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  1. TurnKey Internet, Inc provides dedicated servers, colocation, web hosting, cloud, and virtual servers from it's company-owned and operated green datacenter. Since 1999, TurnKey Internet, Inc. has built a reputation of outstanding personalized service, reliability, and value. Owning our own datacenter lets our on-site 5-star rated staff answer your questions quickly and provide complete solutions direct from our expert team located right in the same building as your servers. We are experts in the Cloud Hosting and Datacenter space with a true dedication to your online success every step of the way. Turnkey Best Value Deal : Save over $9,000 from the competition! This *All New* Best Value deal dedicated server is 200% more powerful than the competition. You will save over $9,000 a year compared to what competitors would charge you for same amount of server power, and TurnKey offers a 30 day money back guarantee on top of these amazing best value deals. Visit the comparison data on our web site to see how TurnKey provides you the most server value for your money. FREE Website & Server Migrations : TurnKey Internet makes migrating to our cloud and web hosting services easier than ever by handling all the migration work for your website(s) and servers including all email, databases, websites, and applications. More Information 256 GB Dell Poweredge Dual Octa-Core E5-2660 Dedicated Server Special (32 Cores x 2.20 Ghz!) Enterprise Grade Dell PowerEdge Servers Qty 2 x Intel Dual Xeon E5-2660 Octa-Core CPUs @ 2.20 GHz (2 CPUS x 8 Cores @ 2.20 GHz) Hyperthreading (HT) Enabled 32 Visible Cores (16 Physical Cores + 16 Via HT) Intel Virtualization Technology (VT) Enabled 256 GB Ram Raid 10 (4 Disk System) with 4 x 240 GB SSD Included! Un-Metered Bandwidth *GigE* 1000 Mbit / GigE Port Included IPv4: 5 Usable IPs on /29 via Cisco Dedicated Layer 3 port IPv6: /64 Subnet included RAID: optional Raid 1/5/10 Upgrade Available Configure up to 4 Total Disks - for Raid 1/5/10 Choice of Linux or Windows operating systems Free Web Reboot Port 100% network uptime guarantee 24x7 toll-free phone, live chat, and help desk support 30-day money back guarantee NO SETUP FEES No Term Contracts! $279/month (no setup fees) Best Value Deal with coupon 'bestvalue' | Order Now Additional 10% Off For Life when you pre-pay Annually! That's just $250/mo This *Best Value* dedicated server deal is a dedicated physical server located in our New York company owned datacenter directly connected via a dedicated Gigabit internet port. You get the entire server physically provisioned and dedicated to your organization to setup whatever software you want. You can run Windows Server 2012, or install a hypervisor virtualization operating system such as VMWARE or Xen / KVM and create VPS's, or use linux and cPanel for an amazingly powerful web hosting server. The price may look unbelievable, it is our investments in our company-owned green datacenter that lets us operate at lower costs than the competition to provide these amazing values to you and still maintain a profitable company that has been around since 1999. To learn more about TurnKey please visit https://turnkeyinternet.net/about. Additional costs for certain control panels, hardware or software add-ons, features, or operating systems may apply - please see order links above and shopping cart for options. View Our Virtual & Cloud Server packages | View Our Fully Managed Virtual & Cloud Server packages About TurnKey Internet: All servers are hosted in our company-owned and operated, ENERGY STAR certified, green data center in New York’s Tech Valley Region. Alternative technologies such as on-site solar power generation, cold containment pods, hydroelectricity, and SmartAisle cooling have eliminated our carbon footprint entirely, and made our datacenter the best of the best for energy efficiency nation-wide. Since 1999, TurnKey Internet has built a reputation of outstanding personalized service, reliability, and value. We are experts in the Cloud Hosting and Datacenter space with a true dedication to your online success every step of the way. TurnKey maintains an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, is SSAE 16 Type 2 certified, ENERGY STAR certified, and the winner of the 2012 Excellence in Small Business Award from the U.S. Small Business Administration. Don't just take our word for it - view these Verified Client Testimonials and our 5-star, perfect rating from Shopper Approved. CONTACT US: Live Chat: Live Sales Chat Email: [email protected] Web: www.turnkeyinternet.net Facebook: Turnkey Internet Twitter: @TurnKeyInternet
  2. I bought a ZBOX Mini PC and added a old 128GB SSD and a old 4 GB of RAM. Perfect setup for a small Windows-alike plattform. Main purpose is a running Windows 2012 R2 server for .Net / AD / IIS stuff. I really like the fan-less build and the low-power footprint of this bare-bone. But I would like to add a SATA based raid with two 512GB Sata3 drives (which are currently idling on my desk). The box does have an external e-Sata port so my guess would be that it might be possible to connect "something" on that port that would be able to handle 2 or 3 SATA drives. But I did not find anything below my hobby-190$-limit. Sharkoon does have a e-Sata raid box: https://en.sharkoon.com/product/1689/11353 but that is a oversized 5-bay solution. Maybe someone is allready working with a low-budget Raid-1 solution.
