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    Virtualizing Existing Desktop, Successfully!

    Well that is something. I look forward to seeing your guide. I have to say with Linux this isn't much of a problem because the /home partition is separate and you can upgrade to a new computer and reinstall the OS without losing everything. You do have to install all your programs again but...
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    [WTS] Google Apps Domains

    I'd like to point out that you can no longer create separate email accounts at custom domains (aka secondary domains). More information here.
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    Running a FreeBSD server with jails

    How would you rate freeBSD jails compared to other OS level virtualization in terms of security? For example compared to LXC/docker and OpenVZ
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    VPN Security

    See this site: Click on what about device ids
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    VPN Security

    If they want to fingerprint you they could just use the unique hash of the audio device that chrome also provides :)
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    Strange Forwarding Issue (Gmail)

    mark em as spam and they will cease hitting your inbox.
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    ICC Cricket WorldCup 2015

    It's going to be either Australia or New Zealand this year. I think NZ is more likely which would be about time for them since they keep going to semi finals and then crashing out. India unfortunately lacks bowlers. The conditions are not favourable to sub-continent teams.
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    VPN Security

    I don't know why everyone on the web keeps saying this only affects Windows users. It does affect linux users as well.
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    SOA DNS error help

    You basically have to give your server a "hostname". Usually this is where "" is one of your domain names and "subdomain" is anything that you like. So first set the hostname under the hostname tab in solusvm. Then enter the same name ( for...
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    Taking Regular & Secure backups on your server

    Hello you are wrong about the parts in the brackets. The entire idea is that what is encrypted with the public key can only be decrypted with the private key and vice versa. So you can make your public key public. People encrypt with it and transmit that encrypted data along a public medium like...
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    How To Contact Support, Properly.

    We should also offer tribute to the support gods so that they may smile on us and show us the light.
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    Employee owned business?

    I read that one of the contributing factors behind the financial crisis was stock options for executives. It motivated them to think short term so that the stock price would go up and they could make money that way. That is why they took undue risk and started lending to people who couldn't pay...
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    Shell scripting 101

    If you go through that tldp guide you'll see that there are like 5 different types of if statements in bash. What evaluates to true or false also varies. Sometimes 1 is a true and sometimes it is a false depending on the construct you use. It's confusing as hell.
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    Hosting Providers & BTC

    Merchants are not affected by the exchange rate because bitpay, coinbase, btcchina etc. all offer to process payments for you and eat the exchange rate risk. You get paid in your choice of fiat currency. Not enough consumers use it is the most accurate answer. Bitcoin adoption among merchants...