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    question on github terms of service

    GitHub forking is a git clone so it falls under plain distribution. If you alter the fork, then it invokes the ND clause of the CC. Basically, a clean fork is all you can do with those guides. P.S. Someone can fork your fork, but the CC BY-ND continues to remain in effect so we can have an...
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    KVM anti abuse how do you counter abuse with kvm users?

    cgroups cpuacct not a workable solution?
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    Iraq 2014 - Viet Nam 1975

    Kinda makes me sad some people don't consider McCain to be a POW. He wasn't the movie hero POW that movies tend to gravitate towards, but none of the 600 were either. He had your typical POW treatment (not good nor pretty) and some had it worse for longer. But if you're fishing for some...
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    Another ServerMania and Chris Niedojadlo scam company -

    Windows DC under the SPLA for about 100/month/socket sounds about right if they pack it densely. Whether it runs okay is probably a different matter :)
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    Full disk encryption on a KVM VPS?

    Like the heartbleed issue, the encryption is fine.  It's everything around it that's the problem.  LUKS works fine at rest and as a walk-away disposal tool.  When you're mounted however, everything is wide open from inside and out.  The only redeeming quality of full drive encryption on a VPS is...
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    what if no firewall?

    Almost every software that has an open listen port has had at one time or another a buffer overflow vulnerability. Even things that aren't explicitly running as daemon could be triggered by inetd if you're not careful. The inbound firewall is a second layer of defense against that unknown flip...
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    Child labor in the low end segment

    This falls into that muddy middle ground where the kids not actually employees, and thus, the hosting company itself is in no position to dictate or control when they work.  In Robert Clark's case above for example, if his contract was with a legal entity under his dad's name, it would be his...
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    Contract Workers (1099 Status) vs. Real Employees

    General questions used to determine employee status are 1) does the person work ONLY for you?  2) do you control the times worked/meetings of said person? 3) is the work primarily carried out using your equipment? 4) are there set minimums /or guarantee of money earned?   5) is the contract...
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    Distributed Filesystem Cluster

    Just mirror. Gossip/balancing over WAN is horrible and brittle unless you have a low rate/low volume file system, in which case, why not just mirror? Don't automatically lump disaster recovery with DC survivability.
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    The GNOME foundation has run out of money

    The goal of the program "Because the program is intended to help newcomers and contributors who are relatively new to the FOSS community" Here, I fixed it for ya, Your arguments above hit all the fallacious argumentative hallmarks. 1) it's statistics! Never mind that the statistics is...
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    The GNOME foundation has run out of money

    Not so much that she was purposely funneling money into it, but more that it took off with partnerships like Rackspace, et al (17 in total lately). As coordinator, they're responsible for collecting and dispersing money for the program. The problem arose because of the additional complexity of...
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    The GNOME foundation has run out of money

    Thank you for being the poster child of the problem.
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    CEO/Founder of CloudFlare thinks HTTPS is over UDP

    Prince actually repeated it quite concisely albeit bluntly to someone who assumed wrongly that heartbleed was strictly a TCP/HTTPS vulnerability.  Lyon's refusal to admit his own mistake and then subsequently bark up/redirect the discussion to the certificate amp protection in DTLS (the cookie...
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    A Statistical Analysis of the Work of Bob Ross

    It's educational to boot.  Hopefully it'll inspire the next generation of statisticians, so they can have their happy little friends :)
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    CEO/Founder of CloudFlare thinks HTTPS is over UDP

    I can't talk for the others, but the display of hubris was leaving too foul a stench.