  3. You can view the different levels and their various pros and cons @ http://www.ibeast.com/content/tools/raidcalc/raidcalc.asp
  4. There are some common misconceptions on RAID levels with their level of redundancy, etc. I thought I would write a quick guide with some information on them. RAID0 Striped data. There is no level of redundancy, any loss of a drive will result in a loss of the array. Striped data incurs no storage overhead, you get access to all of the raw storage. RAID1 Mirrored data. Data is mirrored across all devices so all devices contain the same data preventing data loss from the loss of a device. As long as one device is in tact, the data is safe. Most RAID1s consist of a 2-drive mirror, therefore they can withstand 1 drive loss. RAID10 A RAID10, also known as RAID1+0, is a stripe of mirrors. The loss of any mirrored pair will result in the loss of the array. Examples: 4-drive Typical RAID10: RAID0 Stripe RAID1: 2 Pair Mirror RAID1: 2 Pair Mirror 6-drive Typical RAID10: RAID0 Stripe RAID1: 2 Pair Mirror RAID1: 2 Pair Mirror RAID1: 2 Pair Mirror 6-Drive Safe RAID10 (Not typically used due it the storage loss): RAID0 Stripe RAID1: 3 Drive Mirror RAID1: 3 Drive Mirror Typically data loss can occur on the loss of two drives in a RAID10. This is because when one drive is lost in a mirror, the drive left in the mirror is used more heavily (especially during the rebuild) which gives it the highest chance of failing next. If you lose both drives in a mirror, you lose the array. RAID0+1 Less commonly used, the opposite of a RAID10, a mirror of stripes. More complex to manage and rebuild therefore RAID10 is recommended. RAID5 / RAIDZ / RAID-1P A parity array with 1 parity calculation. Parity arrays use calculations to allow for the failure of any drive in the array. One parity calculation allows for one drive failure before the loss of the array. RAID5 is generally no longer recommended due to larger drives and therefore longer rebuild times. The chance of an unreadable error or second drive failure during the rebuild is high which would result in data corruption or the failure of the entire array. RAID5 may still be reasonable for small drives (SAS/SSD). Example: Drive 1: Block 1 Block 2 Parity 3 Drive 2: Block 1 Parity 2 Block 3 Drive 3: Parity 1 Block 2 Block 3 A RAID5 can consist of 3 or more drives and has only a storage overhead of one drive. The higher number of drives, the higher the risk of failure. RAID50 A stripe of RAID5s. Loss of any RAID5 array will result in failure. Contains the same high risk of failure during rebuilds as RAID5. RAID6 / RAIDZ2 / RAID-2P A parity array with 2 parity calculations. Parity arrays use calculations to allow for the failure of any drive in the array. Two parity calculations allow for any two drive failures before the loss of the array. A RAID6 can consist of 4 or more drives and has only a storage overhead of two drives. The higher number of drives, the higher the risk of failure. RAID60 A stripe of RAID6s. Loss of any RAID6 array will result in failure. Can withstand a loss of two drives in each RAID6. RAID7 / RAIDZ3 / RAID-3P A parity array with 3 parity calculations. Parity arrays use calculations to allow for the failure of any drive in the array. Three parity calculations allow for any three drive failures before the loss of the array. A RAID7 can consist of 5 or more drives and has only a storage overhead of three drives. The higher number of drives, the higher the risk of failure. So which is the safest RAID level? It depends on circumstances and how they are configured. RAID1 with more than 2 drives is probably the safest but also contains a huge storage overhead. A RAID10 with 6 drives (3 mirrors) could withstand 3 drive failures but it could also fail if 2 drives in the same mirror fail. RAID6, RAID60, and RAID7 are the only typical configurations that can withstand the loss of any two drives. RAID60 and RAID7 are becoming the recommended configuration for very large storage systems. This is due to the fact that when a drive fails and you attempt to rebuild a large array, it can take a very long time and adds stress to the other drives in the array. Therefore you want to be able to withstand multiple drive failures within the same array.
