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    WHMCS Pricing Change?

    When I say the small host you already explained it. People who are running with minimal turnover should find this price increase little painful. Of course I agree they may be charging for what they provide, but the increase in price for the same product is bit difficult to digest when there is...
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    Monintor Server For outbound emails

    NodeWatch I have tried in past and worked very well for us; not sure about recent development and updates. Another thing recently came across is; I have no real experience with but you can check it. Also you can use Nagios + NRPE or SNMP plugins to monitor your node activities...
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    WHMCS Pricing Change?

    Yes, WHMCS pricing is over killing for small and medium-sized hosts and they have taken off the owned license model as well. Blesta or ClientExec are the best 2 low cost alternatives if you are ok to run your business with the features they offer.
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    Difference between Wordpress Hosting And Web Hosting?

    Wordpress Hosting can attract more customers than a regular hosting offer because lot of people use it to build their websites. That said, many hosts offer Wordpress hosting and just assign a regular service package/platform for them. So when you look at wordpress hosting packages, you should...