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  1. Geekion Samsung Pure SSD |2 Gbit/S| FFMPEG Streaming | Instant @1.9$ Coupon Code

    the 1 Gbit/S is a typing mistake because 1 month ago we had 1 Gbit/S now we upgraded to 2Gbit/S in the next topic i will edit it and thanks for telling me and about the data center: check this link down below the (useless fluff) also check our rating and...
  2. Geekion Samsung Pure SSD |2 Gbit/S| FFMPEG Streaming | Instant @1.9$ Coupon Code

    Geekion  is awesome simply because we are focused on providing the best customer service you need to make a successful web site, We believe that our growth depends on our clients growth thats why we provide the best offers with the most competitive pricing, without sacrificing on the quality of...
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    Do you test your backups?

    i wont say that i check it daily because i will be lien but i check it every week 
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    Do I actually need CSF or fail2ban if behind CloudFlare?

    i think extra security wont hurt 
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    Heads up: OpenVZ updates will probably break your system

    i will consider ur methods before updating, thanks
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    Automatically provision dedicated servers... how?

    i wish to know the method too
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    How did you come up with your company name?

    i just wanted to design a brand not just a hosting company and i thought of many names and i liked Geekion the most
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    Do you use Bitcoin?

    yes i do
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    Phone verification?

    this is really bad if maxmind really will shut down 
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    A Good Website Template For VPS Hosting/WHMCS

    try themeforest whmcs themes
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    New Hostbill version is released.

    i think hostbill still needs ore UI work i hope its developers improve the UI/UX
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    Thinking about not using paypal.

    i with not to use paypal but many customers have paypal accounts and maybe we will lose them