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Wanted, help securing Xenserver

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A client of mine has a low end dedi running running Xenserver with three VPSs on it. We are able to run the VPSs, but we need someone familiar with Xenserver to to ensure the host OS is secure and up dated. I do not expect it to be difficult for anyone familiar with Xenserver, but, after skimming the documentation, it is different enough from what I am familiar with to make me uncomfortable doing it myself. I am afraid it is just a small job for now, but there will also be a small amount of follow up work keeping it updated, and I do sometimes have other clients who need broadly similar work done.

Please PM me with your rates and experience of the platform. Feel free to ask any questions here or by PM.

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We may also want some performance tuning done, so there is likely to be more work than I initially thought.

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