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Found 17 results

  1. The U.S. Supreme Court quietly OK'd a rule change last Thursday that will allow the government to obtain a warrant and remotely hack into ANY computer or smartphone that has anonymity software installed on it (VPN, Tor browser, etc) and the devices of anyone who has tried to conceal their location for privacy reasons (e.g. if you turn off the location data for smartphone apps for privacy reasons your phone can be searched under these new rules) . Congress still has to approve it, but... the proposed rule change: http://www.supremecourt.gov/orders/courtorders/frcr16_8mad.pdf EFF article: https://www.eff.org/deeplinks/2016/04/rule-41-little-known-committee-proposes-grant-new-hacking-powers-government
  2. Bad guy goes using anonymous services to cause hell for ex and new fling. Threats made. FBI gets involved, all activity leads back to Private Internet Access, a VPN provider. PIA claims prior to not store information on customer activity. FBI sends subpoena, PIA tells them uselessness since they don't have or store data on use. FBI goes away looking for evidence elsewhere. Chalk one up for a VPN company who claims privacy and now has proof legally of it, per se. source: https://torrentfreak.com/vpn-providers-no-logging-claims-tested-in-fbi-case-160312/ PS: PIA while good isn't perfect. Throughput is subject to complaining if you are accustom to pushing fast data. Public shared IPs, so bound to run into blocked services from others abusing things. None of which is PIA specific, common across all VPN providers I've tried.
  3. Excellent security dev here done by this gent to show weakness in Tor. Simply said, bits of data available even with Tor bundled browser originating from mouse and other hardware. Enough to make you think plausible to use such to identify user as being the same user seen elsewhere. Over time, who knows more data and more screwed. Screams for more emphasis in general on dumping javascript and severely limiting viewing methods if you are sane and inclined to care about being profiled and silo'd. UberCookie During the last weeks I have been able to fingerprint tor browser users in controlled environments and I think it could be interesting to share all the findings for further discussion and to improve tor browser. All the provided fingerprinting methods are based on javascript (enabled by default in tor browser as of today). I have created a quick and dirty PoC called UberCookie available as a demo here: Try ubercookie : http://jcarlosnorte.com/assets/ubercookie/ Source: http://jcarlosnorte.com/security/2016/03/06/advanced-tor-browser-fingerprinting.html
  4. Continuing on from - I've started reselling dedicated servers from DataShack this month, in step with America's recent nation-wide rejection of the Confederate flag. One of the things that impressed me about them was this particular proviso in the "Security/Abuse" section of their ToS: The proviso may seem misplaced, as in, "why doesn't it appear in the Privacy Policy instead?" At the same time, I think "Abuse" is an apt way to contextualize the prospect of being involuntarily compelled to partake in such programs of mass collection. Or, even worse, being subject to the invisible silences and ongoing exploitations of said collection without any knowledge of the who/what/where/when/why & hows of it. IMO such provisos should be a given or an industry standard when it comes to web hosting, yet I don't recall ever seeing anything similar in any other host's ToS. Since the sentiment obviously doesn't go without saying in today's world, I think the reason for its general absence at the level of ToS agreements is probably very fascinating, to say the least.
  5. If you have privacy protection enabled on a domain name under what circumstances would the domain registar reveal the registrant information to a 3rd party or authorities?
  6. ICANN has proposed several changes to the use of WHOIS privacy on domain registrations. Proposals include limiting the use of private WHOIS to non-commercial entities only (something which I have long advocated for because there is no legitimate reason why a business needs to hide its identity), and forcing providers to publish the WHOIS info of private registrations if a copyright or trademark complaint is received (something which I am against because it opens the door to massive abuse by people filing false complaints just to force the disclosure of a domain owner's info) ICANN proposal: http://gnso.icann.org/en/issues/raa/ppsai-initial-05may15-en.pdf (proposed changes start at page 44) Summary of changes from savedomainprivacy: site that explains the proposed changes in easy to understand language: http://www.savedomainprivacy.org/whats-changing/
  7. I'm hoping to find a VPS provider which meets the follwoing requirements: privacy taken seriously non US/UK based company server location preferably in Iceland, Norway, Netherlands, Sweden or Switzerland performance: ~ 30GB HDD, 1GB RAM, 100Mbit or 1Gbit connection, >2TB Traffic ignorance is a bliss-like behaviour when it comes to copyright infringement (e.g. DMCA) allow TOR middle-nodes or even exit-nodes allow VPN (<5 users) and the insane part of my request.. ~10 euro/month thanks for the suggestions, greetings apoc
  8. Travelling Security

