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Cheap 7'' display for your SBC

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I was looking for a cheap HDMI display to check the status of my SBCs. There are some car-displays available but they are beyond my €50 limit.
It should have mount holes and a screen resolution of 800x600 to support a basic shell. I don't want to waste too much RAM for the GPU.

After some search I found the Eleduino 7'' display:


Quite well packaged:


And with a maker-like stand:


Two nice addons for the driver board:

One USB socket for power and a second one for the touch display:


Adding the parts was easy and the final result is robust:


Working out of the box with my ODROID C2:


The Eleduino is based on the Waveshare board so you can use these drivers:


If you do not like Phyton based drivers you can build the module on your own:



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      This month, HackerBoards.com and Linux.com sponsored a 14-day SurveyMonkey survey that asked readers to choose their favorite three Linux- or Android-based open spec single-board computers from a list of 81.
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      Yesterday a local retrailer sold the A20-OLinuXino-LIME for €20 and I could not resist to get a replacement for my Raspberry Pi.

      The essentail parts of the package:
      Allwinner A20 dual core Cortex-A7 processor @1Ghz Allwinner dual-core Mali 400 GPU 512MB DDR3 RAM memory SATA connector with 5V SATA power jack Capable of FullHD (1080p) video playback HDMI connector 2 x USB High-speed host with power control and current limiter USB-OTG with power control and current limiter 100MBit native Ethernet LiPo Battery connector with battery-charging capabilities 160 GPIOs on four GPIO connectors MicroSD card connector DEBUG-UART connector for console debug with USB-SERIAL-CABLE-F  
      Looks like I found a cheap and capable replacement for my Raspberry Pi.
      Main pros:
      Dedicated GPU Dedicated USB Hosts Dedicated LAN (!!!) Dedicated SATA 160 GPIOs (!!!) Currently downloading the Debian image via Torrent. Community support is not as good as on the Raspberry Pi but found enough samples for cross compiling the kernel.
      Still cautious how well Allwinner and Debian (not talking about FreeBSD :-( ) supports this board.
      I will update this thread once everything is working.