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  1. Multiple Domains for sale - $6.00 Each

    I have a list of domains to offload from NameCheap. They are $6.00 each paid for via paypal. BeardBarn.comBeardBarn.netBeardLiving.comBlamandPow.comdaro.io - $10.00medicalbillpay.orgohiochurchratings.compoorpreachertrading.comrowdyrodian.comsendathx.comshoppinkzebra.comsweetestsprinkles.comFeel free to ask any questions or let me know if youw ant to purchase any. Thanks
  2. Selling multiple personal domains - starting at $5

    Yes you can. I'll pm you details when home.
  3. choiceqa.com - 3/18/14 - Expires 3/18/15 - $5 gitpal.com - 11/8/13 - Expires 11/8/14 - $10 kanister.co - 2/26/14 - Expires 2/26/15 - $5 knalz.com - 5/3/14 - Expires 5/3/15 - $5 playstationboards.com - 7/21/13 - Expires 7/21/15 - $20 All domains are registered with Namecheap and I'll take PayPal as payment.
  4. How to configure my new server

    Data retention is important . We'll have offsite backup but having something redundant on our web server is ideal.
  5. I just picked up a server with 4 128gb ssd's. What do you all suggest I configure these drives in? Raid type etc. I believe it will be mostly software raid. This server is for a web app I'm working on that is mostly data storage related.
  6. I'm leaving t mobile today. I live in Cincinnati and have random dead zones throughout the city. If I go in a building I lose service, and when we traveled cross country a few months ago I had no service or very terrible service.
  7. DNS hosting options?

    Rackspace Cloud DNS
  8. The cesspit / chat thread.

    I'll take one at that price. Just wanting to put my name in line
  9. Good email hosting?

    I use Zoho for a few emails. Very clean and free
  10. Mandrill for Outgoing WHMCS Emails

    If you are using the api key as the password, have port 587 opened and are not using IP restrictions on the api it should work. If you are using api IP restrictions make sure you are using the IP that sends email. For us it was our root IP not our dedicated IP Edit: restart your firewall and see if it works. We had an issue with CSF once that caused this. After a reboot of the firewall the problem disappeared.
  11. Mandrill for Outgoing WHMCS Emails

    The only time we had an issue with sending it ended up being firewall related.
  12. Mandrill for Outgoing WHMCS Emails

    Well that's good
  13. Mandrill for Outgoing WHMCS Emails

    Is 587 opened in your firewall? Do you have the api key on an IP restriction?
  14. HarvestApp I use it for invoices for development