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    Wordpress hosting in Mexico City?

    Run away, did you read their resource usage policy? Limits per proccess: 4 MB RAM, less than 15 seconds of CPU, less than 64 opened files and less than 5 simultaneus proccess. Even for a low visit site, their limits are very low, you will exceed them with a basic WP install, why are you...
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    Who was your first VPS provider?

    Slicehost and dbihosting, they had their ups and down in all this time. I'm no longer with any of them. Now, if your talking about my first LEB VPS, that honor goes to BuyVM, Francisco and Aldryc, thanks for the support and help I got from you.
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    Do web host really use SSD drives?

    I supose you're talking about shared hosting. In that case it's a trend that many hosts follow they sell you an unlimited plan but in reality it's limited in their TOS. Read their TOS and you will understand this.
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    Seafile RAM usage in a VPS

    Not so good news if the memory usage is 2GB of RAM for just 3 users. Any recommendation on another alternative to Seafile but with a low memory usage? @drmike the community edition how much memory its using on your server and how many users do you have? Thanks for the info.
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    Seafile RAM usage in a VPS

    I'm planning to use Seafile (PRO version for 3 users) in a small VPS but with decent storage (128MB RAM, 40GB storage). Does anybody have any experience running Seafile in such a low memory enviroment. Most probably I will be running besides the seafile server the following services: openvpn...
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    DigitalOcean vs Vultr vs Mothership1?

    I have used DigitalOcean and Vultr. Uptime: in both has been good (USA location) Connectivity: has been stable in both (USA location) Performance: Vultr win a little bit (more ram for the same price 786MB vs 512MB) by two facts more memory and higher cpu clock. Support: DigitalOcean wins...
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    BoltVM review

    I was waiting for you to add the quadranet location (no colo crossing IP's) in order to use the introduction offer you made. Hope you open it soon.
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    Linux on PogoPlug

    It appears that the special is on the Series 4, you could try this guide: If my memory its correct, debian wasn't running on that version of the pogo plug, not sure if it's still the same.
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    BuyVM.NET / BuyShared.NET - Shared - $5/year | Resellers - $2.00/month! Dedicated IPv4! SSD RAID!

    @Francisco any plans on bringing PostgreSql to the reseller accounts, I already have an account and it would be a great plus. Thanks
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    CentOS, Ubuntu or Debian for a newbie learning to manage a server?

    If you're VPS is small (less than 256MB RAM) and your not planning in running a control panel go with Debian. If you're VPS is small (less than 256MB RAM) and your planning to run a control panel, go with CentOS and VestaCP, your going to need to tweak a couple of settings (mysql and apache...
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    VestaCP DKIM setup using external DNS

    Hi @sv01 I added the " v=DKIM1\; " and still I get failed on the DKIM tested, already restarted exim and bind. The answer I get is this DomainKeys check details: ---------------------------------------------------------- Result: neutral (message not signed) ID(s) verified...
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    We've open sourced

    Nice and nice of you for opensourcing the code. Just one question, I remember that you offered multiple services on loading deck (modules), were they all open sourced or just the billing one? Keep it up.
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    VestaCP DKIM setup using external DNS

    Currently I'm trying to setup a VPS with VestaCP My current setup is: Domain name: Main dns: VPS 1 ( CentOS 6.5 - 32bit VPS 2 ( CentOS 6.5 - 32bit My problem: The main VPS ( is not passing the DKIM test's and all...
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    It's vpsBoard's birthday! Happy one year birthday!

    Congratulations VPSBoard and @MannDude for taking it to this level. I'm looking forward for what's next to come. And @KuJoe congrat's to you too, take care of the little one. Keep it up guys.
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    VestaCP error when sending email with thunderbird

    Yes I'm using authetication on thunderbird. The issue appears to be from exim4, the logs show the same error. Currently I'm looking on the exim docs to see if I'm able to fix it, so far I haven't hit the jackpot. Yes it has an FQDN.