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    Offshore Dedicated Servers | Unmetered Dedicated Servers

    Maple-Hosting - Celebrating 10 Years Of Perfect Hosting Experiences Our Best Selling Dedicated Servers Our dedicated servers are fully customizable and we do offer risk-free custom price quotes, however, the following are our most popular, best selling, dedicated servers: Maple-Hosting Xeon...
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    How to protect website from DDoS attack ?

    I agree, using CDN is the most popular when it comes to protection, but you can also buy a good DDOS protection for your server.
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    Which is the cheap VPS For SEO Tools With High Ram?

    It really depends on the tools that you will use. A lot of SEO automating tools eats up a lot of RAM. What tools are you going to use?
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    Hosting companies opening their servers in Discord

    It really depends on how you would like to handle your clients. Are you a person can handle different inquiries in one go? I don't think using one chat group to support all clients would be systematic.
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    i need servers paid hourly please

    In what country you're looking at or doesn't matter?
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    Low cost server ... where to buy it from?

    Depends on the specs you're looking for. How much is your budget?