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    Start a summer host!

    How much does it cost for a consultation, Net?
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    VPS Business Idea

    We will have this functionality in six months.
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    PhoenixVPS to leave Phoenix, ColoCrossing in their future.

    Everything advertised on LEB seems to be CC, but a lot of clients really only care about price, so in some respects that's a smart business decision.
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    I Have a Business Idea for a New Type of VPS...But No Cash.

    Perhaps you'd like to share it with us. It's a myth that ideas are worth anything.
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    As a customer, would you purchase from a provider that doesn't offer Paypal balance payments?

    The alternative would be credit card and bank payment processing through a gateway such as Braintree, Dwolla, or Stripe.
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    Which AD network is best for ads.

    Google Adwords CPC cost is ridiculous and not viable for a budget provider, imo.
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    Your biggest pain as a provider

    Chargeback fraud. Takes up money, but also time, and time is money.
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    Would anyone else like this idea?

    Wouldn't use it personally.
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    Official: Comcast to Buy Time Warner for $45 billion

    I have Comcast Business Class at home... even before the storm it already went down intermittently. Plus the support sucks. I'd say this isn't good for consumers.
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    Do you accept Bitcoins as a payment method? Why? Why not? (Plus other questions)

    Too dangerous really. No datacenters are accepting BTC yet, and the fluctuation means you could end up with a negative balance sheet for the month despite having positive cash flow.
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    Buying Hostbill <4.6 Unbranded

    Hi all, I am buying owned, unbranded Hostbill <4.6. Please PM me your offer. Thanks
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    "Hack Forums" Hosts

    This is a good analogy. You have to call into question the ethics of any host that comes out of that forum. From what I've seen the site seems to be a crockpot of illegal activity.