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    Quarter Rack colo in the UK

    I presume you're looking for something on a budget? You need to provide more details like the power you need, network and details about that etc.
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    Best coding language to know in 2015?

    This is actually really solid advice, when I learnt Pascal first in my A level Comp Sci class I was sort of annoyed that we were using such an ancient language but it has all the fundementals there and will help you understand what's actually going on.
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    Buying - Owned Unbranded WHMCS

    If anyone else has one or even multiple, unbranded or branded don't really care. PM me. :-)
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    Like Boobies? That's Because you are Smart....

    My sarcasm detector isn't working, it's the recipient of the breast feeding that is more likely to be intelligent. I don't think this is the first study suggesting this, I remember some studies a good few years back at least.
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    Billing and ticket panel options? WHMCS, HostBill, Blesta and ClientExec... what else?

    Last I checked, the base license was about $500/month with additional charges for just about everything (deviecs, custeomers, users). Probably gone up since.
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    IPv6 at Home?

    Still no-where near to getting it with Virgin Media. I don't think they even have plans for "soon", at least on the consumer side. OpenVPN is setup to route IPv6 over IPv4 on my VPN, so yeah, not a big issue.
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    Stack Exchange's server porn

    The wider one is usually used for higer wattage/ampage applications, like bigger PSU's, rated for around up to 20 amps whereas the kettle cord ones are rated for around up to 13 amps, typically. They're all IEC standard plugs as others mentioned.
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    LET throwing 502's?

    I'm not a mod anymore, but I know that neither moderators nor even Maarten have control over server issues. That's all the CC guys only.
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    What are you listening to right now?

    Some traditional stuff from the Levant.
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    Supermicro E3-1230v3 - 32GB RAM - 4x1TB HDD

    That's not how asking for offers works. :-)
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    Supermicro E3-1230v3 - 32GB RAM - 4x1TB HDD

    Depends on your bandwidth needs, shoot a PM if you're interested and I'll let you know.
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    Supermicro E3-1230v3 - 32GB RAM - 4x1TB HDD

    Hehe. Import taxes and such are just not worth the hassle for a single server. This is not a fixed price, sorry if it wasn't clear. I'm happy to take offers by PM.
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    Supermicro E3-1230v3 - 32GB RAM - 4x1TB HDD

    Howdy, After a recent 'clean-up' on our hardware line I have a single server to sell, a couple have gone through WHT already. This particular server was used as a VPS node and decommisioned a year later then kept in storage as an emergency spare. E3 1230v3 32GB ECC RAM 4x 1TB Constellation...
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    OpticServers LTD goes live with owned Datacenter! Uk Based

    Interesting, curious where exactly in London you're located and a test IP. Drop me a PM. :-)
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    A billing panel I am writing in my spare time

    I don't see the point, even if you didn't copy WHMCS's code, the frontend is still the same so why would I use yours instead of WHMCS who have cPanel and their developers backing them? Makes no sense to me.