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  1. Given how close/buddy-buddy these companies are, I wouldn't be surprised if they stuffed some shared DC techs in some uniforms and mixed them in among their actual staff.
  2. Ready2Frag, operating under a DBA of HostVenom LLC, is a gaming-oriented game server, dedicated server, and VPS hosting provider dedicated to providing a fantastic service at the best possible value. Our company-owned hardware is colocated within the Steadfast Networks 725 S. Wells facility in Chicago, offering direct connectivity to Steadfast's 350 E. Cermak location and premium network blend (AS32748). Don't let the low price of this limited-time special fool you - we're not cutting corners with your server! We've got a large stock of E3-1230v2 servers left over from recent cancellations and upgrades. The seasonal nature of the online video gaming market means that many clients downsize during the school months, and order the latest and greatest the next spring-summer. We're always working on exciting new features, upgrades, and general improvements. We'll be releasing more information on our goals and focuses for the 2017 fiscal year soon - stay tuned! ============================================================================= E3-1230v2 (CPU Upgrades Available) - From $49/month 16-32GB DDR3 ECC RAM 500GB or 128GB SSD Inluded Upgraded or Additional disks available! 1Gbps Network Port 5TB Monthly Transfer 5 IPv4 (/29) DDoS Protection Available! ORDER NOW! ============================================================================= Network & Facility Info 725 S. Wells, Chicago, IL - Steadfast Networks Steadfast's ASN: AS32748 Our ASN: AS30455 Legal Info Terms of Service (TOS) Acceptable Usage Policy (AUP) Service Level Agreement (SLA) Social Media & News Twitter - @Ready2Frag Client Area - Announcements Have A Question? Open a Ticket! ============================================================================= Thanks for reading! Wyatt T. Ready2Frag.com
  3. We've got a bit of a problem at Ready2Frag (HostVenom, LLC dba Ready2Frag) - we've got too many servers and we need to get them sold! We've got over 15 E3-1230v3 servers ready to deploy, and we're willing to make a deal! All of our hardware and IPs are company-owned. We colocate our hardware in the Steadfast Networks 725 S. Wells facility in Chicago, IL. Steadfast runs a solid, intelligently routed network featuring a premium blend and Noction IRP technology. (http://bgp.he.net/AS32748) USE THE CODE "summerdedi" TO GET THIS DEAL! $20/MONTH OFF ANY E3v3 SERVER! =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Intel Xeon E3-1230v3 Quad-Core @ 3.30GHz + Hyperthreading ORDER NOW! 16GB DDR3 ECC RAM 500GB 7.2k HDD or 128GB SSD 1Gbps Network Port 5TB Monthly Bandwidth 5 IPv4 Usable (/29) DDoS Protection Available (We now offer both on-demand and always-on solutions!) Your Choice of Operating System FROM $80/MONTH WITH summerdedi CODE! ORDER NOW! =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Looking for an E3-1230v2 server? We're willing to make a deal on those too! FROM $70/MONTH - Open a ticket to make and customize your order! Intel Xeon E3-1230v2 Quad-Core @ 3.30GHz + Hyperthreading ORDER NOW - Open a ticket! 16GB DDR3 ECC RAM 500GB 7.2k HDD or 128GB SSD 1Gbps Network Port 5TB Monthly Bandwidth 5 IPv4 Usable (/29) DDoS Protection Available (We now offer both on-demand and always-on solutions!) Your Choice of Operating System FROM $70/MONTH - Just open a ticket! ORDER NOW - Open a ticket! =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= WEBSITE: Ready2Frag.com LEGAL INFO: SLA / TOS / AUP
  4. Ready2Frag.com Hello vpsBoard - it's been a while since we last posted an offer. Ready2Frag, a branch of HostVenom LLC, focuses on game servers and other latency-sensitive hosting. Our awesome Chicago facility is powered by Steadfast Networks (Level3, TATA, TeliaSonera, Cogent + Equinix IX Peering, Noction IRP routing optimization) and offer excellent connectivity to players and users around the globe. Contact Us for a test IP to ping or traceroute. Need DDoS Protection? We offer Staminus-powered on-demand mitigation at fair prices. We've got inventory to move and we're willing to make a deal! Check out what we have to offer below: Intel E3-1230v3 16GB RAM (Up to 32GB) 128GB SSD or 500GB HDD (Up to 2) 1Gbps port / 5TB Bandwidth On-Demand DDoS Protection Available Starting at $99/mo Open a Ticket to customize and order (or ask any questions you may have!) LEGAL INFO Terms of Service Acceptable Usage Policy Service Level Agreement
  5. Psychz/Photon VPS Question

