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    Do something with VPSBoard!

    Sake! Someone put some effort into the site mods/admins, great resource going to waste and being overrun with spam offers.
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    The cesspit / chat thread.

    Nope it is more dead than a dead thing, Knownhost picked it up but dropped it fast and have made little effort with it.
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    New Hetzner Cloud, pretty awesome

    If it were not for the few static sites I have split over several providers due to the lack of space offered on NVME drives I would not be so interested but it means I can put everything in the one place for less money. Money is not the issue though, just more organised and simpler to manage in...
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    VMHaus Review

    They do offer a nice service, not had any issues with them at all. The lack of space is a drawback though, once my credits run out I am going to move over to Hetzner's new cloud, for nothing other than so much more NVME space.
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    New Hetzner Cloud, pretty awesome

    The new Hetzner cloud is here. Today, Hetzner Online officially released five different cloud packages to the worldwide market. All five of the Hetzner Cloud models come equipped with NVMe SSDs and Intel Skylake Xeon CPUs, so you'll profit from Hetzner Cloud's...
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    This is vpsBoard

    Confused how?
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    60% off Vultr Bare Metal Instance

    Vultr launched Bare Metal instances a while back, the pricing was steep at $300 per month but still ok if you needed something to fire up short term for a task. They have reduced the price to $120/monthly or $0.179/h. The spec for that price to run it every month is really not that bad...
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    Droplet upgrades and new configurations at Digital Ocean

    Just in case you have not seen it yet, DO has some new configurations on their droplets, pricing remains the same on the current line up but with more resources. The new $15 flexible droplets are pretty nice but so are the dedicated CPU ones.
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    Which WordPress hosting is best for my WordPress blog ?

    If you are not sure of a provider and just want reliable WP hosting then go to, perfectly good service and very reliable.
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    mail-count script

    In the link above.
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    miniVPS has been sold.

    You want him to tell you how much he sold MiniVPS for? I am sure he will tell you that...
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    Amazon PrimeDay - what are you getting?

    Perhaps, but it's only the company it is because so many clearly like evil :)
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    Amazon PrimeDay - what are you getting?

    Been watching it, though not seen anything that has made me buy so far.
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    What's your email setup like?

    I used to have my own mail server, if you want to do it and have the time to tweak and keep it running optimally then fair enough, however, it's something you need to work at to control spam and make sure mail gets through. My personal domain is now approaching 20 years in service, the daily...
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    Vultr $2.50 instances

    A lot, however their intention it would appear is to use this to attract people, not as a permanent offer.