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    VPS Reseller (custom plans) or Resource Pool VPS

    Hi everyone, I have a couple of small VPS with a bunch of hosts, what im looking for is either of the following 1) A resource-pool (KVM preferred) with 4 IPv4 2) A KVM VPS reseller with ability to create custom packages Can anyone guide me regarding this?
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    Half-yearly / Yearly KVM offers

    NO replies here but im already in contact with @AnthonySmith because of rock solid performance and yearly KVM deals
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    Half-yearly / Yearly KVM offers

    I am looking for yearly KVMs, 256MB would be fine as well
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    Little Happy Cloud - new service from LES

    Test IP for latency?
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    Is KernelCare something worth spending? I know KSplice was a shown no love when Oracle purchased it If you have any better alternates, issues, reviews etc please do post
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    VPS(es) for cPanel DNS-Only

    @Francisco yes, sounds owesome but I have no love for OVZ for my DNS cluster, just a personal preference :D @Mid no intergration with cPanel like @HalfEatenPie explained So updates are that I have got one from @KuJoe (the really sweet offer he posted above), so far running smooth. My current...
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    VPS(es) for cPanel DNS-Only

    I need more location, anyone?
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    VPS(es) for cPanel DNS-Only

    I have been running cPanel DNSONly on ramnode 256MB-KVM since approx 2 years now. Probably they added it after that Sweet
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    VPS(es) for cPanel DNS-Only

    [[email protected] ~]# sh latest-dnsonly Verifying archive integrity... All good. Uncompressing Cpanel & WHM Installer (dnsonly)..... ____ _ ___| _ \ __ _ _ __ ___| | / __| |_) / _` | '_ \ / _ \ | | (__| __/ (_| | | | | __/ | \___|_| \__,_|_| |_|\___|_|...
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    Impact VPS: 1GB RAM $24 Yearly and 4 Cores 4GB RAM 5 IPs $7 | Now accepting Bitcoin!

    There is no option to select YEARLY in VDR1 package
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    VPS(es) for cPanel DNS-Only

    @MannDude I am not looking for OVZ @KuJoe I bet the change is due to CentOS 7 eating lot of memory. I use KVM templates so its easier to get setup. @DomainBop I will look into this, LeaseWeb is great but they only accept PAYPAL and CreditCards via PAYPAL. PayPal does not accept CreditCards...
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    VPS(es) for cPanel DNS-Only

    I need 4 DNS-Only VPS(es) 256MB memory 8GB SSD or 15GB HDD at least 200GB transfer 1 x IPv4 1 x IPv6 (atleast) KVM or XEN-PV or XEN HVM Locations: US East + US West + EUROPE Budget around $3 each
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    How to pay from BitPay

    Thanks so much everyone, I was finally able to pay my invoice with the vendor using BitCoins
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    Netsys-Online is now AI:Hoster

    I used them for cheap Plesk licenses. Just received this in my mailbox (actually junk folder)