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Found 9 results

  1. Every now and then I come across a support representative that solves the problem but still leaves with that absent feeling. Almost like they didn't care about what just happened. I know from experience that at the end of the day it can become more challenging to efficiency convey the fact that you care about the customer and their problem(s). Regardless of the time of day it is imperative that you are able to do this effectively because in that moment in time you are the voice/face of the company you work for. If you mess up a relationship with a customer then the next person that interacts with that customer will have to work twice as hard to not only fix the original problem the customer contacted you about but repair the broken and potentially lost relationship as well. Let's take a look at a chat log and see how the 3 As can properly be used to help the customer feel like they are actually cared about. In the above excerpt Kim (the representative) Acknowledged that John (the customer) was having an issue with his invoicing and demonstrated that she understood how annoying it could be if it was left unchecked. She also set a reasonable amount of time to work to get this issue solved. She also Aligns herself with the customer by stating that she would feel the same way if she were in the customers shoes. We also need to assure the customer that we are going to be able to solve their issue. In the above chat log we observed how to properly use the 3 As... Acknowledge, Align and Assure to demonstrate to a customer that care about them and their situation. We also observed proper positioning for when research is required. I hope this helps.
  2. Many a time we've seen threads arise due to 'poor support' and slow turnaround times. Whilst there's the unavoidable fact that the provider can be slow to respond, it's always a good idea to make their understanding of your problems as clear as possible. Keep the upper hand by giving them all the tools they need to resolve your ticket as quickly as possible. These pointers are written from my own experiences with receiving support and giving support. 1. Read Their Terms Of Service It's important for you to get a grasp on what you can/can't expect from your provider. Although you should do it before ordering services, have another read through just to make sure your request is reasonable. The vast majority of providers on this forum are unmanaged which means besides the hardware and network aspects of your server, you're on your own. If you're having an issue with a particular piece of software, they'll be unable to help you however may point you in the right direction to get help. Better still, you can always ask on forums like this when you're having an issue. Generally speaking, people are pretty helpful in diagnosing, troubleshooting and resolving server related problems. 2. Appropriate Ticket Priority & Title Although your problem may be annoying you, unless the server is completely offline refrain from using 'High Priority'. Questions regarding upgrades, downgrades and cancellations should realistically be placed under the 'Low Priority' category. Performance issues, depending on the severity should be Low/Medium priority. Try and keep down to a few words, 'Slow Network Throughput', 'High Disk Latency' and 'Service Cancellation' are directly relevant to the problem at hand. Y U NO MAKE HAPPY' probably won't be too helpful, neither will 'YOU'RE LOSING ME MONEY'. 3. Clear & Polite Language Although their service might be a tad awful at the time, you'll be talking to human beings. Remember that how you interact with them will influence how they interact with you. Try to be courteous, don't give them an excuse to lower the priority of your ticket. If English isn't your native language, it may be a good idea to first attempt to articulate your problem in English, but write the same below in your native language. If the employees are having trouble understanding you, a quick Google Translate might be able to clear things up. 4. Provide Relevant Information Provide evidence for your problem - This may be in the form of benchmarks, traceroutes or outputs from other statistic generating programmes. Also, make it clear that it's an ongoing and not a sporadic problem by generating your evidence at different times. 5. Be Patient If you're dealing with an unmanaged service, understand that there may be a wait until you get a response. Response times may be dependent on your timezone, the provider's timezone, whether it's the weekend or not, public holidays, etc. 6. Be Appreciative As pathetic as it may seem, it's important to maintain your relationship with your provider. If you're a nuisance, they'll remember it. In the future you may really need them on your side, for example if you're the victim of a DDoS attack; don't give them another reason to kick you out. If I've missed anything, give me a buzz and I'll add it on.
