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    A visual comparison of provider's and their custom control panels. Lots of screenshots!

    We have a custom in-house control panel, but it is currently only for our KVM services. You can find some screenshots below:
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    Anyone here use/used

    We use them, they worked fairly well as of late. They seem to have an issue with nodes not appearing in the list if they're added to it.
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    NodeServ Deploys KernelCare on OVZ Nodes - Now accepting Credit/Debit Cards & Bitcoin!

    NodeServ is happy to share that we have deployed the use of KernelCare across all of our OpenVZ nodes, which will be very useful in the future when it comes to upgrading kernels. This will cause virtually no downtime when important kernel upgrades are available. We would also like to announce...
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    VirtKick - a simple, open source alternative to SolusVM

    No problem! Keep up the good work! :)
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    BlueVM's domain name was hijacked

    Wonder what the statement will say :P
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    20% OFF - JACKSONVILLE - KVM & OpenVZ 256 at $9.99/yr [ NodeControl Panel ] - NodeServ, LLC

    Jacksonville, Florida - OpenVZ  ALL OPENVZ ORDERS PROVISIONED ON OUR BASIC VPS MANAGER(SOLUSVM) OVZ-01 RAM: 512 MB vSwap: 512 MB Storage: 25 GB Bandwidth: 500 GB vCores: 2 Speed: 1 Gbps IP Addresses: 1 Dedicated & Up to 200 IPV6(Request by submitting a ticket) $ 2.99...
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    Extremely Simple My Current IP Site

    Nicely done looks good :)
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    Places to travel?

    +1 to Italy. Would love to travel and vacation there.
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    VirtKick - a simple, open source alternative to SolusVM

    I like the look of this, and the idea that the support part is right within the same interface is wow.
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    PayPal IPN Issues?

    We had that issue in the past but eventually PayPal did an update to resolve it and it didn't do it anymore.
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    Super cheap VPS's in Canada (Bitcoin and Paypal)

    Define "Unlimited Bandwidth"? Is that unmetered in & out? Or what? I'm just curious
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    +1 Really cool
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    New Forum Section for Hardware?

    Would be awesome to have a section like that!
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    LET Archive?

    I would bet Drmike would be doing something like this :P I'm not sure though.
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    What Credit Card do you have?

    You could get a secured credit card to start building credit. What you do is go to the bank and you'll have to put out whatever limit you want to have on the card so let's say $500. You pay the $500 and they give you a $500 credit limit on a credit card. Just keep paying it off and only using...