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    Proxmox is awesome. We use it to virtualize our servers and works well. It works most effectively on linux IMO tho. KVM is also supported. Just my two cents. :)
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    1U VPS Node for sell

    $675 + shipping
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    ISPConfig 3 AutoInstaller for Latest Debian/Ubuntu

    Omg I'm in love. Finally someone comes out with an actual decent script. Now ISPconfig just needs to start endorsing some of these scripts on their page and maybe even include in the distro. <3 forever. :)
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    which control panel

    I've personally got experience with ISPconfig which is probrobly one of the best, and latest open source control panels out. Works best with a fresh Debian install. Plenty of setup and walk thru guides on the net. Offer more advances features rather than simple tasks. Can also cluster other...