    So... I'm doing a bit of travelling again! I'm reporting live from an open WiFi access point in a hotel room! Woo hoo! I'm currently using a VPN and all that jazz at the moment to encrypt my traffic and hopefully not have anyone sniffing my packets, but what else is there to protecting your important credentials?
  9. statement: https://protonmail.ch/blog/paypal-freezes-protonmail-campaign-funds/ news article: http://rt.com/news/169588-paypal-freeze-payments-protonmail/
  10. CNN reporting on this... http://www.cnn.com/2014/05/13/business/google-right-to-be-forgotten/index.html
  11. Privacy concerns over CGNAT?

    While replying to I realized there was a topic we were missing in all of this IPocalypse - privacy concerns over CGNAT. Is there anyone here that is behind CGNAT? I'm really curious what VPN platforms still work with it. I'd assume that IPSEC is completely out of the picture, same with pretty much any tunneling platform. What does everyone have planned in the off chance they get CGNAT'd? OpenVPN'ing to a VPS I guess? I mostly see providers in North America only moving their cheapest plans (aimed at light 'net users) behind CGNAT, and most other plans on a dedicated. Then again, I can see companies like AT&T & Verizon forcing people to get a business plan if they want that. Francisco
  12. DO not scrubbing disks?

    https://github.com/fog/fog/issues/2525 How can something like this get overlooked? One would think if they made a design choice to reuse block-level media instead of use some sort of virtual disk, the idea of sharing the drive between two users might've come up at some point? What do you guys think? Is this going to be a recurring problem with new panels showing up on the market?
  13. KVM VPS outside US

