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Found 6 results

  1. Aldryic messaged me early yesterday morning telling me he had been seeing an unusual amount of SSH brute forces coming in. Sure enough, I ran a quick counter and saw a RETARDED spike in the past 2 days: [[email protected] ~]# grep -c 2014-08-28 /var/log/blackholed.log 15 [[email protected] ~]# grep -c 2014-08-29 /var/log/blackholed.log 13 [[email protected] ~]# grep -c 2014-08-30 /var/log/blackholed.log 16 [[email protected] ~]# grep -c 2014-08-31 /var/log/blackholed.log 14 [[email protected] ~]# grep -c 2014-09-01 /var/log/blackholed.log 150 [[email protected] ~]# grep -c 2014-09-02 /var/log/blackholed.log 61 Anyone else seeing something similar? Francisco
  2. Hello everyone, **If you share this information on your blog, forum, etc, be kind and please link back to this topic!** Normally I'm not one to share stallion code, but after a discussion with a couple staffers we came to the conclusion that the following work must be made public for the 'greater good' and all that righteous crap. What this does The following blocks NTP monlist packets at the node (or router level if you're using a linux based setup), before they ever get to your customers. This means that it provides preemptive filtering, instead of after-the-fact-oh-god-my-bandwidth-bills. Stopping NTP amplification floods before the user gets them was the only way for us morally address users from being used in NTP floods be it now or later on. What this doesn't do This does not patch the users configuration files by any means. This is entirely node side done with iptables. You should still make it an effort to inform your customers about the dangers of using a bad version of NTP. Lets get started! First, you must add the following entry to your /etc/sysctl.conf. This makes it so all packets sent over a bridge (for XEN & KVM based VM's) are also filtered. net.bridge.bridge-nf-call-iptables = 1 Once this is done, apply the changes sysctl -p The following rule is what does all the magic. You'll want to put this in /etc/rc.local above the exit 0 so it gets applied on reboot. You should also look at using iptables-save as well. iptables -I FORWARD -p udp --dport 123 -m u32 --u32 "0x1C=0x1700032a && 0x20=0x00000000" -m comment --comment "NTP amplification packets" -j DROP You can change the chain from FORWARD to INPUT in the off chance that you want to use this inside a VPS or something like that. It'd be smarter to simply ACL monlist or upgrade your version, but to each their own. You should feel no performance impact from this rule being in place. Your node will still be smacked with the packets, but nothing will be sent out. For obvious reasons, I won't be talking to Phill about including this in his node side SolusVM code, but if someone wishes to point him this way, they have my permission to include this. For the greater good, Francisco Your friendly neighborhood hairyman EDIT: Added the below quoted response upon request of OP. -MD
  3. BuyVM Services is pleased to announce the Las Vegas launch of our new BuyShared cPanel-based Shared Webhosting plans. With three plans for personal use, and three plans designed for resellers and large-resource users, BuyVM brings our extensive knowledge, dedication, and professional integrity into the Shared Webhosting market. All BuyShared plans are hosted on superior hardware; a dual hex-core L5639 box with 72GB of RAM, and 8x 1TB SSD drives in a solid RAID 10. All plans also include: - cPanel Based Hosting - Full SSD RAID - Unlimited MySQL Databases - DNS Entries for Unlimited Domains - Additional IPv4 addresses for $1.00/m each - Free SSL certificates Shared Plans BuyShared 1G - Dedicated IPv4 Address - 1G Dedicated SSD Space - 100GB Monthly Bandwidth $5.00/year - Las Vegas - Luxembourg BuyShared 5G - Dedicated IPv4 Address - 5G Dedicated SSD Space - 500GB Monthly Bandwidth $10.00/year - Las Vegas - Luxembourg BuyShared 20G - Dedicated IPv4 Address - 20G Dedicated SSD Space - 1000GB Monthly Bandwidth $15.00/year - Las Vegas - Luxembourg Reseller Plans Reseller 20G - Dedicated IPv4 Address - 20G Dedicated SSD Space - 1000GB Monthly Bandwidth - Unlimited Sub-accounts $2.00/month - Las Vegas - Luxembourg Reseller 50G - Dedicated IPv4 Address - 50G Dedicated SSD Space - 3000GB Monthly Bandwidth - Unlimited Sub-accounts $4.00/month - Las Vegas - Luxembourg Reseller 125G - Dedicated IPv4 Address - 125G Dedicated SSD Space - 4000GB Monthly Bandwidth - Unlimited Sub-accounts $7.00/month - Las Vegas - Luxembourg All of our nodes are colocated in Fiberhub, located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Test us! Las Vegas IPv4: Las Vegas IPv6: 2605:6400:2:fed5::1 Las Vegas Test Files: http://speedtest.lv.buyvm.net/ Luxembourg IPv4: Luxembourg IPv6: 2605:6400:3:fed5::1
  4. Hello everyone! For those that don't know, we recently purchased a gameserver brand that specializes in Minecraft - http://minerack.org/ The design came in the deal (couldn't opt out of it either >_>) and much like the BuyVM site, it's terrible and really needs a face lift. My usual go-to designer is backed up worse than [insert constipation joke here], so i'm bringing it here in hopes of seeing it completed within the next 2 months. Here's a few pointers: 1) The whole site should require no more than 2 - 3 pages total, assuming you create some easy to use content pages that we can reuse. We're not looking for someone to paint the Mona Lisa of websites for us, we're looking for something clean, nice flowing, & easy to expand on down the road. 2) While the brand specializes in minecraft for now, down the road if we decide to bring in more games we'd like to be able to incorporate them without it looking out of place. 3) Bootstrap is fine but it should be used as just a framework, not "I put some standard minecraft green/browns into a bootstrap CSS generator, bam, done!". 4) While i'm not against using wordpress as the basis, I'm not exactly a huge supporter of it. I don't think the front page and such is going to change enough to justify that kind of corner cutting. Prove me wrong. Last but not least... 5) I do not like 'sharp edges or corners' in my designs. This means that I don't much care for random chunks of 'abstract art' that was done in 3 seconds in 3DSMAX to try to fill space. Unless you're well known, have a solid portfolio, etc, we will not be putting down retainers for this. We've been screwed out of way too much cash over the years (especially from some big time designers like Harzem). Budget: ~$500 but with room to wiggle. Francisco
  5. East Coast DDOS Filtering

    Hello everyone, We're looking to get some filtering going out of the east coast. No, this isn't back hauled from the west coast, the actual peering spot would be right out of Manhattan. I wanted some feedback on pricing since we're not sure we can do the same $3 IP/M like we do in LV. Filtering would be to the same level (10Gbit/sec+, 2M pps SYN, etc) and latency would be ~10ms ontop of whatever you get to Buffalo. To date I know of no one on the east coast offering actual filtering. I know Ubiquity offers an auto nullroute and there's a few providers that are back hauling filtering from the west coast. Back hauling is dumb since people in Europe are going to get shafted pretty hard by this. Francisco
  6. Hello everyone, We're in need of some banners for BuyVM to advertise on here as well as for our affiliate program rolling out later today. We're in need of a 125x125 as well as a 728x90. We'd like to keep this professional so no spinning pony's or things like that. We don't have a firm price but we're not looking to get this for $7/m or something. We're more than willing to pay a fair price. We'd like them to be animated if possible. Colour scheme should be similar to http://buyvm.net Thanks! Francisco