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    Keep Track of Your Services! (Lightweight PHP script)

    Good on you for being self taught, that's how I roll, too. My eye caught some minor spacing issues with codelines, like "foreach (" and "if(" (notice that "foreach" has space after the word, while "if" doesn't). Good practice is to have a space after the keyword. Also sometimes there was a...
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    Keep Track of Your Services! (Lightweight PHP script)

    I created a pull request that implements prepared statements, also cleans the code a bit and tries to improve readability, mostly by following PSR-2 standard. Some feedback about your coding style: - Really, use prepared statements. It's a good practice to follow everywhere. - Constant coding...
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    ShareX + Linux *Looking for Alternatives*

    This is what I use myself. A simple script is enough for my usage. #!/bin/bash scrot -s '/tmp/%Y-%m-%d_%H-%M-%S.png' -e 'scp $f your_host:/var/www/ss/ && echo "$n"|xclip'
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    Post your workspace/workarea/job sites :D

    They're excellent - the colors are good and the viewing angle is as good as it gets. IIRC that was run by a Radeon 7770 that was driving 3 screens, then integrated GPU handling the last one. Shitty solution - when I switched to Linux I couldn't do that anymore and just switched to 3 screens...
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    Post your workspace/workarea/job sites :D

    There's a 2x 27" HP ZR2740w, and 2x 24" Dell U2412M (the ones in portrait mode). I don't remember where the mounts are from, but I can tell that the HP's share one bigger mount that can hold up 2, and the Dells both have one smaller that is only designed to hold one monitor. Small note if...
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    What is your favourite linux-based operating system?

    I love myself a good ol' Debian for servers. Desktops / laptops get some Arch Linux love from me though :)
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    BuyVM announces Europe, Anycast IP's, Floating IP's, & Bandwidth pooling!

    How about MariaDB Galera? ( ) I've never tried it but it sounds good to me.
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    Help with xmpp server(self hosted)

    You set it up on the Prosody server itself, and then it starts proxying filetransfer for the people behind NATs as this page suggests. Very easy to set up.
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    How can we make the Daily Server Deals website a better experience for you?

    Plan finder page could use sliders instead of input fields for things like memory, HDD space etc. I think it would improve the user experience a bit.
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    Free humble bundle

    Got the last one - thanks man!
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    Alcohol of Choice

    Rum with coke, and Salmari are my favourite ones. Not much of a beer drinker, prefer long drinks instead.
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    vpsBoard summer contest winner is...

    Congrats @gxbfxvar ! I'm surprised to see @D. Strout didn't win despite his last hour entries :D
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    foobar2000 Mobile Kickstarter

    Windows only :( I prefer MPD on nix boxes though.
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    foobar2000 Mobile Kickstarter

    The point is that you can make it just the way you want it. Plugins, skins, to suit you and your needs. If you don't want to pimp it out, it's just very simple but very functional music player.
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    Video card suggestion with good Linux support?

    What card are you using for four monitors?