  3. KnownHost is a high-end shared, VPS, and dedicated web hosting company in Birmingham, AL that prides itself on providing extraordinary customer service and support to its growing customer base. We're privately owned, profitable, growing and we're looking for enthusiastic, friendly, and knowledgeable employees to join our expanding team. We recognize that, along with our customers, our team is our most valuable asset. This is a local position in Birmingham, AL and the willigness to relocate is required. Inquiries from outsourcing companies and recruiting agencies will be ignored. Technical Support Operators staff the front lines of our company - namely our 24/7/365 helpdesk. They're responsible for providing our customers with extraordinary customer service and support on a daily basis and ensuring that going above and beyond is just part of the job. In addition to technical prowess, our Technical Support Operators need to posses customer service skills that are way beyond average and also have an attitude and personality that makes them suited to work with people (our customers and their co-workers!) and make those people happy. Please note we are a Linux only host, so Linux experience is a must. The primary responsibilities of our Technical Support Operators are: Provide customers support via our 24/7 helpdesk.Troubleshooting email delivery issuesTroubleshooting cPanel, Plesk, and DirectAdmin related issuesTroubleshooting DNS, FTP, SSL, Apache, and other service-related issues.Ensuring customer satisfactionBasics: All of our Technical Support Operators:Must be customer-focused, and willing to do whatever it takes to resolve customer issues. Going above and beyond is the standard at KnownHost. Our customer reviews reflect this.Excellent written English. Technical Support Operators currently primarily provide support over email, but may occasionally be asked to pitch in with live chat and phone support.Must be familiar with Linux shell (bash), Apache, PHP, MySQL, email (POP3/IMAP/SMTP), FTP, DNS and other standard web hosting applications and protocols.Must be able to work under pressure when bad stuff happens and get the job done.Multi-tasking is a must. KnownHost has a lot going on, and multiple brands.Must be able to ask customers for complete error message or derive the context of their problem if they provide insufficient information.Bonus: If our Technical Support Operators know this stuff already, great. If not, they'll learn it in training and on the job:cPanel/WHM, Plesk, and Directadmin control panelsKnowledge of PHP, Python, Perl and/or Ruby on Rails.Can install PHP from source, enabling required modules. Also, can install a separate Python version that is separate from the operating system version.Iptables firewalls (CSF, APF, etc.)Common customer website apps, like Drupal, WordPress, MediaWiki, Magento, ZenCart, etcMySQL commands for support or troubleshooting, like importing/dumping a database, simple SELECT statements or "SHOW PROCESSLIST"Perks:You get the opportunity to work with great and very smart people, help our customers, and have a chance to be part of a growing and successful company. You also get: Competitive payFlexible scheduling, including up to 20 days of paid time off.Frequent catered lunchesSnacks, water, and coffeeA variety of other perks , including free web hosting, company paid outings, and more.Because this position is full time and includes perks, we expect KnownHost to be your only hosting-related job. Interested in applying? Check out our careers page.
  4. We are looking for a Level 2/3 support tech that is available for a night time US shift. Job Requirements: Additional Skills (Not required): Average day snapshot: Applying:
  5. With all the recent site attacks elsewhere and continued finger pointing about CloudFlare, I went over there finally to check their stuff out. Major problem, they have no support for failover. Meaning no way to tell CF to point elsewhere when your backend server can't be reached. Am I missing something about how to accomplish such an obvious thing with CloudFlare? Absent such support, no wonder why things behind CF go down and stay down.
  6. Hello VPSBoarders and business owners, Hope you are all having a great long weekend and Easter with your families! I sure am! I'm currently looking for part-time employment in the web hosting / design industry to expand my skills, gain experience, and earn some extra income. My rate and hours are quite flexible. I would be more than capable to handle all L1 (some L2) incoming tickets, while treating the customer with utmost care. I would also be able to take on customer service/sales/billing tickets, including Live Chats. I am extremely comfortable working individually, or as part of a team. I can generates high customer satisfaction with my excellent customer service skills, and would be a great addition to any team looking for some part time help with tasks around the company. 3+ Years Experience in Customer Service / Hosting Experience with website & branding design, & development. Familiar with cPanel/Plesk/WHMCS/OpenVZ/SolusVM/CentOS, etc Native English / Some Proficiency in Canadian French - Excellent communication, interpersonal, and professional skills Minecraft Support Experience (gaming) Available 6 Days per week - Could be on-call Available for Tickets, Email, Forums, IRC/IM, Live Chat Located in Ontario Canada - (Eastern Timezone - Remote only) Available evenings, Saturdays, and throughout the weekday between other commitments. Note: I cannot be 100% Dedicated to your company (work for one single business), as I do have other commitments and freelance work. I do not do any outside sales, so a conflict of interest issue is unlikely. :) Payment can be done on a contract/freelance basis - Hourly or static Monthly rate. Note: Unfortunately, I cannot work in return for only free services. If interested, please send a PM and I'd be happy to chat and provide other contact info (Email, Skype chat, etc). I can complete an application process, if necessary, or we can plan an online chat - whatever works for you and your team. Looking forward to meeting you! Thank you! -Eric
