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    $1/Month 10GB Control Panel Hosting PROMOTION

    To get things up and running smoothly, I have decided to run a promotion over at  Our servers are in OVH-BHS1 in Canada and currently run VestaCP Control Panel.  Our goal is to stick to 100% open-source software while running our project, as we are for open-source projects.  We...
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    Does SSD storage make all websites faster?

    SSD provides faster write times over traditional hard drives, so theoretically, yes, SSD will allow websites to load faster on that server AS LONG as that server is correctly optimized for that hardware.
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    QuickPacket Review - 2 1/2 years

    Thank you for this very informative review of Quick Packet!  This now gives me comfort for signing up with them in the near future :)
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    Do you use a VPN for your normal internet browsing?

    I never connect to anything using a VPN as I find that I do not have the need to.  
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    Hello :'D

    I have been trying my hardest to get my life together, and I have less than a month before my life hits a brick wall, that I somehow have to find my way around to continue on.  Anyways, I am trying to get more involved with technology, and what I love doing.  So, hello everyone! :)
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    Your biggest pain as a provider

    The biggest pain would definitely have to be when a PayPal claim raises to a claim managed by a bank.
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    NodeServ Grand Opening!

    Very nice, Jade! :)
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    UGVPS = Thomas Dale = Crystal Dale = ChicagoVPS = Dig the Mine

    I, personally, do not purchase any VPS's in any ColoCrossing location.  Chris is an immature dick and he doesn't give a flying shit about his clients.  In my eye's, ChicagoVPS IS ColoCrossing, so therefor, Chris works for ColoCrossing.  This news is not surprising to me.
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    I got scammed. =[

    I've actually done something like this years back, with some old neighborhood friends.  We rang doorbells and told them we were doing a fundraiser for our school.  We actually had papers from our school showing we were doing a fundraiser, however, that paper was old and we kept the money to...
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    FreeSimpleHosting - Free WebHosting With Post-To-Host Community

    FreeSimpleHosting was first purchased as a domain back in January but it never really had a vision of what it was supposed to end up being. I have turned it into multiple private projects before and it is finally ready to be open to the public. We are currently only offering two plans at the...
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    Now hiring - Several positions

    I'm interested in the Support Agent position.
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    Jake on Lowendtalk is a thief.

    This deserves a thread on LET!
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    Jake on Lowendtalk is a thief.

    This is the Internet, where we are freely open to copy and paste.  This happens ALL the time, even off of the Internet.  Look at news stations for example.   
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    [USA] Orlando OpenVZ VPS's Starting @7.99 + $2.00 OFF - RAID-10 Disk Space

    The only two projects I am currently focusing on is, and  I'm out of the VPS industry.
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    [USA] Orlando OpenVZ VPS's Starting @7.99 + $2.00 OFF - RAID-10 Disk Space

    We both sold it and split the profit.