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  1. Right. Certainly is a good price, as it was a promo they had. The project is 99% funded by donations besides some initial money I had up for it, and that's not even paste.ee, as we don't accept donations directly, but we'll have a few new surprises coming up soon. Pretty much, the main issue is location and all. I wouldn't mind a cheap high-clock lower memory machine just to run the gameservers, as long as I have a reliable and fast-ish main server with data redundancy (RAID 1 at least) and a good network. This also excludes Dacentec (they had an E3-1230v2 rent only for 65/m or something) due to their network recently. I did try them last July for a month, which ended up in moving everything back to QuickPacket due to network issues and ddos attacks. Speaking of QuickPacket though, I already got a really good offer from them for the specs listed since yesterday, just don't have the time this second to move everything, so I figure I might as well get a few more offers/quotes while I wait.
  2. I'm possibly looking to upgrade a dedicated server I have with QuickPacket (unfortunately, it's an awesome server, but L5520s are getting old!) I'm looking at getting more of a current generation server if possible, depending on the price, etc. Desired configuration: E3-1230v3, E5v2/v3, Haswell/Devil's Canyon i7, or better 32GB Memory 2x2TB, 2x512GB SSD, or possibly 2 smaller SSDs and 2 HDDs (SSD is a "best case scenario", I know it'll raise the price a bit) 10 or 20TB on Gbit port with decent bandwidth providers (DDoS Protection not required, but again, a best case scenario) /28 block of IPv4 Native IPv6 (not required) It'll host a few gameservers, a personal webserver/website, and of course Paste.ee. Budget is going to be limited, but I'm not going to state it just to see what's out there. Current server is $62.99/m with a Dual L5520, 24GB, 2x1TB, 20TB, and a /29 + /28. Keep in mind, the current server is entirely run off donations. If I can keep it that way, that'd be great, but if not, I'd be willing to pay a bit extra to get a better server. Let me know if you have any offers, this isn't something set in stone as I'm still quite happy with the current server, but I'd like to see what I could get. You can also PM me if you don't wish to have the offer made public.
  3. Basic:http://ark.intel.com/products/92124/Intel-Atom-Processor-x5-E8000-2M-Cache-up-to-2_00-GHz Advanced: http://ark.intel.com/products/87258/Intel-Celeron-Processor-N3150-2M-Cache-up-to-2_08-GHz
  4. I agree with the whole "old style UI" statement, it feels like the type of UI that SolusVM used 4 or so years ago, not very visually appealing. It is quite fast though, and seems to work well. I also feel that it could use LXC support, since it's somewhat common and a very promising replacement for OpenVZ, if it's done correctly and can be integrated properly. Do this ahead of SolusVM and you could have a new market before others.
  5. The only people I've seen actually using the term VDS right is NFO. I noticed they never specified if it came with dedicated cores, guaranteed network, etc, meaning for all you know it's shared with 90 other people on an L5520 :) I'm also pretty sure that SolusVM doesn't offer the ability to assign cores to a machine, at least when I used it last, which was 3-4 years ago, so what the hell are they thinking? The pricing is stupid, as even NFO's 1 core, 1GB VDS, with InterNAP or better network, is only $7.99/m, with a 100% Hardware/Network SLA...
  6. Who was your first VPS provider?

    Really? Nobody has mentioned VPSLand so far? It used to be the go-to for private servers and the like, cheap 1-2GB Windows VPS, didn't care too much about performance, and "more performance" was more memory back then. I remember being on a dual core pentium d or something for a while, probably sharing with 16+ other people...
  7. Server Hardware

    Depending on the server you require, possibly. It goes back and forth often, on one hand, you have the whole rental idea, where you'd get hardware replacement, better support, etc. On the other hand, Colocation is sometimes cheaper, and you get to control the hardware yourself, doing any customization you wish, though with a higher upfront cost. If you're looking to put together your own server, you can use whatever you want. L5520s/L5639s are cheap, and quite easy to source, still packing quite a bit of bang for the buck. E3s would do great too, and as long as it's a personal server used for basic things and nothing specifically production ready, you could get by with RAID 1 on SSDs or HDDs, though I'd suggest RAID 10 if possible. You'll probably be able to whatever you'd want on ebay or through a hardware reseller that sells off lease equipment (like drmike stated.) Depending on the configuration, owning the hardware might be cheaper month to month, but also comes with the cost of any failed hardware replacement, remote hands if it does happen, etc. A warning, though, if you decide you do not like the host and wish to move, you'll have to worry about the downtime related to it, the cost of packing and shipping (if you aren't local), rather than the rental option where you could just rent a new server and migrate it over as you wish. Colocation is only truly worth the hassle if you're local, can justify traveling to the datacenter, have a server configuration already that'd cost a lot (E5, high performance E3, etc), or just cannot stand rented hardware.
  8. I know everyone says rsync/etc for Linux servers/desktops, but what about Windows? I'm looking for something to backup my parents' Windows 10 computer to a local drive on the network (FTP, SMB/CIFS, NFS, etc. Hooked to a Linux computer on the router), with support for dedup and incremental if possible... It'll be pictures, Quicken data files, and a few somewhat sensitive medical and other documents. Encryption is a plus, but not required, as in the end it'll be encrypted and pushed to amazon cloud drive. I know there's Synology's software, which from what I hear supports all of this, but requires a Synology NAS to work. Any suggestions? Bonus points if it's good for large amounts of data to backup my desktop too.
  9. Team Task Tracking

    I've never personally used it, but assuming this might work... https://wekan.io/ Either that, or Flyspray? Repurposing a bug tracker!
  10. Intel's single thread performance is absolutely crazy (which is what you really need for gaming, seeing as most games aren't multithreaded, at least very well), and AMD is having trouble keeping up with it. I'm not saying AMD is bad, they make decent processors still, but if you want performance Intel all the way. If you're on a budget, you can go with AMD like @KuJoe mentioned, and it'll still do very well for gaming. That being said, E3s, i5s, etc are all in the mid $200 range, double what you'd pay for AMD, but would likely run cooler and have better performance. https://www.cpubenchmark.net/singleThread.html
  11. This was a crazy good idea! I can also see using the virtual machine as your main workstation (For example, all projects/etc, while using the actual desktop for gaming/web browsing), and keeping it all separated while giving it more resources than it had on the old machine. Would let you move over to a new desktop when the time comes quite quickly :p
  12. A few updates since last time! Added a list of all pastes, sorted from most recent to oldest on the account page Fixed the Legacy API, now works correctly with the new site Production site will force HTTPS for Login, Password operations, and the API (Which uses Strict-Transport-Security, so the session stays over https, effectively disabling logins over HTTP overall) Moved to Web Workers if supported for decryption and highlighting at the cost of an extra request due to the external script loading nature of web workers Minor optimizations of scripts/css (packing extra css, minifying) Rewrote API reference in slate - http://pastee.github.io/docs/
  13. Came across an HHVM bug with timezones and Carbon that I'm investigating, sorry :) Edit: It's back up for a bit, not sure how long, but I'll probably be waiting on a patch for it :(
  14. Pretty sure I mentioned this, but this won't save any pastes when it's moved over to the main domain, and it'll be up and down a bit as I tweak the configuration. The website in terms of features is ready to go, I just need to make sure the new infrastructure will support the site well.
  15. It's halfway between a hobby and possibly doing something big. I'm hoping to get something going here, but as always it's not guaranteed that it'll succeed. So far, Paste.ee is generally well-received and hopefully with this update will get a bit more traffic. And hey, I get it, I'll certainly try my best to give some decent features and have things Pastebin possibly hasn't thought about before.