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    My VPS or Domain Host DNS?

    if and point to the same machine you are ignoring RFCs. One consequence is FQDN queries may fail to resolve because your server may appear down while it is up. How is that possible? The DNS queries usually are done by intermediate cache nameservers...
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    My VPS or Domain Host DNS?

    You need more than a server and more than an AS to run properly a DNS for your domain. Just one VPS is not enough. If your current DNS provider follows the RFCs probably you don't need to move to other free or paid service. Anyway be sure you can modify the list of authoritative nameservers of...
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    Research: Interest in more VDS offers?

    IMO VPS is shared hosting. Said that I think there is a niche for unrestricted CPU usage (e.g. dedicated cores -- not vCPUs) explored in Europe by Scaleway and ArubaCloud.
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    What's your email setup like?

    Backend: Postfix Dovecot (master-master) Postgresql IPset Amavis-New SpamAssasin ClamAV Razor Pyzor SPFquery Policyd-SPF OpenDKIM OpenDMARC Dmarcts DNSmasq LDAP Lighttpd PostfixAdmin RoundCube Imapsync Gyb Attic Zpaq Client: Webmail Postbox Outlook
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    Most popular location for VPS?

    I couldn't disagree more :D
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    What Backup Software Do YOU Use?

    Borg (server) and GoodSync (personal)
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    What reliabe offshore vps hosts in Malaysia do you know?

    off-topic: Dovecot mailing list - Today
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    What reliabe offshore vps hosts in Malaysia do you know?

    I guess hardware/facility reliability ceased to be a problem many years ago and IMO uptime depends heavily on reliable software. Unfortunately most free open source applications are unstable and guided by a perverse business model that doesn't value backward compatibility. Regarding support...
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    What reliabe offshore vps hosts in Malaysia do you know?

    1. I had good experience with Zenpipe (VPS, 12-month plan, 2012-2013). 2. I'm happy with a HK KVM VPS from Gigsgigscloud (TechAvenue International Ltd) -- they offer cheap VPS in Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia.
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    How to Increase VPS hosting Business?

    Quality, performance, pricing? That ship has sailed.
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    Sharing root...managed providers sound off

    I'm trying to solve this using LXC.
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    Email server, where is the bottleneck?

    8 cores with hyperthreading ~10 "CPUs" and load 5 usually implies 5 cores 100% in use. You are using a lot of processing power that I guess VPS providers probably won't be happy to sustain. I suggest you to use PERF to learn about your actual requirement -- "load" is crapware.
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    Plesk Sold to Oakley Capital for $105M

    Mid-market private-equity firm Oakley Capital has invested $27.4 million from its third fund in Plesk, a provider of web management services, for a 51% controlling stake.
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    Why Medium failed to disrupt the media

    Facebook stops paying publishers to stream live video Why buy a cow when you can get milk for free? :)
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    Why Medium failed to disrupt the media

    Like Youtube Red? :-) Medium is a sort of blog. Anyone can post articles. Bloomberg's point is  "Content can only be consistently good if its creators can make a living from it. It's an illusion that creating a platform and inviting everyone to it will eventually reveal enough free, or...