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    billing portals

    If you want something easy and fast to setup, go for WHMCS. I personally prefer Blesta because you have control with the code (most of the code is unencrypted) and their API is fully documented with the models, etc.
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    FYI: Planned vpsBoard maintenance will be occuring later this evening.

    I don't know if that's on my end only, but all signature links are broken:
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    Should each website on a VPS have it's own IP?

    It's not needed. Unless s/he needs SSL certificates on each website, or have high traffic (helps with site speed and crashing). Set up Virtual Hosts with multiple domains.
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    GreenHostBox changing name and kicking all vps customers

    It's only the VPS clients, so I guess they didn't start from scratch because of the shared hosting clients on their servers. I have a shared account there and it's functional.
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    Vlad from Safe or Not might be able to help.
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    PortCTL Systems | Billing Software

    I see you're storing MD5 passwords into the database, and then verifying them by a query. You can easily use password_hash and then password_verify it when logging in (if PHP 5 >= 5.5.0), else use
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    How do you manage your clients VPS? (Managed Providers)

    Do you actually go and check each VPS for updates, etc? I was thinking of creating a management (admin) portal that connects to all virtual servers via a SSH Key inserted into the template (with the user's permission), and can execute commands to multiple servers, monitor servers, configure...
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    Question about cPanel DNS Only Cluster

    On the main servers: cns1: Synchronize Changes cns2: Synchronize Changes On both name servers: main server: Standalone This should work :)
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    ssl for *.domain.tld pricerange

    They're using SingleHop: Free Certificates.
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    Using CSF to protect Wordpress?

    I'm not sure about CSF. However, this mod_security rule might help. After multiple failed log ins in 3 minutes, they should receive a 401 Unauthorized error page. # WordPress Bruteforce Protection SecDataDir /tmp SecAuditLogType Concurrent SecAction...
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    How to fix cPanel/WHM server time?

    Are you using OpenVZ? I think it's related to the host node time zone.
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    BuyVM.NET / BuyShared.NET - Shared - $5/year | Resellers - $2.00/month! Dedicated IPv4! SSD RAID!

    The BuyShared 20G is under the "Reseller Plans" title ;)
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    NodeServ Presents NodeControl - In-House panel -PREVIEW-

    I think it has some backend software, as the button's text (Issue Reboot, Issue Shutdown, Dropdown in OS Reload) is the same as the ServerComplete control panel.