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    FS: Dell DCS C1100

    Where in Florida? I might purchase this and ship it to our Orlando facility.
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    FS: Dell DCS C1100

    Where is this located?
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    Host4Geeks LLC - Premium Web Hosting Services Email: [email protected] - Call: 855-737-GEEK Free cPanel / WHM | Fully Managed | 24x7 Impulse Monitoring | 99.9% Uptime SLA | SecureStack Server Hardening | Softaculous Premium | Los Angeles, CA, Orlando, FL or London, UK Terribly slow support...
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    How to sell more VPS Servers

    You could try using smaller fonts in your threads to start off with. That should increase your sales......
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    How do you manage your clients VPS? (Managed Providers)

    We have an "access server" which has it's key added to all Managed VPS's for us to access them directly. Updates are rolled out using parallel shell, it's something like (without the GUI). We also have a monitoring system that shows the version of cPanel running and the...
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    New Site - Watchya think?

    Don't mix illustrations and images. Your banner features an image of a real server but the three icons are illustrations, choose either. You may want to change the dropbox icon on the buttons. Too many colors for me.
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    Anyone here use/used

    We were testing them on a couple of our nodes. They apparently ran into a roadblock with their anycast system and some docker based stuff they were doing. The last response from Bryon was:
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    Hosting business

    FYI links carry a nofollow tag on this forum.
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    High Storage Backup Server

    That's Quadranet.
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    High Storage Backup Server

    Intel X3220 - 8GB RAM - 4 x 3TB Enterprire SATA - 10TB on 1Gbps - $129 /mo - No setup fee. [LA] You can email me - [email protected] should you want to proceed.
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    Verifying foreign accounts, how do you do it?

    MaxMind with Phone Verification -> Manual Verification -> Request for IDs, depending on size of order -> Manual Phone Call (if required)
  12. H4G Launching New VPN brand FixedRoute

    So they have testimonials from customers prior to launch? How nice. :)
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    GreenValueHost becoming ColoCrossing, dumping providers, etc.

    They do not deal with CC directly as well, they go in via HVH to CC. So, it's a alpha-beta-major-clusterfuck going on. 
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    Quadcopters and other tech toys?

    It's not very difficult to make one. For the past few weeks, I've been trying to source the correct parts and equipment needed to build one. The idea is a quadcopter with a gyro-camera mount on the bottom so as to do mount something like a Mark-III and record videos smoothly.
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    Special Dedicated Server Deals. Multiple Locations. Managed Services. Great Prices.

    The one's listed above are specific to Orlando, FL, but we have other locations as well. Feel free to reach out to me if you are interested in any other location. :)