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    Cheap web design

    Still looking? If, send over the details.
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    New Youtube Interface! (2015)

    Yes, along with other minor changes in the player. Check video settings/ quality option.
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    New Youtube Interface! (2015)

    Headline says it all! Go, check it yourself! Some top Features: New Sleek Transparent panel Clean/ White based. Here is a snapshot:
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    [For Sale] HP EliteBook 8560p - $240 i5-2520M/8gb RAM/500gb HDD

    Places/ country where you can ship. And who will bear that cost?
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    vpsBoard Top Providers of 2014 voting.

    Prometeus 2 2 (Can it be accepted? ATM I do not own any plan)
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    A billing panel I am writing in my spare time

    Maybe a project like this, where a Control panel of some short is in making need some dedicated time, Making it fully open source is a good idea, if some serious coders can get on to the project. But then a good documentation will be req. as well. I could offer my support towards Front End UI...
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    Seagate Drives

    I got my 2 TB barracuda, failed without even lasting for 1 month of use and with not a lot of hrs of in use! Though the replacement drive I got (refurnished)  is working fine now, maybe 1/2 yrs now +- ! Also a very very old 160GB HDD of seagate, still works with bad sectors :|
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    BlueVM Change of Ownership?

    I was very happy to see @BlueVM reply and more happy from the outcome... Thanks for you guys stable support and performance :) A happy client :D  
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    Fastest hard-disk... post yours!

    Some real nice HDD RAID10 setup results :) Got some 150MB seq read, 120 Write on my desktop single HDD (Using Windows & Crystal Disk Mark)... If I can remember it correctly the benchmark was about 10% better when there was noting on the HDD and brand new...
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    BlueVM KVM 512 MB (CH)

    Great work guys(BlueVM) There no worry location transfer is liked by all :)
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    Happy 2014!

    Belated Happy new year to all of you!
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    Looking for an ad-designer for simple ads.

    I would like to give it a try, it can be static or animated (gif) as you wish! If you are still looking for it, send me the details!
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    A Low Priced Best VPS for Live Video Streaming (red5) server?

    There are few Co. which can provide you but may have to contact them directly, If I can remember it correctly @Mao or Uncle ones said they can allow if you does not hamper the performance so other get's disturbed but I doubt a 24/7 service will be allowed. you can always go with low cose Dedi...
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    More domains (End of the year-sale!)

    Offtopic:- Some are real good domain hack ;)