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    Enjoy the pure hosting experience. Enjoy our satisfactory services with a 30 day money back guarantee. No Botnet No Phishing No Childporn No other illegal stuff Payment Via paypal and Bitcoins
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    How to Secure VPS server?

    -Strong Password like [email protected]$&^^#_Qd2 -Full Administrator Privileged Accounts.
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    cPanel admins and hosting providers, could you share your opinion?

    Please let us know why you think softaculous can be defeated by your script ?.
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    Do web host really use SSD drives?

    Yes Some host fool people,But there are some legit hosts in the market which actually provide unlimited SSD , but nothing is unlimited every host has a limit.
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    No advertisements?

    You can always post add there is a link given there to post add.
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    Is HostBill worth its Price ?

    WHMCS have more features than HostBill , I recommend WHMCS.
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    Hosting Marketing Strategies

    Contacting bloggers to do shoutouts can also be included.
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    own name server setup

    Go to your Domain and create new ns series domain and assign IP to them and update them on their Cpanel.
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    Need to know your point of view

    To jump on conclusions you must provide some details about you but as you stated you have decided Kvc please let us know after using how was it !
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    Who was your first VPS provider?

    My VPS provider was RockHoster , yeah I entered this business a bit late but they are still active and I am still using them.
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    WHMCS Pricing Change?

    Yes Shifting to Blesta is a very good choice as whmcs do not let small hosting providers a trial access. It means that even when we have to try how this thing works we have to buy a plan. There must be a trial period. And for the big hosting providers , they must already be using the lifetime...