula Cloud Hosting Review

    The reason I see, is that you've registered on here and almost immediately posted a thread containing just a link to your own blog, without the content itself. This is not an advertising board. If the duplication is an issue, then you could also just not post it here at all - after all, the information is already available elsewhere, so why link to it? I get the impression that your motivation is much more about advertising your own site, than about contributing quality content to this community. That leaves a bitter taste in my mouth.
  14. Ikoula Cloud Hosting Review

    Or just not post it?