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  1. I was actually surprised they didn't sting me with the 20ish cent ICANN fee that some of the big names do. Nice to have consistent pricing from browsing to checkout. These guys might actually be my new goto registrar.
  2. When should you use SSL?

    I stand by this as well. With the likes of Let's Encrypt and probably others providing SSL certificates for free we don't really have much reason not to use SSL. Unless of course you're working for Big Corporate using 25 year old COBOL scripts to keep a company alive and with Java 6's incompatibility with SNI wreaking havoc when you're trying to connect to 3rd party APIs #sometimesthigsjustsuck https://letsencrypt.org
  3. Hmm, from what I can gather internetbs got bought out buy some bunch in the UK and will charge VAT on top of their prices if you're in the EU. Namesilo perhaps? https://www.namesilo.com/Support/Reseller-Options
  4. If you have a WHMCS license you should be able to get better rates iirc. Not sure what it will work out to given tax in your area. https://www.whmcs.com/partners/resellerclub/ / https://www.whmcs.com/partners/enom/ Also Internetbs looks kinda cheap comparatively https://www.internetbs.net/domain_names_usd.html
  5. updating VPS host frequency

    Used to update our machines Wednesday mornings. Us Australians are future sailors so had to leave it until the day after patch Tuesday to have any real benefit for the few Windows boxes I was looking after at the time. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Patch_Tuesday
  6. The most delicious form of incest.
  7. You could probably script something that works similarly to mx toolbox and is command line friendly. Give the script a list of the IP addresses you care about, loop through and use the dig command do a DNS lookup for each of the major DNSBLs from mx toolbox. I'm most of the way through building and android app that does this and some other stuff to monitor a few machines I look after - the implementation wasn't too hard. It would be cool if you could make it a cron job and have it email you results/run it at will from the command line though. There is a shell script at the link below that does most of the hard work, all you'd need to do is add the ability to loop through a list of IP addresses, and maybe have it only output blacklists that it finds the IP address listed in (ie no output means all is well, and cron won't send you an email about it) http://daemonforums.org/showthread.php?t=302 -- Edit: I added looping to the mentioned script and put it on github. If anyone has any suggestions on how to better achieve this let me know/send a PR :) https://github.com/texh/bash-dnsbl-check
  8. I recently used Bitcoin to pay for hosting as a client for the first time and it kind of validated the fact that I have this cyber money I probably can't do much else useful with. It was painless and provided I still have enough in a month I'll likely do the same. Its fairly unlikely I'll do anything too illegal with the service ;) Tried to buy a coffee with them IRL the other morning and failed dismally - the girl didn't know how to use the machine, that's 'the other guys' domain. I guess as host provided it's not your main income source, you pull out early and you actually have enough money in the bank to float the business you'd be fine. How have you (who do accept btc/doge/altcoins) found the volatile exchange rates to legacy dollars/conversion rates and fees when it comes time to sell for $?
  9. Penny for your thoughts? A good few years ago when the SolusVM web interface (and most of the rest of the internet) looked like balls on mobile devices I released VPSMon - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.texh.vpsmon&hl=en. It seems to still work just fine even though I haven't touched the code base in a while, but a lot of ideas that I'd had in the past about it never really got implemented and I'm wondering if anyone would actually use them if I did. Basically I'm here to ask if anyone uses/has used the app, if there are any ideas or suggestions that I can squeeze out of you guys on how to take it forward, and should something worthwhile come out of this whether anyone would wanna beta test new releases (it'd be a big big rewrite before I released a new version to the store and something will likely break). Firstly, it currently only works with solus based machines. I'd thought about abstracting the server 'stuff' a bit more, adding support for Virtualizor (and maybe others? I've been out of vpsland for a while), and also writing a service (likely just for linux based machines) you could run on any VPS/dedi box that would essentially emulate the solusvm API and spit out the statistics it displays. Wondering if there's a market for these other vps panels, whether their users actually care about/want/need an app in their pockets, if Solus is still ruling the roost, or if there's already something that's just plain better already available. Material design is also another obvious idea. At the time I thought it looked funky and fresh (in an all-black kinda way), but a few people have chattered around the internet that it's ugly (and I tend to think so myself now). Obviously this wouldn't actually add a lot to the functionality of it, but would it be worth such a total visual overhaul? Also does some networking stuff from memory - can check for open ports and do whois/reverse DNS lookups. Would there be any other similar functionality that an app like this could benefit from? Naturally I wanna keep it as a free download and free of ads. -- To mods: Feel free to remove the link, the app name or even the whole post if you will - I can see how this could be misconstrued as shameless self promotion, but I'm really just looking to see if anyone actually wants something like this, and if I can get any suggestions on how to make it better other than "use material design".
  10. Don't really listen to podcasts so much anymore, but I did used to listen to Naked Cantonese. Cecilie's teaching methods are quirky, but they work - http://podcasts.rthk.hk/podcast/item_all.php?pid=45 Generally (for ambience) just try to find something that suits my mood on 8tracks. Tried pandora for a while but then kinda forgot about it. Looks like this thread will end up with a good list of interesting stuff I should check out if I can find the time.
  11. Reliable Node (Related Domains) + Twitter & Facebook Page + Logo

    Hey @HenriqueSousa - WebUp 24/7, actually just took the time to see what is currently at reliablenode.com and it looks like it could be an actual running business. I see there are no VPS plans available in WHMCS, but was wondering if you've got any shared/reseller or domain name clients that would need to be looked after post-sale. Cheers! --- $36
  12. Sameo - in landscape so the text isn't too small for me to read without squinting. Nav on mobile is quirky/unfamiliar. Swapped my old Android tablet in part for something a year or so back and got the iPad as a toy/dev device (though mostly a toy)...