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    Why hosting?

    A web hosting company makes it possible for your website to be accessed by everyone on the web. Web hosting is basically the space that you buy on a webserver to store your website files. ... To add to that you will also be required to have technical skills to manage and run the server.
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    How to Setup Domain Redirection in cPanel?

    Log into your cPanel. Click the Redirects link in the Domains section. In the Type, section choose if you want to create a Permanent (301) or Temporary (302) redirect. ... In the next drop-down choose the domain you want to forward. If you want to redirect a specific file
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    How this forum works

    An Internet forum, or message board, is an online discussion site where people can hold conversations in the form of posted messages. They differ from chat rooms in that messages are often longer than one line of text, and are at least temporarily archived.
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    Increase traffic?

    8 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website Advertise. This one is so obvious, we're going to look at it first. Get Social. Mix It Up. Write Irresistible Headlines. Pay Attention to On-Page SEO. Target Long-Tail Keywords. Start Guest Blogging. Invite Others to Guest Blog on Your Site
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    How do you secure your server(s)?

    Secure Server Connectivity Establish and Use a Secure Connection. Use SSH Keys Authentication. Secure File Transfer Protocol. Secure Sockets Layer Certificates. Use Private Networks and VPNs. Monitor Login Attempts. Manage Users. Establish Password Requirements.
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    What is dirrerent beetween Cloud hosting & VPS Hosting?

    Cloud servers are similar to a VPS hosting environment. The key difference is that instead of having a single server that's dedicated to your site (as is the case with VPS), the resources are spread out amongst a bunch of different physical machines.
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    How to improve your VPS service?

    Here are five suggestions to help your VPS hosted website to run optimally. Optimize Apache settings. The settings you use on your Apache configuration can significantly impact the performance of your VPS and website. Update MySQL. Use a CDN. ... Content optimization. Use Caching.
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    What to do with my High End VPS?

    Here are 6 great ideas Host a web server. Running a web server is the #1 most popular thing to do with a VPS. ... Save money by self-hosting apps. There is a whole range of self-hosted software applications to host on your VPS. ... Set up a VPN. ... Run a game server. ... Set up a mail server...
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    dedicated server hosting services?

    You can expeditiously generate more revenue with low investment on our worthwhile services at Wisesolution. Our best dedicated server hosting accomplishes your business requirements with ease and handles the heavy traffic on the website with 100% spam free site protection. Without any hassle...
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    cPanel hosting provider ?

    Server Wala is the best Cpanel hosting provider company. It provides you cheap hosting service.
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    Windows VPS provider ?

    Wisesolution is the best Windows VPS hosting provider company. It provides you cheap hosting service.
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    Which VPS is betetr to opt for? is an excellent web hosting provider, 100%, fast support team, fast server, price is higher than other companies but because they are excellent.
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    What is cPanel and How does it work?

    cPanel is one of the most popular Linux-based web hosting control panels, displaying key metrics about your server's performance and allowing you to access a range of modules including Files, Preferences, Databases, Web Applications, Domains, Metrics, Security, Software, Advanced and Email modules.
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    Which server is the best for me?

    Cloud server is the best option for your business.
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    What are the benefits of VPS reseller hosting?

    4 Major Benefits of Using VPS Reseller Hosting 1. Increase Your Website’s Reliability 2. Improve Your Website’s Performance 3. Use the Your Resources as You See Fit 4. Choose the Services You Need