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  1. Finding Leads

    Focus should be local to begin with. I know several marketing firms who have been focusing on the local market (city-wise) and have been expanding from there. There's good money in the local market and is easier to get into since you're physically there and most people like to put a human face with their interaction instead of a computer screen. That and making an informed bid for a project. Oh and networking. I know people dislike this, but really knowing the right people and networking through them is important. A colleague of mine got an opportunity to bid on a really sizable project (high six digits for two months of work) because he knew an individual who was involved in it. Also another would be identification and targeting. One thing I've seen as a big mistake around here (not targeting anyone, just from my observation) is that many people only focus on the "profit" side. They're willing to host anything as long as it makes them a buck. This in turn draws them to look too big/wide. They gain moderate success, but I think are really missing a valuable opportunity and spreads themselves out too thin. In today's day and age, focusing on a larger surface area will simply dilute the market more. Focusing on a specific nitch and then growing within that nitch until you're big enough to expand is a better method. Just my two cents.
  2. is vpsboard dead?

    Honestly I haven't been following many forums at all. Been pretty busy with my main work and some other things coming down the pipeline. vpsBoard is the only actual forum I'm visiting haha.
  3. Hudson Valley Host: Bargain Bin Server Review

    OP has submitted his invoice with HVH and from the information presented, it shows that he does have active service with HVH. Note: this is a review of a service that began on November 21st.
  4. Hudson Valley Host: Bargain Bin Server Review

    Come to remember. If you can provide proof of actual service (you can simply PM me as well), that'd be great. If not then this post will be locked and/or removed in 48 hours. I hope you understand due to HVH and CC's previous operations, why these reviews are questionable and why it is best to take such hard measures against possible shills.
  5. The cesspit / chat thread.

    Talk with them. They probably have a reason.
  6. Hudson Valley Host: Bargain Bin Server Review

    This isn't anything wishing anyone the worst, but mostly me expressing my disapproval of anyone using them in general. Of course I wish anyone using anyone else the best in their process. However, using them is your own decision and it's their own decision to determine what level of support they provide. It's the end client's decision to go with X provider or Y. It's economics, not ideology. Best of luck, but with previous negative reviews of their services (back when they were really prone to DDoS, CVPS overselling considerably, iirc I think at one point BuyVM was given less than their originally given port speed but was lied to?, BuyVM having to pay full price for a certain hardware but later paperwork saying it was a "loan and setup fee", getting blacklisted IPs, the entire "grab for IPs" a while back, etc.) and being on the "brunt end" so called of their campaigns (as well was throwing some of my own crap at them calling them out), I consider HVH and ColoCrossing operations a high risk low reward scenario. The only enticing thing they provide is the price point being the bottom of the barrel in the US. It gets them a considerable amount of clients, but also a higher overselling rate of their network (theoretically speaking. I don't have actual documents related to their operations so it's speculation and from what other people have previously reported). All respect to them since it works, but just not what I'd trust to work when needed. Disclaimer: Everything here is my opinion and my memory. I could be wrong as it's been a while. Look into it yourself if you're interested in finding the proof. I'm an old man on the internet per se.
  7. Hudson Valley Host: Bargain Bin Server Review

    I'm going to be honest with you @StartVM-Chase. As you know, HVH is owned by ColoCrossing. There was historically bad blood between ColoCrossing and vpsBoard a while back, around the time LET got hacked and it was proven LET was owned by ColoCrossing (before ColoCrossing owned LowEndTalk and LowEndBox, it was supposed to be a neutral grounds from any providers and even after ColoCrossing owned it, they constantly stated "we don't own it" publicly). Now I'm no the biggest fan of ColoCrossing and their sub-brands like HVH and historically have had people from their groups be pretty hostile towards me, mostly due to my affiliation to this forum. Doesn't help there has been instances where ColoCrossing has tried to get a certain member of this forum fired from their job on something that was totally unrelated. In addition, ColoCrossing regularly hosted Johnny Nguyen, who besides running GreenValueHost to the ground, opened up a new shop as Nguyen Web Services and hosted spammers. If memory serves me right, they were also once reported to be one of the spammier networks out there. Even for about a year or two there was an entire trend of "No ColoCrossing Please" in offer request threads. If you want to use HVH that's your own problem, but I'd like to add on to anyone else reading this review that historically they've been an interesting group of individuals. I personally do not recommend anyone ever purchase from them (especially after previously hosting with ChicagoVPS). It does seem Biloh has been working hard though recently, especially with ColoCrossing looking a bit bigger than it used to. Props to that guy. However, it's not something I can still recommend people to buy. There's an entire book I could write about this event, but it's really old. Many people have stopped caring about warning new people. However, I'm still a bit salty over it (again, since Biloh tried to get people fired at their day jobs over this. That's literally trying to attack someone's way of feeding and clothing themselves and their family and putting a roof over their head. It's incredibly rude and the entire fact that he went to such measures over internet "territory" pretty much surprises me.). I can't leave posts on this site trying to promote HVH and ColoCrossing up without explaining a pretty salty part of our relations.
  8. The cesspit / chat thread.

    The holiday season is an incredibly busy season for most of us.
  9. Happy Thanksgiving

    Cheers. Celebrating a day late but will be cooking up a mean turkey.
  10. I haven't been following the Raspberry Pi development for a while. Wasn't Raspberry Pi 3 released after Raspberry Pi 2? Did they now release a second revision version or something? Lets say I want to get myself another Raspberry Pi. Should I get 3 or 2 version 1.2?
  11. ONAPP & SOLUS Alternative! Preview :)

    Interesting. I'll try setting this up in a few days down the line.
  12. Domains for sale $10 each

    I'd take statusleaf.com :V
  13. That's actually interesting. Especially since right now many people are going TO Cloud over Bare Metal. Most usually state that the reliability of cloud hardware over bare metal is what usually drives it (and usually the concept that cloud is much easier to scale over bare metal).
  14. The cesspit / chat thread.

    I really wish entire Trump going to the white house was a joke. Just a joke that went too far. But here we are now. With poo in our pants. I'd actually laugh if he was a decent president. Maybe it's all just a hustle! Honestly, I'm only interested now to see what happens. I think it's done for in regards to good international relations (since the president basically holds all the power related to international affairs and Trump has almost no respect from the international community), but US's domestic policies I'm interested in. What's also unfortunate is that the republicans now hold all the seats.
  15. Dacentec does not have DDoS protection

    Then the person who did mentioned it were ill informed. Officially, Dacentec does not advertise DDoS Protection of any form. Maybe a reseller or someone took a page out of Nobis Technology's book and advertised auto-null as "DDoS Protection". Dacentec does do Null routing to protect their network, but other people like Nobis Technology advertised this as "Basic DDoS Protection". RamNode advertises theirs as RamNull. Note that these automatic DDoS Mitigation techniques aren't to keep your services online but rather to keep other people's services and the datacenter online without having to show you the door as a client. Anyways unfortunate your server was hit. However in the future I'd suggest looking more into what "DDoS Protection" really means in the provider's side. As there is no standard definition for DDoS Protection, everything from firewall rules, packet filtering, to null routing is right now bundled under the umbrella definition of "DDoS Mitigation". Quite unfortunate indeed.