    Hi, I am looking for a KVM VPS for my friend for his personal use, which include hosting few websites along with running his python based projects. He wants the VPS to be outside the laws of US, due to privacy reasons and also facility to install OS from mounted ISO's. The specs in need are as below: 512MB to 1GB RAM 30GB HDD on RAID 500GB Bandwidth or more 1 IPv4 IPv6 Support Location: Outside US, from providers registered outside US, with good ping to India. The billing will be monthly for now. Since this is for a personal project and on a test basis, the cost is a factor. So, please provide me the lowest cost on which this can be done.
  14. Alright, I am back to thinking again about offshoring more of my services that I outsource. Let's talk about data privacy protections. What countries actually care about privacy of data and citizen rights and/or are non-conspiring with the United States? Iceland comes to mind. What others and why?
  15. I am a long time Opera user. I've liked Opera since it isn't directly owned by the pig corporatists at Microsoft, Google, Apple, etc. Wasn't happy when they started shoe horning Google as the search provider. Certainly miffed that their Android version defaults to Google and won't let you add/change that to something else. So on Android I've all but deleted Opera. On the desktop, it's blah ha blues. Won't mess with Chrome since owned by Gaggle. Won't touch Firefox since 90%+ of their revenue comes from Google directly. Doesn't leave popular options for a linux desktop user. (Recommendations?) Back to Opera, one of the desktop extensions for it I find very good is Ghostery which helps block bad sites. Since I run with javascript off (javascript isn't a feature, it's a problem) I noticed (should have eons ago) that Ghostery and other extensions require javacript to work. So if you ax javascript, the extensions get axed too. That's not a feature and nothing in Opera notifies you of such incompatibility of sorts. For Android, I've started using Zirco Browser ... Found it via F-Droid :) Generally speaking, all browsers in light of the data collection revelations, suddenly are feature-light to featureless to address real needs. Like temporary whitelisting, temporary javascript enabling (say for 15 minutes on a site). Doing all sorts of cut and dice on-off on a per tab basis.
  16. Hey, KnownSRV offers top-notch VPS packages that are generous in both space and bandwidth. We guarantee trouble free service and peace of minds for hosting your websites. We utilize the latest virtualisation technology to give you the power to fully customise your own environment. Why Us? - Fast and stable network - Secure servers - Privacy assured - 99.9% SLA uptime - 24/7/365 e-mail support - Our own RIPE approved IP ranges - Quality server grade hardware - Competitive pricing - No overselling - Realistic package specifications vs price - Unlimited OS Reinstalls - Full root access - SolusVM Control Panel to manage your VPS(reboot, reinstall, console access etc) - Custom rDNS - 7 day money-back guarantee Our Hardware and Network We use only server grade hardware. Our VPS Nodes run on Intel E3-1240, 32GB DDR3 RAM, fast SAS 15k RPM RAID10 drives(High quality RAID with battery backup!) and 1GBPS dedicated ports. The network we use contains only the best connections available. The network is fully built from redundant routers and switches which allows us to guarantee 99.9% uptime. All switches in the racks get at least 2 uplinks to guarantee high uptime and stability. The following offers are provisioned in Databarn facilitiy within the Netherlands. Our packages: You can see our VPS packages at http://knownsrv.com/vps.php Special offer: NLVPS-v0 RAID10 SAS space: 20 GB Quality bandwidth: 200 GB Free incoming bandwidth! RAM: 256 MB vSwap: 256 MB IPv4 Addresses: 1 CPU Cores: 1 x 3.3GHz Port speed: 1gbps / node Virtualization: OpenVZ Virtual Private Server panel: SolusVM Fully Managed! Price: $9.95/m Order: https://knownsrv.com/clients/cart.php?a=add&pid=40 Test IP: Test File: Transit • GBLX • NTT • ATRATO IP • SeaBone • TiNET • Edpnet • Cogent Internet Exchanges • AMS-IX • NL-IX • Multiple private peers Why make the move to KnownSRV Solutions? Great pricing - We may not be the cheapest, but our prices are extremely reasonable, just remember that quality comes at a price, and we provide it at affordable prices. Security/Efficiency - Problems can occur at any time, some of which cannot be helped, but we here at KnownSRV have systems in place to detect the most common problems before they even occur, and put that together with our highly dedicated experienced staff and we are able to provide secure, efficient services. Dedication to our customers - We value every one of our customers, without customers we wouldn't have a successful business like we do today, which is why we provide our full dedication and focus towards our customers, to ensure that they are taken care of and are given the best service possible. Supported Payment Methods: We currently accept PayPal, Skrill(MoneyBookers), PayZa(AlertPay), Perfect Money, WebMoney, BitCoins and 2CheckOut(credit and debit cards). If you do not have any of the payment methods mentioned, feel free to contact us to find out if any other method can be arranged. Available Operating Systems: Linux(32bit and 64bit) CentOS 5 CentOS 6 Debian 5 Debian 6 Fedora 17 Fedora 18 Suse 11 Suse 12 Ubuntu 11 Ubuntu 12 For more OS's contact us at info[AT]knownsrv.com Managed Services KnownSRV is a well known managed provider. While we manage your servers free of charge, the service also includes custom server setups such as full security, installing nginx or Varnish in front of Apache for serving/caching static content in order to improve your loading speeds / performances. Need your server perfectly secured or/and optimizated for heavy traffic sites? No worries! Discounts! We prepared amazing discounts which will be valid 2 months from now. There won't be a better time to get a service from KnownSRV. WHT_50 - 50% off first month on all shared hosting / VPS services. 10off - 10% reccuring/lifetime discount on all shared hosting / VPS services We hope you will consider buying from us. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us. Many Thanks
  17. This topic is making the rounds everywhere else, figured it'd be a good topic for discussion here. I've included a handful of random links from different sources below incase you're unaware of whats going on. http://theweek.com/article/index/245311/sources-nsa-sucks-in-data-from-50-companies http://gizmodo.com/what-is-prism-511875267 http://finance.yahoo.com/news/u-collects-vast-data-trove-063600648.html http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424127887324299104578529112289298922 http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2013/jun/08/nsa-prism-server-collection-facebook-google But seriously, this shit has been happening for a long time. Don't forget about that NSA Utah Datacenter. No, they don't offer collocation but they may have a backup of your data there already ;)