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2016 Year End Sale 25% OFF for all our VPS products’ package for all location (LA, NYC, LD/EU, CA, SG, ID)

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2016 Year End Sale
25% OFF for all our VPS products’ package
for all location

This promo requires 6-months billing cycle
The promo valid as long as it extends for the life of the products
The promo valid for new service(s) only.
Please use this coupon code upon checkout: 25YES2016

Promo only valid during this Valid Period:
26 Dec 2016 – 09 Jan 2017


Asia Windows VPS
ECN $47.99https://winnervps.com/clientarea/cart/?a=add&pid=200&promocode=25YES2016&billingcycle=semiannually
PRO $25.49 https://winnervps.com/clientarea/cart/?a=add&pid=199&promocode=25YES2016&billingcycle=semiannually
CLASSIC $13.49 https://winnervps.com/clientarea/cart/?a=add&pid=224&promocode=25YES2016&billingcycle=semiannually
MICRO $7.49 https://winnervps.com/clientarea/cart/?a=add&pid=197&promocode=25YES2016&billingcycle=semiannually
US & EU Windows VPS
ECN $34.49 https://winnervps.com/clientarea/cart/?a=add&pid=108&promocode=25YES2016&billingcycle=semiannually
PRO $25.49 https://winnervps.com/clientarea/cart/?a=add&pid=8&promocode=25YES2016&billingcycle=semiannually
CLASSIC $9.74 https://winnervps.com/clientarea/cart/?a=add&pid=7&promocode=25YES2016&billingcycle=semiannually
MICRO $5.24 https://winnervps.com/clientarea/cart/?a=add&pid=6&promocode=25YES2016&billingcycle=semiannually


Asia Linux VPS
RUBY $27.74 https://winnervps.com/clientarea/cart/?a=add&pid=204&promocode=25YES2016&billingcycle=semiannually
PLATINUM $20.24 https://winnervps.com/clientarea/cart/?a=add&pid=203&promocode=25YES2016&billingcycle=semiannually
GOLD $10.49 https://winnervps.com/clientarea/cart/?a=add&pid=202&promocode=25YES2016&billingcycle=semiannually
SILVER $5.24 https://winnervps.com/clientarea/cart/?a=add&pid=201&promocode=25YES2016&billingcycle=semiannually
US & EU Linux VPS
RUBY $27.74 https://winnervps.com/clientarea/cart/?a=add&pid=164&promocode=25YES2016&billingcycle=semiannually
PLATINUM $15.24 https://winnervps.com/clientarea/cart/?a=add&pid=162&promocode=25YES2016&billingcycle=semiannually
GOLD $7.49 https://winnervps.com/clientarea/cart/?a=add&pid=85&promocode=25YES2016&billingcycle=semiannually
SILVER $3.74 https://winnervps.com/clientarea/cart/?a=add&pid=84&promocode=25YES2016&billingcycle=semiannually


Bandwidth ID – ID
Bandwidth ID – SG
Bandwidth ID – West USA
Speedtest in Action

Other Inquiries
Brokers Latency: https://winnervps.com/brokers-latency-live/
Test IP & Looking Glass: https://winnervps.com/looking-glass/
Terms of Service: https://winnervps.com/terms-of-service/
FAQ: https://winnervps.com/category/01-frequently-ask-questions/
Forex VPS Tutorial: https://winnervps.com/category/03-forex-vps-guide/
Email us: sales [at] winnervps.com
Phone / WhatsApp: +62-8577-1155-011
Skype: winnervps


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