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Use Dropbox, OneDrive, or any other sync tool as storage for your git repros

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You do not need to run a git server to share a git repository between different stations.
I like to separate strage & sync from the version control. You might see the advantage if you migrate from svn to git.

You only need 4 steps to create a Dropbox or OneDrive [insert your storage provider here] synced git repro:

  1. Create git repro
    git init --bare ~/OneDrive/gits/wlanrepo.git


  2. Add git to your project (the project should not be on your Dropbox/Onedrive)
    cd ~/projects/sites/wlanboy
    git init
    git add --all
    git commit -m “Initial commit of project wlanboy"


  3. Add the git repro as remote
    git remote add origin ~/OneDrive/gits/wlanrepo.git


  4. Push everything to your remote repro
    cd ~/projects/sites/wlanboy
    git push --set-upstream origin master



Try a "git log" and you will see that everything git-like is working.

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      vpsBoard has a free git hosting service, in case anyone forgets: http://git.vpsboard.com
      There are only 14 public repos so far, why don't we go a little more?
      Here is a shameful example, based on an IRC legendary:
    • By Novacha
      In collaboration with @MannDude, I have set up a community git service, similar to GitHub. This service uses gitlab to provide project management and is run and hosted by @MannDude. The main intent of this service is to have a local, in-house way to host projects provided by the community. vpsBoard projects created for vpsBoard (like the in house advertising system and the dailyserverdeals.com project) will be migrated to this new git server.
      If you have a project that is server related or that relates to vpsBoard, feel free to host it on the in-house git service. Both public and private hosting is available for free.
      You can sign up here.
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