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    Do web host really use SSD drives?

    ideally many hosting providers do provider SSD drives also SAS drives are comparable
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    WHMCS vs Kayako vs Zendesk

    For a support desk in a company, Ideally Kayako will be perfect. but it lacks automation
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    Dedicated remote server vs local home lab

    130 a month for COLO is way too much, there are better provider out there
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    billing portals

    kayako is good, we use it also
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    Vmware SDDC - Unmetered Private & Secure Compute Cloud -

    Welcome, and thanks for Visiting. We are a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) specialist. Our services allows you, to isolate your compute instances from the Public Internet, providing you with multiple layers of security, privacy and anonymity. If you need simplicity, Speed, agility, Security and...