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    Favorite Hollywood Actor ?

    Sasha Grey :p
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    123Systems sold again?

    They restocked all locations which looks most CVPS similar. That nodes got fresh numbered (LA1, NJ1, NY1, ...) ;)
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    LET Down?

    Had one short access and was able to take a screen for all addicts: :P
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    NodeServ Presents NodeControl - In-House panel -PREVIEW-

    Looks amazing, great work!
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    Benchmark Script + Nice UI!

    Design is very nice. I never liked Serverbear, good to have a better alternative now!
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    List of reliable sub 20$ per year providers

    Link to offer?
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    Auto installer for small vps? or can also be installed on a small vps :P
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    KiwiVM gets instant migrations, downloadable snapshots, and two-factor authentication

    Awesome stuff, like that ticket free migrations between datacenters.
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    Need Low Budget VPS - Will need 20 VPS in each city

    You can check this list of basic offers:
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    VPS that can always be had for $10/year

    ServerDragon but it is $10.99
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    List of sub 30$ vps providers in EU

    Look here:
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    List of reliable sub 20$ per year providers

    IPX closed their partner program secretly to save the payout bucks. Is that reliable? :P
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    For me LEB/LET is loading very slow atm.
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    (Namecheap) .NET/.ORG price increase

    "On July 1, 2013, the registries for .NET and .ORG are increasing their pricing for these TLDs. As a result, Namecheap will be adjusting the pricing on these TLDs as well. Beginning on July 1st, .ORG and .NET domains will be $11.48 (plus $0.18 ICANN fee for .NET) for registration, renewal, and...
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    Feedback on Logo Update?

    Nice. Larger text or smaller figure could be better.