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    Happy New Years! 2017!

    I sure hope so, last year really took it's toll in these regards. Thanks for your wishes, though.
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    is vpsboard dead?

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    Hudson Valley Host: Bargain Bin Server Review

    Why would you think that you'd be banned for "going against the majority"?
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    Dedicated servers in Belgium for only 10 Euro per month!

    Too bad. Hope this changes in the future.
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    Dedicated servers in Belgium for only 10 Euro per month!

    What would you accept as "proof of identity"? Would you accept a PayPal payment?
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    GreenValueHost Launches a New Scheme to Scam People

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    Debian 8 "Jessie" to be released today

    WOW, that takes balls! I wouldn't dare to do that since Jessie has been the 'testing' distro up 'til now. However, I DO use it as my desktop system since the last 3-4 months.
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    Linux 4.0

    It most certainly IS confusing.
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    Linux 4.0

    3.19 is the current stable linux kernel.         65
  10. switsys - Reviews

    I think you've all been WAY too tolerant with this nitwit.
  11. switsys - Reviews

    Can't say the same. I really hope you'd stay away from this board, because your attitude is just indescribable.
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    Facebook now requires phone and ID verification?

    I thought your old account also was under a pseudonym, and that it might be easier looping through if you were to pick that up again.   I don't have a clue on facebook rules for new accounts, and I couldn't care less.   I wouldn't think that any substantial conversations took their place...