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    The cesspit / chat thread.

    Perhaps he has hidden too many beers :)
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    Raspberry Pi SD Card Corruption

    Just ask @William how many Raspberry Pis (v1) he burned by powering them from the GPIO port :) On the Raspberry Pi "servers" we used to offer we use neither the Micro USB connector nor the GPIO pins for powering, we directly solder power wires to the board.
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    Raspberry Pi SD Card Corruption

    Better don't do this. The PCB traces leading to the GPIO 5V pins are very tiny, at least on the original Raspberry Pi. It is not designed to carry the full current that the Raspberry Pi draws. If you try to power the Raspberry Pi through the GPIO pin, this PCB trace will heat and eventually burn.
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    Which is your favorite vacation place ?

    So have you been there (here)?
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    UDOO X86 - powerfull Raspberry Pi alternative

    They are designed to be used as small routers or similar, not for desktop.
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    UDOO X86 - powerfull Raspberry Pi alternative

    $129? How is this an alternative? By the way you can also look at the boards made by pcengines -
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    Kindle e-ink device users forced to upgrade or no internet.

    Probably either some OpenSSL bug or that recent libc getaddrinfo vulnerability.
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    Seagate faces class-action lawsuit over 3TB hard drive failure rates

    What would be the justification of such a lawsuit? I mean a drive fails, Seagate replaces it for for free under the warranty, case closed. Now if they refuse replacing the failed drives while in warranty period, this would be a different story.
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    OVH intends to ruin the hosting industry.

    Why is this email signed by Octave? I thought he is no longer in charge?
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    Beware of IP justification and your personal data being abused

    People who don't want their personal information to be publicly visible in ARIN's or RIPE's database should use a single IP. People who need a subnet should be aware and should be prepared to have the subnet swiped and their information will be publicly visible by anyone checking the whois...
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    Automatically provision dedicated servers... how?

    Unfortunately the noc-ps guy doesn't like WHMCS (i could understand why). So he doesn't offer a working noc-ps module for WHMCS 6. Fortunately the older versions for WHMCS 5 are not that hard to modify to work with WHMCS 6.
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    Hardware for sale; Servers, Network, PDU

    Is VAT included in the prices? Would you remove VAT for EU companies with a valid VAT number? Are you considering selling servers separately from the HDDs (for some uses i could consider an old/used server, but wouldn't consider an old/used HDD).
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    WHMCS 6.1.1 Released

    It's not just the theme, it's third party and custom modules which might need working on. It's just the security i'm concerned about, i don't care about all the new features (i.e. new shopping carts / themes) that they introduce in the new versions. Because that's what the new versions are...
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    WHMCS 6.1.1 Released

    So who has upgraded to WHMCS 6 already? We am still running 5.3.14 and it will have to be upgraded soon, since the support ends at the end of this month. Kind of wish WHMCS would add "extended-support" with just potential security fixes. Having to upgrade and redo all the customizations sux.