    So kind of you to chime in, Mikey. I'm generally not afraid of saying how I feel, and many of my criticisms of providers like OVH come from both personal experience and complaints I see plastered all over the 'net. They're certainly verifiable with a bit of research and, in many cases, common sense. That being said, I'm also not afraid to recommend other providers, especially if we can't reasonably provide the service to the user's expectations - for example, when they want a fully managed server, or live in the EU and have a lot of EU players/users (as our primary business is gaming), as two of our most common reasons. Want a really good VPS? We can provide them, but only in one location. If you want a really good VPS in other locations, I'd generally say go for RamNode, BuyVM, or DigitalOcean. Need on-site ddos protection instead of the reroute-based system we have in place? Okay! Go with Psychz, Intreppid, or OVH (if OVH happens to match your location, network, and support needs).
  6. Psychz/Photon VPS Question

    They're very aggressively priced and provide a decent service. Please note that their LA location will provide you with the best general network blend and capacity; Dallas and Ashburn are based on 2 carriers each, Zayo (Abovenet) and GTT (Tinet ASN). If the best network performance is a high priority, you may consider looking elsewhere. The DDoS protection does decently, both from personal testing and widespread usage of the brand in general. If you're looking for excellent pricing and great value, they're at least certainly worth your time to get a quote.
  7. The simple fact is that Intel has put a heavy focus on their higher-end server processors, and it shows in their market share. Through some creative marketing and performance-oriented updates to their lineup, they've become the trusted go-to brand for many providers in many industries - be it dedicated, vps, web hosting, or cloud. At this point, it's "If it ain't broke, don't fix it.". I personally feel that Intel processors offer a better overall value and package, but I'll also say that I've never seeked out or really even used any AMD Opteron-powered servers to compare them in similar configs.
  8. VPS Board Is A Good Board Now

    Not the kind of customers I'd want to run with - spammers, attackers, etc. Out of the 8 or so sign-ups from that promotion, 6 of them were found to be doing something illegal or immediately marked for fraud.
  9. VPS Board Is A Good Board Now

    I hope I never know what it's like to rely on a site called LowEndTalk for my business. I posted an offer there once in my life for a 512MB VM - never again.
  10. VPS Board Is A Good Board Now

    People here are significantly less dickish than people on WebHostingTalk, who are ready to crucify you the second you make a minor mistake - I know this from experience.
  11. Is Hostbill worth the $$$?

    I find this post very nearly offensive. Especially the "any real company can easily justify the one-time fees". While it's true that a responsible hosting provider should most certainly have X amount in reserve based on their direct costs of operation, saying that a small business that otherwise provides a great, sustainable service but doesn't want to spend $1000+ on their billing software (plus more for paid addons, apps, modules, etc) isn't a "real company" is really not the way to go about this. They're also not purely geared towards cloud. That's just one of the "editions" that they provide under the current licensing model. Anyway, I personally find Hostbill to be a waste of money compared to cheaper and, in my humble opinion, better, alternatives. However, Adam makes a good point in saying that it depends on your personal needs, market, and intended customer base.
  12. So you need 100 Windows-based VMs for only 30 days? May I ask exactly what you intend to do with those?
  13. What's your car?

    I drive a 2014 Chevy Malibu 2LT. Nothing fancy or over-the-top, but I like it well enough.
  14. I'd like to add that setup times on these will be generally quick, as we've got the servers racked already. If you've got any questions, don't hesitate to ask. Wyatt T.
  15. DDoS Mitigation GRE Tunnel w/ BGP

    General support requests have generally been answered in the 10-30 minute range, while emergency/optimization requests were answered faster in most situations. We've got our own detection hardware on-site with three different sources of optimization - our own team, Steadfast's network team, and Staminus's network team. No major leaks to report that weren't fixed very quickly. In terms of additional latency, the maximum our customers have realistically reported is in the 20-30ms - I want to stress the wording of maximum. Both being major internet hubs, not being too far away (realistically), and Steadfast's direct peering with them certainly helps.