  5. I am a software guy, not hardware one. Please forgive me if my question sounds stupid :) I'm thinking about renting one of those 3xssd soyoustart servers, but what I know about raid can be resumed in: raid1, 10 and that 5 is a no no for ssd. That said and looking for data integrity, what raid options can I use in that server? Why that raid level x you recommend is the best one? I don't need mb/s neither iops porn, what ssds give by default is good enough for me. I am looking for a soyoustart server with hardware raid, but don't mind to use soft raid if that is the best option. Almost forgot, I plan to slice that server in a few KVMs (maybe 3-6 vms)
  6. Looks like TPB was raided again. No doubt it will come back up as it always does. But is this signs of a possible end of TPB? Ref: http://gizmodo.com/swedish-police-raid-the-pirate-bay-1668902014
  7. PHOTOS: http://imgur.com/a/Z5vKt#11 This item is in fair working condition, after being used for a few years in an office building (dusty, and some minor external scratches). Does not include any accessories nor cables. See photos for more info. Intel Xeon 3050 2.13Ghz Dual Core Drives: 2 x 500GB (2 x Dell / WesternDigital WD RE3 Enterprise Class HDD) RAM: 4GB (4 x KD6502-ELG) RAID: Dell UCS-51 Price: Taking offers / bids (PM or post in thread) If I sell the parts individually online, it's around $300 - $400. I will consider selling individual parts if there’s no interest in the full system. Shipping: This thing is heavy! Ships from ON Canada. Will ship worldwide. PM your postal code for details. Est $50 to West Canada Est: $80 to West USA Est: $120+ to UK Payment is via Verified PayPal Shipping: Includes a tracking number (Will use CanadaPost or FedEx depending on location) References/Feedback: See past offers Thanks, -Eric
  8. Fliphost's aim is to provide powerful, yet cost-effecting hosting to our clients. We specialize in SSD based VPS hosting and now we have started offering dedicated servers. All of our servers are hosted out of premium data centers with bandwidth to match. We are fully IPv6 ready. 72GB Promo: 2 x L5520 72GB DDR3 ECC RAM 10TB @ 1Gbps (Route Optimized) 4 x 1TB HDD HW RAID /29 IPv4 Addresses (3 Usable, 1 for server, 1 for IPMI) /64 IPv6 Addresses (Millions IPs) 99.9% Uptime SLA $139/month ORDER NOW IP Addresses: /28 (11 Usable, 1 for Server, 1 for IPMI) $8/month (justification required) /27 (27 Usable, 1 for Server, 1 for IPMI) $24month (justification required) /26 (59 Usable, 1 for Server, 1 for IPMI) $40.00/month (justification required) /25 (123 Usable, 1 for Server, 1 for IPMI) $60.00/month (justification required) Ksplice is available! Check out our full offering: http://www.fliphost.net/dedicated.html Need a custom plan? Contact us! AS62638. Carriers in our network include Internap and Cogent. Carriers Internap's route optimized network include: - Sprint - NTT - Century Link - Tinet - AT&T - Global Crossing (Level 3) - Telia - XO - Verizon Data Center: Cologix Infomart Dallas, Texas, USA. Tier 3. SSAE16. 24/7/365 Support. We accept PayPal, and soon to be Stripe We offer a 7 day refund policy. No questions asked. Up to 3 Business Days Setup. Looking Glass / Test IP/ Test Download: Dallas
  9. I understand that a lot of people think hardware raid is superior to software raid, but is this still true with the advancements of modern servers? What are the benefits of hardware/software raid?
  10. Does anyone have any experience in using these cards from Highpoint? It looks interesting, reviews look good on desktop, and most importantly it's not tagged with a sky-high price. Now what I'm not sure is whether they are suitable to be installed on a server that runs a couple of virtual servers. http://www.highpoint-tech.com/USA_new/series_RC3240X8.htm