PowerUpHosting-Udit was established in 2012 and has quickly become one of the most innovative and fastest-growing web hosting companies in the world.

In early 2012, Power Up Hosting, Inc. launched it's first Hyper-V based windows Virtual Private Servers (VPS) which offered unprecedented natively hyper-vised performance for Windows Server 2008 clients. The sheer computing muscle offered by Intel's E5 series processors (Launched 1st Quarter 2012) was immediately felt by the VPS running on each node, spreading word-of-mouth endorsements from PowerUp's client base across the globe.

Fast forward to 2014 and you will find a dynamic team working with cutting edge technology such as Inte's E3-1200 V3 and E5-2600 V2 processors, 100% SSD and VelociRaptor drives, and 1600 MHZ RAM from various strategic providers. With a growth rate of over 2,000 % since 2012, Power Up Hosting has become a staple name both in the Windows-based virtualization community as well as the Linux counterpart with 100% SSD empowered nodes.

Power Up Hosting provides network and hardware for mission critical enterprises and has leveraged the knowledge and skill to provide the first fully optimized SSD solution for Linux Shared Hosting. This unique opportunity has allowed the average web site user to experience a more robust environment where a website can handle traffic spikes due to rapid growth or network attacks, fully monitored and managed by a team of professionals ready to help.

Staying at the very top when it comes to the IT world can be tough, this is why Power Up Hosting's Research and Development teams work closely to employ and (if possible) improve the deployment of new technologies like Public/Private Clouds, Complete Infrastructure Digitization and Software Defined Networks to allow you to tap into the full potential of emerging hardware.

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