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    Whats your home connection speed?

    $35 per month, 12/1.5 from UVerse. I've read around they should be boosting the speeds to 18/1.5(or 2.0)
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    LeaseWeb wipes MegaUploads data!

    Here's something with more info and a reply from leasewebs. Edit: Changed link to desktop version.
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    Stallion 2 - pictures and daily updates :)

    The only problem (I get) on the login page is that the incorrect login is cut off, other then that its perfect. (Galaxy S3 stock browser) @Fran, As long as its not the flip scroll...I hate doing that ona mobile :/
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    Stallion 2 - pictures and daily updates :)

    How much of the panel is mobile ready? Also looks amazing...need to test it on a computer <. <