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    Reliability and stability are the strong points of this host. Their servers have no downtime, their administrators are skillful indeed. Their control panel is usable and has a user-friendly interface. Prices are reasonable.
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    VPS ... which one is the best in Europe?

    Overall 10/10 review, amazing and reliable customer support, very user friendly as well! I am amazed at the service quality as well as the pricing for what you get! I definitely recommend this! Go for Liberty VPS
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    The best VPS prpovider in Europe ...

    I've been with ASVhost now since 2019, and I wouldn't consider going anywhere else. They always give prior notifications of any down-times and perform the work during off peak hours. Any time I've needed them, they've been quick to respond and resolve any issues. Keep up the good work guys!
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    Cheap Dedicated Server

    Dedicated hosting is the plan of choice if you need the most power for your money. However, as you'd expect, the downside is cost, and some run up to three-figures per month. Fortunately, by the time your website needs one to handle its traffic, it may very well be worth it. Cheap and Dedicated...
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    The best VPS provider ... what's that?

    Hosting web sites with HostingSource is great! They respond quickly to concerns, and provide a top notch bargain price host. They were always quick to respond (usually within 15-20 minutes) with the solutions to my issues (or my dumb questions). They are quick and very friendly.
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    How to improve your VPS service?

    How to Optimize your VPS 1. Configure Apache Settings One of the first places you should check for ways to optimize your VPS is Apache. Apache can be one the biggest hogs of server resources if it is not configured correctly, especially on a VPS. There are various settings, such as KeepAlive...
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    cPanel/Plesk Alternative?

    These are some of the best alternatives for cPanel/Plesk: Webmin. Froxlor. CentOS Web Panel. Zpanel. Ajenti. Vesta Control Panel. ISPConfig. I hope this helps!
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    Why hosting?

    Because this is why you should go for hosting as a profession: five reasons why a professional web hosting service will lead to a successful website! 1. Your website will be available at all times with almost 99.99% uptime guarantee. Right from the beginning, you have to make sure you get in...
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    Windows VPS provider ?

    With VPS, the forex VPS bypasses the issue of the trader having to be connected to the internet, the forex VPS set up to relay data, and trade orders to the Broker's MT4 server. MetaTrader4, more commonly known as MT4 is an electronic trading platform most frequently used by retail forex...
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    Increase traffic?

    Here are 8 steps you can take to increase your website traffic: Get Listed in Online Directories. Build Backlinks. Post to Social Media. Include Hashtags in Your Posts. Use Landing Pages. Target Long-Tail Keywords. Start Email Marketing. Guest Blog. I hope this helps!
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    How to get traffic for Web Hosting forum

    These ideas would help you: Here are some ideas, some of which may work for your forum, some of which won't. Create a Guest-Enabled Subforum. Occasionally Implement a Paywall. Implement a Game Code. Seed Discussions on Popular Topics. Prune or Hide Dead Subforums. Participate in Related Forums...
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    What is easiest way to recognise cause of high load on Linux?

    These CLI instructions will help you to find the Load on a Linux server: How To Check CPU Usage from Linux Command Line top Command to View Linux CPU Load. mpstat Command to Display CPU Activity. sar Command to Show CPU Utilization. iostat Command for Average Usage. Nmon Monitoring Tool...
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    How do you protect your server?

    There are two ways you can secure your server. They are: 1. Firewall Even if your services implement security features or are restricted to the interfaces you’d like them to run on, a firewall serves as a base layer of protection by limiting connections to and from your services before traffic...
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    What is dirrerent beetween Cloud hosting & VPS Hosting?

    Cloud servers are similar to a VPS hosting environment. The key difference is that instead of having a single server that’s dedicated to your site (as is the case with VPS), the resources are spread out amongst a bunch of different physical machines.
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    How do you secure your server(s)?

    We follow these steps to secure our servers: Establish and Use a Secure Connection. Use SSH Keys Authentication. Secure File Transfer Protocol. Secure Sockets Layer Certificates. Use Private Networks and VPNs. Monitor Login Attempts. Manage Users. Establish Password Requirements. We follow...