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    Namecheap account errors

    I just renewed a few a day or so ago, couple of days ago maybe -- it was a pain to use Paypal to checkout, as it didn't seem to want to authenticate with paypal - so I went through paypal, logged in and tried again with namecheap, and it worked that time. I didn't get any 500's or anything like...
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    Is there a need for a Freelancers Forum?

    I don't see why not to start one? For me, I have used a few freelance sites, and have had very little success with actually landing gigs from them(better success rate on Craigslist postings). Otherwise, if you make a nice layout and have passion for freelancing and the lifestyle you have while...
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    Alcohol of Choice

    For beer, I only have a a couple of rules -- as longs as it's not Bud or Coors or any of their spin-offs, I will happily drink it. I do prefer the local brews, as they are usually strong and have a pretty nice taste, freshness(bottom of my last 6 pack was less than 2 weeks old). Otherwise, Ill...
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    Employee owned business?

    Employee owned does seem like a more "win-win", but I have never been a part of one or started one myself. I see companies like New Belgium Brewing, and wonder how they do it, as they seem to be productive and profitable to be employee owned.  I also see companies like Bobs Red Mill, who said...
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    Microsoft Azure’s use of non-US IPv4 address space in US regions

    I also find it's hard to think that Azure has had enough "growth" to run out of IPv4 addresses - for the record, I don't know many people(1 or 2, compared to 10-15 in the early 2000's) who still use m$ servers, and over the last 10 years or so, much less than 5% of the servers of any company I...
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    Why is there so many different SSL types?

    At places I have worked, we didn't have an "extended validation" SSL cert, and we did over 1 billion a year in sales that year, and the next year(online). At other places I have "walked the halls of", an EV cert didn't matter and they still didn't sell anything to keep afloat for the year(bye...
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    AlienLayer is back!

    Oh man, I wish them luck -- I had one of their offerings way back in the day(3 year, 2.5years ago), but realized that the node was way oversold, and the network was not so good, as it was only...HE and Cogent back then(ole Fiberhub blend). Also, I had e-mailed support, as it was my very first...
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    How did you come up with your company name?

    I sleep on names -- I used to buy great names I would think about(impulse), and then I decided that I should sleep on the name and see if I like it in a day or two, and if I do for the project, it sticks.
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    Anyone using Kemari for KVM migration?

    Was looking for some kind of live migration/HA type solution for a couple of servers, that will have KVM installed, and was wondering if anyone has used or is using Kemari to perform migrations? It seems like the project hasn't had any commits in awhile, so I assume it's either very stable or is...
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    Mergers and Acquisitions Monday - + Google and DirecTV + AT&T

    When I graced the halls of Rackspace, I felt like they were polishing up to be sold, and that was about 4-5 years ago or so now. From what I saw interviewing in 2010, it was different than it was when I interviewed with them in 2005-06 -- the managers were more military style, instead of black...
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    Pono Music - High fidelity audio porn player for music lovers

    A co-worker of mine ordered from the grassroots campaign -- I am happy that another player is getting into the player realm, as it seems all the others out there kinda just died. I almost ordered, but for me and my 'made in the usa' head of the last 4 years, I kinda said to myself..."it can be...
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    Full disk encryption on a KVM VPS?

    Been using a KVM virtual machine with disk encryption in Debian for about a year, and I haven't had any issues with it booting, or stability, etc.
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    What's your Windows text editor of choice?

    Back in the day(few years), I used "Programmers Notepad" on Winblows, which was fine and dandy...had markup highlighting, and tabs, and was light enough.
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    FedEX sucks

    Overall, had better luck with UPS over Fedex. Company I worked for solely relied on UPS to ship everything overnight, and I can't really remember having lots of customer service complaints about missed/delayed shipments, although I am sure they happened here and there.
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    I trusted Namecheap with my first domain in 2001, and I have had good results with them for the past 13 years or so. Some support tickets could have been answered better, but overall, a good experience. I never trusted GD and their ads(knew it was primed for flipping), NetSol was a rip-off for...