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    UGVPS = Thomas Dale = Crystal Dale = ChicagoVPS = Dig the Mine

    Oh my god, this is so awful. Crystal, if you still read this thread, you need to find a lawyer immediately because if you haven't already figured out, your divorce is likely to be messy, in addition to the fraud/identity theft charges you will likely be making against your husband. I'm not a...
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    Feathur Launch (VPS Control Panel => => Free For Private Use)

    Out of curiosity, how does the license change if paying 3.5 USD per server per month?  What exactly is being sold if said software is offerred .... edit: Changes to unlicensed feathur don't appear to be explicitly prohibited, so long as the license checking system is not modified--though if the...
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    DS Recommendations

    *ahem* for all the boob jokes you could want, you should try Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: Endless Frontier. Some things you just don't have to make up.
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    Loop Back Interface?!?

    Not.. really. If you want to start routing by source IP, you probably need policy routing and I don't have a good article for that. edit: or use metrics if you want one connection to be a fallback.
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    Should you encrypt your hard drive on a server

    That's a poor analogy because the data on the disk isn't passing through anything outside of your provider's control. If you mean a third party might remove the disks from the machine, sure, it protects against that. FDE in a running vps is not a challenge to someone with root on the host and a...
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    Should you encrypt your hard drive on a server

    Linux FDE in a vps doesn't protect you from a snooping host if your disk is unlocked (ie, running) and the VM has the keys in memory. qemu/kvm even supports connecting to a remote debugger from the kvm console. A quick scan for common kernel memory structures will probably net you any applicable...
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    Loop Back Interface?!?

    Hey Mun, the first example in this block is the one you know. The second adds IPs directly w/o resorting to up scripts (which btw, is completely legit, if you are careful).
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    SSL Speed Up?

    Mathematically, I'd expect more time is lost in the asymmetric part of bringing an SSL connection up than the stream/block symmetric cipher part, and that part doesn't have the advantages of instruction set acceleration. On the other hand it only has to be done once per connection, and if your...
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    Power Consumption: L5520/L5639 - 72GB /4x or 8x HDD's?

    One of my C6100 sleds w/ 2xL5639 & 36GB ram (9x4GB) will pull 16A @ 12V easy, running all out with *no* disks (11A typical as of now, 6-7A idle). Figure ~10W per disk and you're talking 2.5A @ 120V peak before PSU conversion losses (I measure around 2A off the wall using the stock PSU). This is...
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    What would you want for...?

    At that level, secure dragon is charging 13$ per *year*; any cheaper than that and it starts becoming more expensive to bill you than the services cost themselves as you've already hit diminishing returns for small vps size vs cost. If it's just for educational purposes and you qualify, you...
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    Route SSH through one connection, everything else through another

    The last time I checked, windows did not allow you to do port-based policy routing without external tools. In linux you would use ip-route2 rules to select the correct routing table for policy routing (you would maintain two or more routing tables). What these guys are suggesting is more of a...
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    Biggest, Cheapest VPS dumping to date?

    Huh, well I emailed about it, but I'm sure they're all full up on preorders. 5$/mo for 500 GB is a really good price, considering it's what, 20$ for 500GB of raw disk space (3TB disk ~120 USD), not even factoring in raid levels. I guess thin provisioned?
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    So, I got a 14U server rack that fits in my closet...

    My guess is the atom servers are D525 half-racks that you can get on ebay for ~350 fully loaded. Nearest equivalent in north america is twice that price at OVH (bhs), but at least there, you get 5TB and 4 IPs, and they're more than twice the resources at just under twice the price. So maybe if...
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    Running your own mail server

    I often disagree with blergh, but this time, he is absolutely right. DKIM and SPF has been made so easy to install on debian, you can do it in about 10 minutes. This guide elucidates how easy the process is. Granted, it could be made easier if debian's post-config script auto-installed into...
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    Microsoft Buying Nokia for $7.2 Billion

    So my dreams for a new generation maemo/meego phone are now dashed? F*#&all