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    Options for isolating sites: Vms, vs containers, cs different users

    I am a n00b still with Docker.  The groupies of Docker will bitch at what I say no doubt. You @graeme would do good under Docker.  But but but, have to learn the intricacies of it and get comfortable with it.  The other thing is, you can't go running Docker on OpenVZ really.  So looking at...
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    BGP (GRE) Tunnel w/ and w/o DDoS Protection

    There are a lack of companies doing network service offerings like this.   Wish more would get into offering such.
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    OVH intends to ruin the hosting industry.

    Monopolies and monocultures are built from large wealth stacks and often with the blessing if not conspiring of government.  Government can pretend to be hands off or often inept.  They are anything but such.  Greedy elected hacks padding their nest.  I give you deal, you give me $$$$...
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    OVH intends to ruin the hosting industry.

    Again, prime example of the problem. If we removed NAFTA trade deals which Clinton administration passed and similar trade deals and lack of import controls to level the flood gates, well, we wouldn't have had the rise of Walmart.   Incidentally, the Clintons received much financial handouts...
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    Another day and same old ColoCrossing games - More Magical Employees Photographed Working Elsewhere.

    True. Outside of stock art though, I don't recall seeing same heads on sites like this.  Certainly not in group shot with shuffled in humans.  Mega deceptive.
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    Ohio Or Out of State With Remote Hands Included Colocation

    > I am looking for "by the U" and "utility billed" like servicing. Meaning I am not "locked in" in plans such as 1/4, > 1/2, and/or full cabs. Nor I am to be sold up my butts of 20 amp circuits.   This is a progressive new age model and you aren't going to find that in starchy lost in time...
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    Remote Hands | Dacentec | Hickory | Charlotte | Asheville

    Guys need more at-will hands workers like this.  Hope to see others offering in other markets.
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    Linux 4.8 changes to improvements the ARM architecture

    Glad to see more ARM emphasis.  Perhaps these piles of odd boards I have someday will actually be usable beyond simple server environments.
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    Creating an WLAN access point with your Raspberry Pi

    This is a good tutorial I need to bookmark already. Been doing more and more with ARM platform.  Nothing mega exciting, but more.  Using them more than VPS / dedis these days.
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    Is VPS ok to host a game server?

    Gaming just sucks for most providers.  It can be high on resource abuse, and definitely gets lots of packet therapy (DDoS).. Many VPS providers prohibit such servers on VPS.  You must read Terms of Service / similar before buying. There are scores of cheap dedicated servers these days and...
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    BGP (GRE) Tunnel w/ and w/o DDoS Protection

    I'd ask Francisco at BuyVM @Francisco. Unsure if they are offering all of this, but some of it is overlap with what they commonly offer.
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    OVH intends to ruin the hosting industry.

    More welfare destruction economy.  Driving large sums of money and many customers to a single company that fails to invest in workforce or staffing. 130 employees is nothing.  Decent for a small business, but shit vs. customer headcount and revenue.  They have at least 30k servers installed...
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    Another day and same old ColoCrossing games - More Magical Employees Photographed Working Elsewhere.

    Taken from ColoCrossing Facebook. Taken from ServerMania's website. Can we match #1 and #2?   Same back drop, and two ghost employees.  Recurring issue in Buffalo with pumping up companies with non employees and/or lending them out to investments to fill in shots/public details to...
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    I am back.

    I decided to come back.  Someone needs to fill your hosting stocking full of coal for the holiday season. Get ready, incoming! :) 
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    vpsBoard - Future Discussion

    ... rambling... I keep re-reading this thread and the term that keeps punching me in the gut = solutions. The day of computing and server buys for idle terminal to ping and wget things is gone mostly.  DItto for VPN use really.  Yeah I realize CN tunnels out daily as 'necessity'.  Rest of...