  7. The SkySpace is here and we have some amazing discounts for you!! The SkySpace is a trading name of JCKD (UK) Ltd.. Our parent company is one that has been registered within the UK since 2011 and trading since 2008. All of our servers are currently located in the DimeNOC datacenter in Orlando, Florida. Want a custom dedicated server quote? Feel free to contact us! Discount #1: Get 40% off your first invoice on any server with The SkySpace. Code: 40INITIAL Discount #2: Get 25% off any server on our website for the lifetime of the server! Code: 25RECUR We are a provider of VPS and dedicated servers. We offer unmanaged and managed services. Features / Why Us?: Dedicated servers are setup within 36 hours! Full root access and total control. Choice of Linux OS All our managed servers come with cPanel. Premium network - All our providers are tier 1. Our network also has fail-safe redundancy. Server grade hardware - All our servers use server grade hardware. Proactive monitoring for all servers. 24/7 support team to assist with any issues you may have! 99.9% uptime guarantee. All dedicated servers include IPMI. Enterprise datacenter. No contracts! rDNS/PTR records available. ================= vpsBoard SPECIAL ================= CPU: Intel Core i3-540 Dual-Core 3.06GHz w/HT Disk Space: 500GB Bandwidth: 5000GB (100Mbit uplink) Memory: 4096MB IP Addresses: 5 cPanel/WHM: $30.00/Month cPanel/WHM & Full server management: $55.00/Month Price: $110.00/Month Order Now! ================= CLOUDBURST SPECIAL ================= CPU: Intel Xeon X3440 Quad-Core @ 2.53Ghz w/HT 8 CPUs Disk Space: 500GB Bandwidth: 10000GB (100Mbit premium uplink) Memory: 4096MB IP Addresses: 5 cPanel/WHM: $30.00/Month cPanel/WHM & Full server management: $55.00/Month Price: $145.00/Month Order Now! Our full range of dedicated servers can be found here! ----------------- ADDONS ----------------- Additional IPs: $1.00/Month per IP (assigned in blocks of 8) 1Gbps Uplink: $30/Month CONTACT US You can reach us VIA: Facebook: https://facebook.com/TheSkySpace Support ticket: http://secure.theskyspace.com/submitticket.php?step=2&deptid=6 Email: [email protected]
  8. Was thinking earlier about Kayako and what other options there are what is everyone out there using and how does it work for you?
  9. KnightSwarm Handelsbolag, a growing Swedish hosting and consulting company with server locations around the world is looking for new contract employees to fill several long term positions. We are entering into a phase of rapid expansion and need high quality, dependable employees to keep up with the growth. If you meet the requirements for any of the listings below, please send us your CV/Resume at careers[at]knightswarm[dot]com and we will get in touch with you to set up an interview. All of the following jobs are work from home and require a stable internet connection and access to a pc with a headset or phone capable of voip access. All positions compensation DOE. Copywriter/Public Relations/Social: This position is part-time ranging between 5-20 hours a week. This person will be responsible for creating content for news/forums/social media/email posts based on information and rough copy provided from different departments. Requirements: Must write and speak English fluently. Proper Grammar is a must. A technical background to understand the business of server hosting and technical consulting to understand the language involved in communications. At least 5 hours a week free time to work on projects. General office experience working with documents using any combination of Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, Google Docs, or any other word processor. Developer: We have several immediate openings for highly motivated self-starters with at least 10-20 hours a week available to work on various web projects. Requirements: Must be fluent in PHP, HTML, and CSS. Other languages are a plus Must be able to use SVN and Git Yii and/or Laravel experience is a big bonus, Understanding of MVC frameworks and patterns are essential Knowledge of virtualization systems is a plus Knowledge of routing and socket-level interactions a plus Artist/Designer: We have an immediate opening for another artist/designer. This role creates mockup wireframes of websites, modifies images and logos for use, and handles other branding and template edits. Requirements: Must be knowledgeable in html and CSS. Javascript is a big plus. Must be knowledgeable and have access to a proper image editor, Photoshop/Illustrator preferred. Must understand image formats and how they are used across the web Must be able to wireframe website design The ability to modify and update templates is a big plus Support Agent: We have an immediate need for more support agents. These agents provide support for email, server hosting, and other such requests made by our customers. The position requires access to a computer and voip during scheduled hours, and very quick turn-around when answering tickets. Requirements: Ability to read and write fluently in English. Basic computing and networking knowledge Advanced knowledge regarding email and how it works The ability to use google to find proper answers to problems on platforms that are not available to you Knowledge of virtualized servers a big plus