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  1. Is this the end of ASO/EIG?

    Yikes. I guess the outsourced support is cheap enough to "live with the VPN issues". Francisco
  2. The gun thread

    That's amazing. The pony will be pleased. Francisco
  3. Been a while since we've done an update :) We've now added full letsencrypt support to BuyShared so you can easily assign yourself SSL certificates right from inside cPanel. Just login and check the 'security' icon group and you should see it there. Lets Encrypt does have rate limits in place, though, so it might take a few for the certificate to be approved and assigned. As for the other stuff, we're working to add more nodes in Luxembourg since there's been lots of demand over there. We've added nightly backups via r1soft and are keeping 14 days of restore points. We are planning to increase this to 30 restore points very soon. Francisco
  4. LowEndTalk/LowEndBox Gets a New Manager

    All was well until the fire nation attacked? Francisco
  5. Chat with Rob at Versaweb, i'm sure he can arrange something if you're ordering more than just 1 :) Francisco
  6. LowEndTalk/LowEndBox Gets a New Manager

    @jarland is a hard worker so he likely figures if anyone can right the ship, he can pull it off. I don't see it conflicting with MXRoute and to be honest he's not been overly critical of ColoCrossing in quite some time. I think he simply got tired of trying to fight the good fight from the outside like the rest of us and he's going belly-of-the-beast mode. I wonder by mpkossen left, I get the feeling it's related to the mass emails sent on Black Friday. I just can't see him being overly supportive of that all. I have no doubt that "no CC postings without IPV6" thing didn't go over very well either. Francisco
  7. How do you do staff?

    Support is a hard one. For us I try to take on as much as I can, but I have the benefit of this being my career so it doesn't look good if I'm sitting on my ass playing games all day (used to happen >_>). Working with friends is an extremely iffy thing, and working with family even more so. For us I've had to let go of 3 people that were all very close friends and for 2 of them it really hurt the friendships where we didn't talk for long periods of time. Things are better now with all 3 of them and we're as close as we ever were, but still. Personally, if you can't put the time in yourself to get it running well you should look to sell it. With you being so out of the picture it allows for the brands rep to be easily damaged and you left being disconnected from things and either "too little too late" or otherwise. It's even worse if you can't find the passion to continue it since if it's in technology, especially hosting, you really need that to drive you if you plan to make a real run at it. It's hard. I sometimes will go days with almost no sleep because i'm chasing a bug, having to fix failing equipment (like the failing line card we had this past week), or trying to get ahead of the game with some new features. My personal life is pretty much just me getting out for a walk and some fresh air and usually either Aldryic or another friend will call me. Francisco
  8. want a VPS 100% DDOS Protected

    We didn't know it was an issue till this morning when Aldryic was handling some test orders and saw that payments weren't marking as paid properly. Francisco
  9. want a VPS 100% DDOS Protected

    Sorry! We ran into a bug with our Paypal module with the upgrade to WHMCS 6.1. Aldryic's already been working on it but we should have things addressed come morning. Francisco
  10. I guess the old meme of 'Buffalo is pretty much Netherlands' is about to make a return, eh? It's likely many of those providers had large debts and this was CC's way of getting settled for it. Remember, Nuggets and his fustercluck owed upwards of $10,000 to CC and caused a ton of reputation damage to the LE* brands. I expect most of the smaller hosts that are with them to fold into them, it's just a lot easier than trying to compete with your own datacenter. Francisco
  11. DDoS Mitigation GRE Tunnel w/ BGP

    It's a conflict of interest for us to offer such services at this time. BGP sessions would be annoying with voxility since they only allow a single ASN as far as I can tell. We'd prefer just doing static routes down a tunnel. With that being said, Staminus can probably arrange something for you. Francisco
  12. I just don't see SIMFS getting added, but it's going to really hurt their market if that's the case. I've still not had good experiences with PLOOP. I've had multiple times (in testing) if I pushed a volume past like 500GB it would completely corrupt for no reason. There was no way to fix it either, FSCK wouldn't fix it, nothing. I'm honestly scared to put *any* of our customers on PLOOP. Originally our new backups system was going to be based around it but with the above corruption but there was no way I could consider it. While i'm excited for OVZ7, I'm honestly looking towards LXC to see if I can add the missing things somehow (disk quotas is the most major thing). Francisco
  13. ARIN Stock Changes Feb 2014 - Down to 1.38

    ARIN IPv4 Free Pool Reaches Zero
  14. ARIN Stock Changes Feb 2014 - Down to 1.38

    Very true :) As did I. Francisco
  15. ARIN Stock Changes Feb 2014 - Down to 1.38

    Make that 38 now. A few more days? Maybe even next week? The /24's lasted a lot longer than I had figured. I was sure they would've all been gone last month, but ARIN has been very slow to reply to tickets. Francisco