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      Due to time constraints and new interests I no longer wish to continue to maintain vpsBoard. The web site will remain only as an archive to preserve and showcase some of the great material, guides, and industry news that has been generated by members, some of which I remain in contact to this very day and now regard as personal friends.

      I want to thank all of our members who helped make vpsBoard the fastest growing industry forum. In it's prime it was an active and ripe source of activity, news, guides and just general off-topic banter and fun.

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  1. How to waste ad money.

    I see spellcheck wasn't on the TODO list.
  2. Ah nice, at least you have a cleaner desk then mine.
  3. Nice, when did you get it?
  4. Earplugs... yep needed

    When I get a chance tomorrow, I'll take some pictures.
  5. Nice cPanel bag there.
  6. Earplugs... yep needed

    The electric bill isn't that high, actually. Assuming you don't think $500~ is high.
  7. Earplugs... yep needed

    Oh god, no thank you.
  8. Alright, I officially have too many servers. A few poweredge HP servers, supermicro, etc. totally to 7 servers, sitting in my basement running 24x7. All have a raid array with minimum 4 drives. Setting up a new one right now (Poweredge) and tomorrow setting up a new firewall.. Could it get any louder....
  9. I hate to sound rude here, but shouldn't a web hosting company know how to fix these problems themself?
  10. Why the hate on Russia

    So MannDude, you might as well lock this, seeing how you state your opinion and get shit on. OK, thanks.
  11. PHP Included header class active

    <?php function checkPage() { $pages = array('Home', 'Colocation', 'Other'); $url = $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']; foreach($pages as $page_name) { if(stristr($url, $page_name)) { $page_active = $page_name; } } } ?> This code will have errors in it, too lazy to run it though my server to verify if it's working or not, but thats the general idea.
  12. PHP Included header class active

    Are you fucking kidding me? Go back to school.
  13. Home internet speeds

    Why is internet so cheap in the USA? God damn.
  14. I'm not a provider, but I say fuck all these big name panels, you know what makes me happy? SSH w/ VIM.
  15. What are you guys running as for home internet speeds? On my shitty DSL line here I'm getting ~1.5mb/s down, 0.64kb/s up. I'm upgrading to Cable in the new few days, purchased 25mbps down unmetered for $54.50/month.